Lower Body Ball Specialist Certification Reviews

Lower Body Ball Specialist Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Lower Body Ball Specialist

Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Lower Body Ball Specialist Certification course.

Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Lower Body Ball Specialist Certification course with their clients.

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I gained the importance of utilizing stability balls for strength, flexibility and agility from the Lower Body Ball Specialist Courses and some new moves my clients will love! I will include it in my classes and in personal training. Great ideas for those new to ball work and a great review for those familiar. Thank you, Gina, for always so thorough and prompt and professional. – Joyce Scott, ACE Certified Professional

New exercises to add to my programs. Assist clients that require back and core strengthening. – Robert Seto, ACE Certified Professional

I will use ideas from both the flexibility and strength training sessions. Ideas on cues to give to support clients in better posture and better performance of low body ball exercises. – Elizabeth Martin, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve been teaching ball classes for over 4 years. The information was thorough and would be a bonus for a new fitness professional. Going back to basics with cueing proper form with the exercises. – Tiffani Frost, ACE Certified Professional

More ideas for stability training. Use with warm-ups and flexibility training. I am also a senior fitness specialist and this will help with this population. – E. S., AFPA Certified Professional

Incorporate the G Ball into beginner-advanced workouts. Great course!. – Rebecca Garcia, ACE Certified Professional

Good review of muscles. I will apply in my personal training in the weight room and in classes. Information relevant to our clients’ needs. – Judy Pfeifer, WITS Certified Professional

Enjoyed the videos as well as the written information on all aspects of the movements. Refresher information on techniques and basic muscle use. Educate clients in fitness classes and the weight room.Judy Pfeifer, WITS Certified Professional

An overall understanding. I will be adding it to my personal routine. – Robert Warmuth Jr, ACE Certified Professional

Great course. Thank you. The stretching will benefit my clients! I learned the proper protocol to help advance from beginner to intermediate then advanced GBall movements. – Kimberly Jackson, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned new exercises. I will add those exercises to my group fitness classes and incorporate them into my personal training sessions. – Leslie O’Bryan, NASM Certified Professional

The video shows great ways to help those who are very new to exercise to ease into a good program that focuses on balance, stability, flexibility while gaining strength in a very safe and effective manner. I will use this material for people of all ages who are at the beginning stages of exercise or for those who may not care for other typical exercise routines that are a higher impact. It was simple, easy to follow and will be easy to implement with clients right away. Kristi Macek ACE Certified Professional

Ball work precisely. – Jill Beeman, ACE Certified Professional

I learned how to gain strength, improve posture, and improve performance. I will apply this content to clients who need low impact exercise. Need to improve balance, posture, and strength. I like the easy to follow video demonstrations. – Jeffrey Fries, ACE Certified Professional

Love some of the new moves with the stability ball. Safer moves for older individuals. – Crystal S Thomas, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned how to properly use the GBall for Lower Body Exercises. This will allow me to incorporate new exercises for my clients. – Dustin Gilbreth, ACE Certified Professional

New ideas and proper form. I teach a ball class and have all different levels of fitness I can now offer three different options. – Valerie Costa, WITS Certified Professional

More ideas on how to use a stability ball. I will use the exercises with my clients who require more support with lower body/core strength and stability. – Kathryn De Jesus, ACE Certified Professional

Love the supersets! Plan to use the them in an upcoming stability ball class. Written and video instructions for exercises are easy to understand and implement. Thank you!  Cheryl C. Brown, AFPA Certified Professional

I have learned more exercises and specific routines for specific toning of clients. I will be adding more lower body ball routines into my Total Body workout classes. This was easy to follow and I really like the PDF documents that I can use to better implement the routines into my classes.  Erika D Stevens, ACE Certified Professional

New ideas and affirmation of positioning techniques and communication of positioning and alignment. In teaching class using a G Ball and instructing the benefits to clients of balance and flexibility using this method of exercise. Also communicating the benefits to proper progression of these stability exercises. Easy to follow and useful exercises with options for each exercise (levels of progression).  Susan Kopicki,ACE Certified Professional

