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The G Level Learning Educational Achievement Plan

G Edu (GMP Fitness Education) is designed to be progressive and positively energize, inspire and fuel your life for long-term success.

GMP Fitness Educational Learning Paths


QUICK – Coming Soon

Easy: Simple digestible learning for all fitness enthusiasts including high school and college students. Short online courses that foster a healthy, fit lifestyle.


Health Certificate Courses

Short Studies: Courses that give you a readiness for acquiring more experience. These courses offer an affordable way to earn credits and get information on health, nutrition and fitness. 


Professional Specialist Credentials

Expertise and Career Development: Gain a concise introduction on a subject. Become an expert with these specialized studies and gain more skills with targeted concepts. 


Advanced Specialist Credentials

Expertise and Career Building: Advanced Bundles are a combination of Professional Specialist Courses and are an excellent way to acquire a package of Specialist Credential Programs at a discounted price. 

GCAQ Specialist Credentials – Elite and above – Innovative, higher-education that provides methods that support and inspire effective life-long learning and fast achieving dominance.


Elite Specialist Credentials

Expertise and Career Expanding: Take the leap to greater success and redefine your career with the Elite Courses. For health and wellness professionals looking to grow their skills, their knowledge and their connections.


Master Specialist Credentials

Expertise and Career Advancement: Help your business achieve explosive growth and master a specific subject in depth. For advanced or seasoned professionals health and wellness professionals looking to forward their talents, experience and associates.


Champion Specialist Credentials Coming Soon

Expertise and Career Reaching Further: We created our Champion Curriculum to give you blended programs that support deep student learning and empower high-quality instruction. This leads to consistent, high-quality results and a rise in self-confidence.


G Signature Specialist Credentials – Coming Soon

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