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Be The Power Behind Athletic Performance

The Athletic Performance Specialist provides exceptional training techniques to make clients better at speed, agility, quickness explosive power, energy efficiency and athleticism. Gain practical experience on how to activate and energize the neuromuscular system to elicit maximum power. Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to master plyometric exercises, reactivity, rotary power, balance, acceleration and deceleration drills, rapid quickness and speed and conditioning. The Athletic Performance Specialist covers core strength exercises, running mechanics, lateral and linear speed training and static and dynamic flexibility drills. Plus you will get many exercises for proper strength training and the prevention of injuries to train clients of all levels, build client confidence, dominate and be an outstanding coach.

Enhance your Professional Purpose … Become a GMP Fitness Athletic Performance Specialist and Take Your Training to the Next Level

The Athletic Performance Specialist Course equips coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, trainers and other enthusiastic health professionals with the skills guaranteed to help your athletes achieve the speed, agility, explosiveness and quickness they need to win and enhance their performance.

The Athletic Performance Specialist Course provides the groundwork for any coach/instructor interested in enhancing client performance. The course covers a large number of drills, activities and training methods that can be integrated with your existing training, techniques and movement programs.

A comprehensive athletic development course that helps your athletes achieve the speed, agility, explosiveness and quickness they need to win. Get the experience you need and be successful with this complete Athletic Performance Specialist Course.

Valuable CECs/CEUs
This Master Specialist program is valued up to 30+ continuing education hours with almost every major fitness education body.

If your certification organization is not in the list, prior to purchasing a course, please contact GMP Fitness to learn about discount options for courses that are not formally approved by your certification organization.

What does it take to be a Master?
To become a Master Athletic Performance Specialist you will need to complete all 3 Parts, pass three 50-question exams and complete the simple written assessment tool for each part. Upon completion, you will be recognized as a Distinguished Master Athletic Performance Specialist.


All you need to know about the course.

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Athletic Performance Specialist Testimonials


Carol A. Witham

ACE Certified Professional


This course is extremely well planned. I am very impressed with the degree of detail, clarity and thought that went into putting this course together.


Katharine S. Cummings

ACE Certified Professional


This course is so incredibly detailed and has a wealth of knowledge. It covers everything about balance that you can imagine.


Susan Bradford

ACE Certified Professional


The Balance course material is really well written, easy to follow and I enjoyed the course very much. You also have supreme customer service.


Athletic Performance Specialist

Athletic Assessment and Agility Specialist (XP1) > Learn More

  • Athletic Performance Testing
  • Improving Agility Techniques
  • Visual acuity techniques
  • Overspeed training techniques

Athletic Speed and Agility Specialist (XP2) > Learn More

  • Agility Training For Athletic Performance
  • Athletic Reaction, Coordination and Change of Direction Quickness
  • Speed and Acceleration Techniques
  • Speed training and psychology

Athletic Plyometric and Power Specialist (XP3) > Learn More

  • Becoming Agile
  • Athletic Dance Training
  • Plyometric Training Techniques to Enhance Performance
  • Warm-Up and Cool Down Stretching

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✓ Our online (distance) education courses are conducted entirely and exclusively on the GMP Fitness course management platform.
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✓ There are no shipping costs.
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Keep it interesting with a completely new way to deliver athletic performance training. Specialized training solutions ideas that help you convey your own creativity and provide a completely unique and unparalleled client fitness experience.

  • Game Changer Athlete Training System. Keep your clients in the game and help them build a strong foundation of basic movement patterns needed for sports. Your athletes will magnify the skills required to improve their speed, agility, balance, flexibility and endurance.
  • Metabolic Movement Training System. Re-energize your clients with the fat burning/dynamic workouts—that blend elements of high-intensity interval training, varied muscle group resistance training and active rest periods to help clients gain the rhythm that will improve their sport.
  • Goal Specific Training System. Raises the bar and help athletes achieve the body they’ve always wanted through a unique approach to fitness that really works with their lifestyle and personal goals. An athletic functional training approach that encompasses compound, cardiovascular, strength and balance conditioning movements.
  • Active Aging Training System. An athletic, low-impact training approach, designed for the active aging community to improve balance, coordination, improve cardio and burn calories by using more muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Varied Training System. Techniques to train weaknesses for a more symmetrical and balanced, athletic physique.

Sound plans and expert solutions on Athletic Performance that are accessible, reproducible in practice and mesh intelligently with any rehabilitation program, technique or training method.

  • Athletic Assessment Process. Optimize movement to determine strengths/weaknesses.
  • Specific Intervention Strategies. Implement solutions to run faster and jump higher.
  • Self-Care Injury Prevention. Apply recovery techniques that minimize injury.
  • Movement Analysis Principles. Deliver modalities to improve SAQ power.
  • Key Education Takeaways. Communicate the best programming and information.
  • Athletic Safety Methods. Cue and instruct safely and effectively.
  • Muscle Stimulation Strategies. Build controlled athletic movements.
  • Dynamic Total Body Posture Workout. Reinforce foundational and advanced training.
  • Athletic Design Concepts. Meet specific training and athletic goals.
  • Mastery Procedures. Create a successful athletic performance business.
  • Build Champions. Launch an athletic education service for all experience levels.


