GCAQ Specialist Credential

GMP Fitness Specialist Credentials

Emphasizing on Specialization
Specialization is the next progression, a process by which a health professional builds on their current education and training, past the educational degree and professional license, to develop a greater depth of knowledge, skills, and experience, connected to a specialized field of practice.

GMP Fitness Specialty Certifications
These certification courses are optional pursuits and indicate a professional commitment and achievement and represent a “credential plus” a highlight of certifying knowledge and expertise that satisfies or surpasses distinction.

Earn a Distinguished Signed Certificate
A verified specialist certification certificate will be awarded by GMP Fitness upon completion of all coursework and passing the final exam, indicating mastering a specific field area.

GMP Fitness Certificates of Added Qualifications
Symbolizes a professional dedication to their profession and their passion to seek out higher education to support consumers and the healthcare community.

What Professionals Say
“GMP Fitness Specialist Certification courses are of the same caliber of other certification courses and in most cases, even more, intensive in course content.” – D.N., ACE Certified Professional

“The GMP Fitness CAQ courses help me demonstrate my extensive knowledge, qualification, and skill and my passion to further my education and commitment to the profession and client care.” – J.C., CI Certified Professional

Specialist Certification Credential

The Benefits of Obtaining a GMP Fitness Specialist Certification Credential
Professionals have many reasons for wanting an advanced designation that reflects their additional experience and expertise, such as:
Enhances an individuals credibility
Makes your resume stand out in the crowd
Indicates professionalism and leadership capabilities
Bolsters your position within your current job
Shows knowledge, skills, and competencies
Gives the general population and employers assurance
Displays mastery of intended learning outcomes
Demonstrates your dedication and effort to earn a credential
Provides opportunities for improved work, earnings, and job surety
✓ Allows clients to confidently place trust in their chosen professional

Professional and Advanced Level Credentials
ABC Training Specialist
Back Injury Prevention Specialist
Balance Progressions Specialist
Carpal Tunnel Exercise Specialist
Core Training Specialist
Cycling Injury Prevention Specialist
Flexibility Training Specialist
Exercise Development Specialist
Golf Conditioning Specialist
Golf Wellness Specialist
Golf Injury Prevention Specialist
Knee Injury Prevention Specialist
Longevity Wellness Specialist
Lower Ball Ball Specialist
Posture Analysis Specialist
Running Injury Prevention Specialist
Spinal Health Connection Specialist
Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist

Professional Level Credentials – Soccer
Youth Soccer Safety Training
Youth Soccer Player Development Specialist
Youth Soccer Injury Prevention and Wellness Specialist
Youth Soccer Fitness Specialist
Youth Soccer Tactical Movement Specialist
Soccer Fitness Foundation Specialist
Soccer Assessment and Training Systems Specialist
Soccer Mental Skills and Technical Training Specialist
Soccer Fitness Specialist
Soccer Tactical Movement Specialist
Soccer Testing and Training Theory Specialist
Soccer Injury Prevention and Performance Specialist
Soccer Injury Prevention and Wellness Specialist
Soccer Fitness Specialist (Advanced)
Soccer Tactical Movement Specialist (Advanced)

Advanced Level Credentials
Functional Training Specialist
Golf Fitness Specialist
Health Fitness Specialist
Injury Prevention Specialist
Sports Conditioning Specialist
TriSport Specialist

GMP Fitness CAQ: Courses of Added Qualifications with educational credentials representing the completion of specialized training at a higher certification level with an additional component of self-directed learning. Elite and Master courses are CAQ Courses.

Elite Level Credentials
Athletic Assessment and Agility Specialist
Athletic Speed and Agility Specialist
Athletic Plyometric and Power Specialist
Balance Assessment and Injury Prevention Specialist
Balance Therapy and Functional Training Specialist
Balance and Fall Prevention Specialist
Core Fit Corrective Exercise Specialist
Core Fit Exercise Specialist
Core Fit Strength and Mobility Specialist
Flexibility Assessment Specialist
Flexibility Injury Prevention Specialist
Flexibility Therapy Specialist
Posture Assessment Specialist
Posture Corrective Exercise Specialist
Posture Exercise Specialist
Triathlon Conditioning and Mental Training Specialist
Triathlon Injury Prevention and Race Tactics Specialist
Muscular Performance Self-Therapy Specialist
Fibromyalgia Health and Exercise Specialist
Fibromyalgia Lifestyle and Wellness Specialist
Enzyme and Sports Nutrition Specialist
Homeopathy and Sports Wellness Specialist
Blueprint Health and Wellness Success Specialist

Master Level Credentials – the highest level of education training
Athletic Performance Specialist
Balance Performance Specialist
Core Performance Specialist
Flexibility Performance Specialist
Posture Performance Specialist
Triathlon Performance Specialist
Fibromyalgia Health Management
Integrative Sports Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
Youth Soccer Performance Specialist
Soccer Performance Specialist (Level 1
Soccer Performance Specialist (Level 2 – Advanced)

How Does a Professional Earn a Distinguished Verified Certification Certificate?
Professionals that complete a Specialist Credential Certification or a CAQ Specialist Certification can earn a Distinguished Signed Certificate.

To receive this certificate, professionals must complete all coursework and successfully pass the final exam, indicating mastery of a specific field area.

Contact GMP Fitness at info@gmpfitness.com for student certificate verification. 

Unsurpassed Support
As part of the GMP Fitness commitment to customer service, we provide exceptional customer support. Have a question about receiving a Distinguished Verified Certified Certificate after you purchase the course—contact us at info@gmpfitness.com or call 888-467-3488.

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