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Simple Way To Cut Down on Sugar

Instead of sugar get your sweetness from real foods like bananas, apples and dates.

You can puree them and keep it in the fridge. Then later take just a little (about 1 tablespoon) and mix into some greek yogurt … Awesome!!

Add some cinnamon … this super spice adds subtle sweetness while boosting immunity, without calories … Yes, This is Great!!

Now add some frozen blueberries and raspberries … King Antioxidants that are good for heart health, they help lower blood pressure, protect against aging, cancer and other diseases, plus so much more … I’m Getting Healthy!!

PS… don’t forget a little fat, like almond butter, It helps slow the natural sugar absorption from the fruit and keeps you satiated longer … Bonus!!

Imagine that … NO table sugar or any other sugar substitutes and I’m Really Loving It … Amazing!!

One day at a time … start cutting out sugar … For a Healthy, Fit Body!!!