  • Dynamic warm-up and flexibility drills.
  • Resistance training programs using kettlebells and weights.
  • Speed development and change of direction work.
  • Explosiveness from a static position.
  • Proper running mechanics.
  • Maximum speed techniques.
  • Resistance running.
  • Speed ladder drills.
  • Reaction time and change of direction quickness.
  • Sport-specific plyometrics.
  • Sequence jumps plyometrics.
  • Proper lifting technique
  • Core stabilization.
  • Combining plyometric and weight training.
  • Upper body strength with plyometric exercises.
  • Lower body muscular power with plyometric exercises.
  • Overall strength training with increased proprioceptive demands.
  • Power for the core and the upper and lower body.
  • Athletic performance testing.
  • Agility performance testing.


  • Advance your career. Expand your skills and expertise and work with athletes at any performance level, one-on-one or with the entire team.
  • Identify relevant components. Focus on appreciating the significance of attention in sports and exercise.
  • Reduce the risk of injury. Effective recovery strategies to increase physical readiness and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Values and principles of goal setting. Apply to athletic participation and performance.
  • Prepare players mentally and physically. Strategies for managing anxiety in athletic performance.
  • Fitness assessment testing. The key to progress. You need to know where you began so you can progress.
  • Provide a routine. Focus players with a structure, stability and consistency on match days/game days.
  • Retain structural maintenance. Resistance training programs that strengthen your bones. Your muscles get stronger, your nervous system remains active and your internal organs stay healthy.
  • Higher level athletic performance. Training with increased complexity and higher intensity approaches to achieve optimal adaptations.
  • Group, circuit and HIIT athletic performance efficiency. Deliver efficiently targeted training sessions for speed, power, stamina and agility in a motivating environment.


Innovative Training Methods 
For athletes of all levels … From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete … Build client confidence and dominate
Creative Solutions Will Help You Launch
Winning Challenges, Camps, Wellness Programs, Workplace Education Services Performance Project Meetings, Well-Being Initiatives … Increase and Boost Performance
Superior Techniques and Strategies
To train all individuals … a system every professional needs … Results that translate to the field, court or track.


  • Advance Your Career. Further develop and expand your expertise and grow your career and work with all individuals at any performance level, in any sport, one-on-one, in a small group setting or with the whole team.
  • Train Athletes. Apply your broadened skills to Middle School, High School, Collegiate and Professional athletes.
  • Discover Established Methods. Employ your expanded skills and merge performance assessment results with innovative instruction and training protocols to give your clients the highest results.
  • Stand Out. Use the “GMP Fitness Education Methods and Techniques” in your training to help you stand out from others and retain more clients.
  • Seamlessly Integrate. Apply the exercise approaches to your current training system and consistently help your clients get faster results.
  • Gain More. Specialized work often pays more. Earn more as a GMP Fitness master Athletic Performance Specialist.

We make the petition process simple and smooth … not complicated at all … it’s really that EASY!!!

Renew your continuing education requirements and obtain valuable education to expand your training. The continuing education hours or CEC/CEU point value is different for each association.

I don’t see my certification organization on your list. Now what?
If you do not see your certification company in the list below—please contact GMP Fitness. The course may be pending approval. If not, we can go over simple options to help you get your CECs/CEUs for this course. Just call GMP Fitness at 888-467-3488 or email because we want the process of getting your CECs/CEUs to be easy for you and we help many individuals when a course is pending approval or is not currently approved. It takes only a few minutes to go over the options to help you get your CECs/CEUs quickly and easily and we are more than happy to assist you!

Accreditations & Certification Board Approvals
GMP Fitness is proud to be nationally approved and accredited by the following organizations. Renew your continuing education requirements with almost every major certifying agency and obtain a valuable education to expand your training. The continuing education hours or CEC/CEU point value is different for each association.

