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GMP Fitness® Accredited Online Certificate and Certification Specialist Continuing Education Courses.
75 Different Courses & 45 Bundle Options

>.Additives – Hidden Food Ingredients
> Avocados – Weight Loss Benefits
> Avocados – All You Need To Know
> Avocado – Naturally Good Fat
> Cholesterol – Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease
> Coconut Oil – Amazing Ways To Use
> Diet 101 – Mediterranean and Carbs
> Eating Plans – Healthy Diet Tips
> Healthy Herbs – Powerful Benefits
> Healthy Teas – Powerful Benefits
> Healing Teas – Ginger, Green and Matcha
> Inflammation – Protect Your Body
> Nutrients – Powerful Health Benefits
> Sugar – What’s In Your Food
> Tart Cherries – Antioxidant Super Fruit
> Thrive – Boost Your Wellbeing
> Turmeric – Super Healing Spice
> Vital Signs – Blood Pressure and Pulse
> Vitamin D – Immune System Booster
> Weight Management – Healthy Calorie Intake


> Healthy Brain and Wellbeing Certificate
> Nutrition and Healthy Eating Certificate
> Wellness and Lifestyle Certificate

> Healthy Eating and Weight-Management Certificate
> Heart Health and Nutrition Certificate
> Preventive Health and Wellbeing Certificate


> Agility, Balance, and Coordination Fitness Training Specialist
> Back Injury Prevention Specialist
> Balance Progressions Training Specialist

> Carpal Tunnel Exercise Specialist
> Core Training Specialist
> Cycling Injury Prevention Specialist

> Flexibility and Stretching Training Specialist
> Stability Ball Strength Training Specialist

> Golf Conditioning Specialist
> Golf Wellness Specialist
> Golf Injury Prevention Specialist

> Knee Injury Prevention Specialist
> Longevity Wellness Coaching Specialist
> Lower Body Stability Ball Training Specialist

> Posture Analysis Specialist
> Running Injury Prevention Specialist
> Spinal Health Connection Specialist

> Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist


> Youth Soccer Safety Training
> Youth Soccer Player Development Specialist
> Youth Soccer Injury Prevention and Wellness Specialist
> Youth Soccer Fitness Specialist
> Youth Soccer Tactical Movement Specialist
> Soccer Fitness Foundation Specialist
> Soccer Assessment and Training Systems Specialist
> Soccer Mental Skills and Technical Training Specialist
> Soccer Fitness Specialist
> Soccer Tactical Movement Specialist
> Soccer Testing and Training Theory Specialist
> Soccer Injury Prevention and Performance Specialist
> Soccer Injury Prevention and Wellness Specialist
> Soccer Fitness Specialist (Advanced)
> Soccer Tactical Movement Specialist (Advanced)


> Functional Training Specialist 
> Holistic Health Fitness Coaching Specialist
> Golf Fitness Specialist Certification

> Injury Prevention Specialist
> Holistic Fitness and Sports Coaching Specialist Certification 

> Triathlon Training Specialist Certification


> Athletic Assessment and Agility Specialist
> Athletic Speed and Agility Specialist
> Athletic Plyometric and Power Specialist
> Balance Assessment and Injury Prevention Specialist
> Balance Therapy and Functional Training Specialist
> Balance and Fall Prevention Specialist
> Core Fit Corrective Exercise Specialist
> Core Fit Exercise Specialist
> Core Fit Strength and Mobility Specialist
> Flexibility Assessment Specialist
> Flexibility Injury Prevention Specialist
> Flexibility Therapy Specialist
> Posture Assessment Specialist
> Posture Corrective Exercise Specialist
> Posture Exercise Specialist
> Triathlon Conditioning and Mental Training Specialist
> Triathlon Injury Prevention and Race Tactics Specialist
> Muscular Performance Self-Therapy Specialist
> Fibromyalgia Health and Exercise Specialist
> Fibromyalgia Lifestyle and Wellness Specialist
> Holistic Enzyme and Nutrition Specialist
> Holistic Homeopathy and Wellness Specialist
> Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Specialist


> Triathlon Performance Enhancement Specialist 
> Fibromyalgia Health Management
> Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
> Youth Soccer Performance Specialist
> Soccer Performance Specialist (Level 1
> Soccer Performance Specialist (Level 2 – Advanced)


These bundles are coming soon. Master Stackable Bundle Certifications lead to additional Certifications. You can combine several of them or more and acquire various Certifications that best fit your resume and portfolio.

Develop skills in your field and connect them to future certificates
Gain specific career skills.
Demonstrate competency with expandable qualifications.

What are Stackable Master Certification Microcredentials?
These are upskilling certifications (not degrees) that you can earn a shorter time.
With these Certifications you will acquire specific skills and capabilities and enhance existing ones.
Each Certification is an indicator of accomplishment, added mastery, and knowledge. They also show your dedication and commitment to current and potential employers, schools, clients and your profession.

How do you acquire Stackable Master Certification Microcredentials?
When you complete a Master Certification, you can apply any courses from that Master Certification Bundle to another Master Certification Bundle that have some of the same courses and take ONLY the courses you have not taken. One by one, earn Stackable Master Certifications in an order that works for you. There are 22 Stackable Master Certifications.

You can also email for more information on the process.

Stackable Master Certification Microcredentials
> Holistic Health and Performance Specialist
> Active Aging and Wellness Coaching Specialist
> Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Specialist
> Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching Specialist
> Holistic Nutrition and Self-Care Specialist
> Holistic Nutrition and Sports Performance Coaching Specialist
> Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
> Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching Specialist
Functional Performance Training Specialist
> Functional Mobility and Injury Prevention Specialist
> Functional Core and Posture Training Specialist
> Fitness Assessment and Injury Prevention Specialist
> Core Stability and Sell-Care Performance Specialist
> Core Stability and Fall Prevention Specialist
> Body Weight and Resistance Training Specialist

> Balance, Posture, and Mobility Specialist

Restorative Flexibility Specialist
> Restorative Strength and Mobility Specialist
> Corrective Exercise Specialist
> Corrective and Functional Training Specialist
> Performance Enhancement Specialist
> Strength and Conditioning Specialist
> Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist
> Balance Performance Enhancement Specialist
> Core Performance Enhancement Specialist
> Flexibility Performance Enhancement Specialist
> Posture Performance Enhancement Specialist

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