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Blog Microbite No More Back Pain: A few focused core exercises each day can go a long way to establish and improve your core musculature and strengthen your lower back.
Instead of sugar get your sweetness from real foods like bananas, apples and dates. You can puree them and keep it in the fridge. Then later take just a little (about 1 tablespoon) and mix into some greek yogurt … Awesome!! Add some cinnamon … this super spice adds subtle sweetness while boosting immunity, without calories … Yes, This is Great!! Now add some frozen blueberries and raspberries … King Antioxidants that are good for
Did you know there are some workouts double as strength sessions for your abs? When you raise your intensity or amount/weight when doing total-body actions, your ab muscles instinctively bolster or brace. Heres a great way to get the most out of your training. Try Swinging a Kettlebell When you bring the kettlebell’s swing to a complete stop your abs brace to stabilize your core. And, you will work your core more particularly when performing
Become the respected authority in your community as a Certified Posture Specialist Giving consideration, to how the body is positioned and executing small changes to stay in a more practical, productive, balanced state will make that position our default posture. Training properly is about becoming stronger, getting aligned and stabilizing muscles so that the body. moves efficiently. Attentive observation of how your clients move will help you devise the most practical and efficient workouts for their posture.
Our daily posture influences our health and our moods. It’s not only at the desk or workstation that we have to consider our posture. Improve your posture with these simple tips. 1. Driving too long. Make frequent stops and stretch. 2. Wearing high-heeled shoes. Switch to low-heeled or flat shoes. 3. Sleeping on a soft mattress. Invest in a firmer mattress. 4. Standing for prolonged periods of time. Place one foot up on a small

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