Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification

Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification Course


The Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification can help build your resume and give you additional skills. Here is a quick list of what you get and the key benefits of the Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification.


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Accredited Online Course
🔘 Level 1 Pro Certification
🔘 24/7 Course Access
🔘 Student Phone/Email Support
🔘 Online / PDFs / Word Docs
🔘 Course Objectives
🔘 Up to 18 CECs/CEUs

Course Time Information
🕑 18+ hours – self-paced on your schedule.
🕑 Can be done in 1 week by studying 2-4 hours a day.
🕑 6 weeks to complete – college students only. Go to the FAQS for extension information.

✅ Over $500 FREE Bonuses
◉ Lifetime Certification – No Renewal Fees
Professional Certification Credential Designation
Professional Certification CEU/CEC Certificate
Exam and Exam Retakes

◉ When you complete a course you will be added to the GMP Fitness Loyalty Discount Program
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>  “What You Get” Tab

✅ GCAQ Achievement Recognition Package-Optional
Celebrate your achievement and showcase your skills with a GCAQ College, Career, and Life Readiness Achievement Package that can be used digitally and/or printed. Includes:
🕑 GCAQ Verifiable Credential Designation
🕑 Lifetime Verifiable Credentials – No Renewal Fees
Go to the GCAQ Achievement Recognition Package tab.

The Soccer Fitness Specialist Online Certification Online Course includes over 75 strength and power endurance exercises, strength training, and efficient circuit training required for soccer-specific conditioning. Learn more > course objectives.



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Become a CERTIFIED Soccer Fitness Specialist

By using our organized approach to soccer conditioning, your clients will notice quick improvements and amazing outcomes and avoid over-training and burnout.

Adding the credential of a Certified Soccer Fitness Specialist will enable you to expand your services and establish yourself as the go-to expert in this valuable niche market.

What is the Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification Online Course Completion Time?

The Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification Online Course is 18+ hours. If you were to commit to 2-3 hours a day you would complete the course in under 2 weeks.

What are the GMP Fitness® Online Course Advantages?

✓ Mobile and Tablet Optimized
✓ Certificate of Completion
✓ Supplemental Resources
✓ Client Tip Handout and/or Charts
✓ Amazing GMP Fitness® support—Our support is ready when you are.
✓ Study at your own pace. Take all the time you need to study and practice.
✓ No Extra or Added Fees – Everything is included in the price. “What You Get.”

How do the Professional Soccer Fitness Online Courses Work?

✓ Enroll in the course.
✓ Download the course components.
✓ Complete any online lessons.
✓ Complete the online evaluation.
✓ Take the online final exam.
✓ Receive your Certificate.
✓ Go back to the extra assignments anytime you like and learn more.

How do the Professional Soccer Online Course Final Exams Work?

✓ Open-book exam.
✓ No time limit to take.
✓ Paper option.
✓ A passing grade is 80%.



The GMP Fitness® Soccer Fitness Specialist Online Certification Course is fully Accredited and Approved by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), the American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board (ANWPB), the American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches Board (AANWC), the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP), and the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. More CEC/CEU Approvals.

Everyone can learn from this program. The Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification  Online Program is for anyone wanting to improve and advance their personal and professional growth and knowledge of a holistic healthy lifestyle.

It is suitable for a wide array of health experts and professionals including certified health and fitness professionals, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, health educators, soccer coaches, wellness program directors, medical exercise specialists, chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, sports coaches, recreational activity instructors, physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers, registered dietitians, occupational therapists, safety experts, physical education teachers, recreational activity instructors, registered nurses, certified nurse assistants, naturopaths, herbalists, physicians, osteopaths, and other allied health professionals.

Specialist Credential
✓ No Credential Renewal Fees
✓ Certificate of Completion
✓ Mobile and Tablet Optimized
✓ Access – 24/7
✓ No Extra or Added Fees

✓ No Final Exam Retake Fees
✓ No Time Limit on the Final Exam
✓ Paper Exam Option
✓ Supplemental Resources
✓ Client Handouts & Charts


Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification

GMP Big Advantage – Instant access – dive in and start learning right away. Download the materials to the course and view them offline – so you are not confined to being online.

