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Become a Certified Posture Specialist

Become the respected authority in your community as a Certified Posture Specialist

Giving consideration, to how the body is positioned and executing small changes to stay in a more practical, productive, balanced state will make that position our default posture.

Training properly is about becoming stronger, getting aligned and stabilizing muscles so that the body. moves efficiently.

Attentive observation of how your clients move will help you devise the most practical and efficient workouts for their posture.

In addition, coaching clients how to move correctly and follow proper movement patterns and flexibility exercises will help develop and improve their posture and limit their pain.

To gain the skills to work with clients with postural problems – specialize and become recognized as a Certified Posture Specialist.

As a Posture Specialist, you will get a new set of power exercises for optimal alignment and better posture. From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, help clients become more posturally aware, gain natural, balanced alignment that builds confidence. Plus you will gain methods that create multi-sensory posture workouts that boost energy and intricate program options that challenge advanced clients.

Posture Assessment Specialist

Posture Corrective Exercise Specialist

Posture Exercise Specialist