GMP Fitness is widely recognized, accredited and accepted as one of the foremost Speciality Certification and Continuing Education company. For more than 30 years, GMP Fitness has been dedicated to creating and providing fitness education and products that benefit both professionals and their clients.

About Us

Gina Piazza is the CEO and founder of GMP Fitness®, a recognized educational leader for 30+ years in the health, fitness, wellness, and sports industry, and is committed to fostering a lifestyle of healthier practices.

Certification Credentials and Continuing Education
GMP Fitness has produced over 100+ specialist certifications, continuing education courses, and products for fitness and healthcare professionals.
We ensure that professionals get superior, quality education and products — giving you the knowledge and skills to engage, empower and motivate individuals to live healthier lives.

GMP Fitness has provided continuing education and certification to thousands of certified personal fitness trainers, chiropractors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other health professionals worldwide to help them serve the many thousands of clients and patients they serve.

GMP Fitness Reviews
Our portfolio of continuing education courses, specialist certifications, and products is trusted by thousands nationwide.

“I am very pleased with the GMP Fitness Certification Courses. They are extremely robust and thorough, but simple to comprehend. The course content can be applied right away to patients. Great value. Will more than exceed your expectations. Highly recommended for all.” – Philip T. Santiago, DC DACBSP, FICC, FACC

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Our Approach
Our comprehensive courses, certifications, preparation resources, and products provide our clients with access to the professional success they aspire to. We are the place to acquire new expertise that will cultivate and add to the credibility of your services.
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Our Vision
We are dedicated to being a leader in our field and committed to providing top-quality educational programs, products, and training through our numerous professional company divisions.

As an industry leader, we are passionately devoted to developing, advancing, and advocating for fitness and health professionals, empowering them to change the lives of millions, resulting in improved client wellness and care.

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