Downloadable Components
✓ Course Book
✓ Study Workbook
✓ Notes Guide
✓ Soccer Resources
✓ Sample Practice Plans
✓ Soccer Fitness Routine Charts
✓ Client Session Plan Collection

Online Components
✓ Lesson Plan Steps.
✓ Pre-Exam
✓ Final Exam and Instant Grading

Over $500 FREE Bonuses
✓ Lifetime—24/7 access.
✓ Course support.
✓ No recertification renewal fees.
✓ NO fees to take the exam.
✓ NO fees for exam retakes.

✓ Your Specialist Designation does not expire.
✓ Professional Certification CEU/CEC Certificate included.
✓ When you complete a course you will be added to the GMP Fitness Loyalty Discount Program.

Describe a basic soccer conditioning plan
Demonstrate and plan a routine that includes bodyweight and cardio exercises
 Explain and demonstrate an isometric strength training program
Demonstrate plyometrics and agility ladder drills
Demonstrate medicine ball velocity and power exercises
 Plan speed and agility drills
Apply balance development techniques
 Plan a pre-training warm-up routine
 Apply dynamic stretching
 Explain self-myofascial release and demonstrate foam roller exercises
Identify major factors to use when designing soccer-specific programs
Define soccer training protocols to effectively develop strength, power, and muscular endurance
 Evaluate when and how to utilize plyometric movements
Create soccer-specific resistance training workouts

Continuing Education Certificates (CECs/CEUs)
Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) are for all students.

• They can be used to show you have gained a new skill, deepened your knowledge, enhanced your academic capabilities, broadened your learning abilities, and added to your expertise.
• For professional licensure they can be applied as part of a renewal process for your organization.

→  After you pass the final exam and email the required documents a CEU/CEC Certificate will emailed to you within 2 business days, but usually the day you pass the exam.

CECs/CEUs, Accreditations & Certification Board Approvals
GMP Fitness is internationally and nationally approved and accredited by the following organizations.

✓ American College of Sports Medicine—ACSM*—18—see the statement below

✓ America Fitness Professionals Association—AFPA—18
✓ British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association—BCRPA—18
✓ International Fitness Professionals Association—IFPA—18
✓ International Tennis Performance Association—ITPA*—18—see the statement below
✓ International Sports Sciences Association—ISSA—18 with a Petition*
✓ National Academy of Sports Medicine—NASM—.6 with a Petition*
✓ National Federation of Professional Trainers—NFPT—2.0
✓ National Strength Professionals Association—NSPA—18
✓ American Senior Fitness Association—SFA—1.8
✓ World Instructor Training Schools—WITS—18

*The American College of Sports Medicine accepts CECs if another major fitness organization approves the GMP Fitness® Courses, for example, the ISSA, NASM, etc.), even if ACSM is not listed.

* International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)—18 CEUs with a petition. GMP Fitness® will deduct $25 from your order or refund your order $25 to offset the petition fee which is a simple online process.

*National Academy of Sports Medicine—.1.8 CEUs with a petition. GMP Fitness® will deduct $25 from your order or refund your order $25 to offset the petition fee which is a simple online process. After you pass the course you put in the name of the provider (GMP Fitness), and the course hours, for this course you would put 15 hours, and the date of completion, and upload the course certificate you get at the end of the course, and pay $25. Again this $25 will be either refunded (if you have already placed the order) or deducted from your order (with a code from GMP Fitness).

*ITPA (The International Tennis Performance Association)—ITPA members can earn continuing credits for their certifications through GMP Fitness.

Special Notes
If you do not see your certification company in the list below (for example, NASM, ACE, NSCA, or others—please email (or click here). The course may be pending approval, being considered for approval, or may need to be petitioned. You can email for a discount to offset the petition fee. We can also help with any information about the petition process that may be needed.

* Military discount 10% off. Please email us for the discount code.

Natural Wellness Coaches and Practitioners 
American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board (ANWPB)—18
ANWPB Board Certification Members are required to have 12 CEUs per year.
American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB)—18
✓GMP Fitness is an internationally accredited and certified training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)
Other Professionals

For all other professionals – including (but not limited to) chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, nurses, teachers,  etc., please email if you are interested in taking this course and receiving CEs. We may be able to offer you a discount on the course (to help offset a potential petition fee) if your organization is not currently approved as a CEC/CEU Provider. We may also be able to send the course to your state, organization, etc. for approval.

You can also check with your State or Board to find out if they will accept the course for continuing education credits.