✓ American Council on Exercise—ACE—see the special notes below
✓ ACTION Certification—ACTION—3.0
✓ American College of Sports Medicine—ACSM—30
✓ Athletics and Fitness Association of America—AFAA—15
✓ American Fitness Professionals Association—AFPA—30
✓ British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association—BCRPA—30
✓ The Cooper Institute—CI—30
✓ International Fitness Professionals Association—IFPA—30
✓ International Tennis Performance Association—ITPA—30*
✓ International Sports Sciences Association—ISSA—30
✓ National Academy of Sports Medicine—NASM—1.9
✓ National Association for Fitness Certification—NAFC—30
✓ National Association of Sports Nutrition—NASN—30
✓ National Council on Strength and Fitness—NCSF—8
✓ National Council For Certified Personal Trainers—NCCPT—1.9
✓ National Exercise Trainers Association—NETA—30
✓ National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association—NESTA—3.0*—see the special notes below
✓ National Federation of Professional Trainers—NFPT—2.0
✓ National Strength Professionals Association—NSPA—30
✓ Professional Fitness Instructor Training—PFIT—30
✓ American Senior Fitness Association—SFA—3.0
✓ World Instructor Training Schools—WITS—30

Call or Email GMP Fitness: We make the petition process simple and smooth … not complicated at all … it’s really that EASY!!! So just call or email GMP Fitness at 888-467-3488 or email We are more than happy to assist you.

ACE Certified Professional
If you are ACE Certified and would like to earn CECs for this course please email or call GMP Fitness to find out if this course is going through the approval process.

*NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) accepts GMP Fitness courses for credits, however, a CEU Petition Form will need to be filled out and there may be a small fee.

*The International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA)—ITPA members can earn continuing credits for their certifications through GMP Fitness.

What is my Title?

Recognition—Your Reward For Excellence—Show Off Your Specialist Credentials
You will earn the Distinguished title of “Master Athletic Performance Specialist” plus the Elite Credentials of each of the XP Parts:
→ Athletic Performance (XP1) Certificate Of Achievement and Elite Credential Badge
→ Athletic Performance (XP2) Certificate Of Achievement and Elite Credential Badge
→ Athletic Performance (XP3) Certificate Of Achievement and Elite Credential Badge
You will have the option to display these credentials on the GMP Fitness Credential Portfolio. Learn More >

How do I keep my Credential current?
This is an Advanced Qualification Course – G Certificate of Added Qualifications (GCAQ). GCAQ courses need to be renewed every two years. There are NO FEES, you are simply required to take 6 G Continued Professional Development Credits (GCPDC) which ensures to the public and businesses that you are maintaining a high level of expertise and staying update-to date on the latest health and fitness trends, methods and topics. How to renew your GMP Fitness Advanced Qualification Credential >

Do I get continuing education credits?
You will receive CEUs/CECs credit after each Part is completed. Each course is individually accredited and exact CEUs/CECs will vary for each certification organization. Check each course for specific CEU/CEC for your certification organization.

When do I get my Certificates and Badge Credentials?
After you complete each Part of the course including course assignments and you successfully pass the final exam, you will receive an Elite Certificate and Badge Credential affirming Elite Status. Once you have completed the entire Specialization Course (which is all Elite parts) you will berecognized as a MASTER SPECIALIST by GMP Fitness and receive your Distinguished Master Performance Specialist Certificate and Badge Credential affirming MASTER Status of the of this entire Specialist Course.

Do I have to complete the Parts in order?
This powerful Specialist Credential program is broken up into Parts that are designed to help you move forward to acquire the entire Ultimate Master Specialist Credential. It is not required that you complete the Parts in order. While we recommend a specific order to take this course, all parts are interlinked to provide a consistent body of knowledge and at the same time offer unique material that can be taken in any order.

How long do I have access to the Specialist Curriculum?
You will have lifetime access to this Specialization Program. There are no time limits or constrictions in this course and you are welcome to revisit the materials as many times as you like.

How long does it take to complete the Course?
We recommend that you try to finish each individual specialist program within 1 year after registration. The length of time required to complete a specific program depends on the individuals’ dedication and available time to study.

Master Course Prerequisites
Just One Prerequisite … To qualify to take any of the GMP Fitness Courses you must be at least 18 years of age.

While anyone over the age of 18 years old can complete the educational content included in the GMP Fitness Courses we do recommend a few of things for the Elite Specialist Courses.

  • Knowledge of English and arithmetic.
  • High school diploma or equivalency.
  • A background with fitness equipment and exercises.

Final Exam
→ Exam instructions are online.
→ Non-timed—multiple choice and true/false questions.
→ Currently there are NO fees  to take the exam (which is normally $75). One online exam is included in the price.
→ There are 3 exams. Each time you complete a Course Part you take an exam.
Note: Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) will only be applied for certified fitness professionals or other health professionals. You will receive an electronic version of your Certificate, which can be printed for your records and redeemed for CEUs/CECs. The provider number and number of credits can be found on your Certificate and redeemed on the provider’s website.

Customer Course Support
As part of the GMP Fitness commitment to customer service, you’ll receive unsurpassed, exceptional customer support. Have a question after you purchase the course—contact us at or call 1-888-467-3488.

GMP Fitness Makes it Easy to Learn BIG Through Incremental Steps

Don’t have time to do the entire course. You can purchase the Athletic Performance Specialist in smaller, more manageable tracks. It is available as a three-part series. Each Part is constructed to be completed sequentially, however you can complete the course parts in any order.