GMP Fitness® Exam Facts
✓ Exam instructions are online.
✓ Multiple-choice and true/false questions.
✓ You must pass the exam with 80% or higher.
✓ NO time limit to take the exam.
✓ You can save your final exam if you cannot complete it in one sitting.
✓ Immediate grading and exam results.
✓ NO fees to take the examincluded in the Free Bonuses.
✓ NO fees to take the examincluded in the Free Bonuses.

Recognition—Your Reward For Excellence

Title: GMP Fitness® Certified Soccer Fitness Specialist

Validation of Learning For Credit and Non-Credit
You will receive an electronic version of your Certificate, which can be printed for your records and also redeemed for CEUs/CECs with your organization or school. The number of credits can be found on your Certificate.

Simple Steps To Get Your Certificate
1. Pass the online final exam.
2. Receive your Professional Certification CEC/CEU Certificate
3. Professional Certification CEC/CEU Certificate will be emailed to you within 2 business days, but usually the day you pass the exam.

GCAQ Achievement Recognition Package
For the Achievement Recognition Certificates – Go to the “GCAQ Achievement Recognition Package” Tab. These Credentials are GREAT for your PORTFOLIO!

SUPERCHARGE Your Portfolio and Resume With Credential Verification Certificates & Badges

GMP Fitness® Distinguished Achievement Recognition Certification Certificates and Badge Certificates are earned credentials and rewarded recognition. They are an indicator of accomplishment, added skills, and knowledge. They offer a way to share your new skills and abilities.

Title: GMP Fitness® Certified Soccer Fitness Specialist

GCAQ Achievement Recognition Package
You get Certificates and Badge Wallet Cards with a variety of GMP Fitness Credential Logos.
🏆 Verifiable Professional Certification Credential Certificates
Distinguished Black and White & Color Certificates (PDFs)
🏆 Verifiable Professional Certification Credential Badges
Badge Wallet Cards (10 per/PDF)
👏 Lifetime Verifiable Credentials – No Renewal Fees
GCAQ Packages have a fee. After you enroll in the course there will be Information on how to get this package.

Display your accomplishments and new skills.
You get an assortment of Certificates and Badges and display them online, on social media, blogs, websites, or printed for use in a portfolio, resume, business cards, or framed and put on a wall. You can also put them in a display case, as a banner on a wall, or in a shadow box.

What does it take to become a Professional Specialist?
You will need to complete the course and pass the final exam.

Keeping your Credentials Current
There are no fees to keep your credentials current, as this is included in the Free Bonuses. However, we encourage students to pursue further education to elevate their skills, fortify their knowledge, and demonstrate dedication and commitment to their clients and profession.

How long does it take to complete the Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification?
The time frame to complete the Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification course is 6 weeks. If you cannot complete the course in 6 weeks please email to request an extension due to an extenuating circumstance are situation.

You will have 24/7 access to this course. You are welcome to revisit the materials as many times as you like. The length of time required to complete the course depends on the individual’s dedication and available time to study.

Professional (P) Course Prerequisites
There is just one prerequisite to qualify for any of the GMP Fitness® Courses: you need to be a high school junior (homeschooling similar time frame). Keep in mind that these courses are for career and workplace readiness, hard and soft skill building, and professional and personal growth that can be applied to various professions.

Customer Course Support
As part of the GMP Fitness® commitment to customer service, you will receive exceptional customer support. If you have a question after purchasing the course, please email

Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification Reviews

Soccer Fitness Specialist Certification Reviews

Soccer Fitness Specialist Soccer Fitness Specialist
4.80 5 5 5
$ $359
  • 5

    More knowledge I will apply the content of this continuing education course to improve sessions.

  • 4

    Improve of knowledge. I will apply on a daily basis adapted to training program.

  • 5

    I learned a ton about soccer. I didn?t have much knowledge about the sport, but now I have a good understanding of what specifically goes on during a match (length of running versus walking for example) and then I can use this information to create a program for someone training for soccer.

  • 5

    I can use many of the principles of this course with clients strength training programming both on and off-season. It also has great ideas on how to improve weak links in performance and technique and how to build progressions in training for these. These principles work as well with other athletes ...Read More

  • 5

    I am very impressed by the entire presentation of this course. As a trainer, it was refreshing to find that the program was so well rounded with discussions on dynamic exercises, static stretching, energy planning, injury prevention, sport specific drills, etc. The visual component enhanced my learn ...Read More

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