Greater understanding of using the stability ball and stability exercises to enhance my clients fitness. I will incorporate in their workouts.  It was a great course.  Rebecca Stelzer, ACE Certified Professional

I really loved this course and practicing all the moves. I feel much more confident to be able to explain the benefits, muscles used and what areas are being strengthened. I will use this in group fitness classes, personal training sessions and in my own fitness routines.  Mary S. Hoadley, AFPA Certified Professional

I loved the material and the workout was complete, challenging and appealing in variety.  Mary Dancho

This course was one of my all time favorites. Very thorough, professional and included so many extras.  Phyllis Joseph, WITS Certified Professional

Your program is a valuable addition to my repertoire.  Christie Tabb, WITS Certified Professional

I’ve been teaching a ball class for awhile and found new moves and better ways to emphasis the benefit of the move. This course will help me educate my clients better. It was easy to follow.  Karen Coultas, ACE Certified Professional

I gained the importance of utilizing stability balls for strength, flexibility and agility  and some new moves my clients will love! I will include it in my classes and in personal training. Great ideas for those new to ball work and a great review for those familiar.  Joyce Scott, ACE Certified Professional

Awareness of proper form and cues to use while training clients on the G Ball, depending on their level and ability. A refresher on specific muscle groups targeted on each exercise is always beneficial. I often incorporate the G Ball in the core segment of my routines. This course introduced me to some new conditioning exercises as well as some great stretches to use. I have gained knowledge on some alignment cues as well. I thought the course was easy to follow and very thorough. I would recommend it to any trainer looking for new safe and effective ways to work on core strength. The G Ball is a great piece of equipment to vary anyone’s stretching and strength routines.  Kasie Sullivan, ACE Certified Professional

Innovative exercise ball techniques. I am going to utilize the exercises within my training programs for firefighters.  Shannon Daniel Orndorff, ACE Certified Professional

Some of the advanced positioning was innovative and new to me and I liked the superset idea! The beginner level was excellent for my senior athletes who need to work on their core and balance.  Jennifer Gallagher, ACE Certified Professional

I learned many new things. The material is very organized and easy to follow. Thank you for being well organized and very responsive.  Blanca Lilis Deal, WITS Certified Professional

Clients are always looking for new and different exercises and stretches  this course really gave me some great ideas! It provided many new and different training and stretching ideas to use with clients which incorporate the G Ball.  Heidi A Varon, WITS Certified Professional

I gained from all aspects of the course. The clients charts were interesting. I will add routines from the course and adhere to the coaching tips with my clients.  Vincent Costantino, WITS Certified Professional

I learned new ideas for lower body ball workouts and helpful pointers on proper training of class participants.  Angela LeDuc, ACE Certified Professional

I find the GMP courses very user friendly and easy to teach to clients who may have little or no exercise experience. The sample forms are also a nice bonus.  Susan Jensen, ACE Certified Professional

Great course. I will use this in my classes and with my individual clients.  Erin Fink Smith, ACE Certified Professional

I found advanced positioning to use with experienced clients, reminders on good positioning and ways to advance my clients on the ball. Well done.  Kerri A Bartkowiak, ACE Certified Professional

How the lower body plays an important roll when exercising. Sharing and using it to help strengthen my clients lower body and being healthy. Great Stuff!  Earl Jacob, WITS Certified Professional

I gained more confidence in training clients using the stability ball completing lower body exercises. Implement use of a stability more throughout sessions.  Jordan Bunch, ACE Certified Professional

I’m excited to add some of the exercises I learned while training my clients. I’ll definitely start using some of these exercises this week!  Gina Pecori ACE Certified Professional

New ways to use an exercise ball with clients at different fitness levels. I am beginning a fitness program with my nutrition program. This is ideal because I can train clients easily at home without having to go to the gym. I liked how the exercises and which muscles they worked were clearly written out. Cynthia Palmerino, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned multiple new exercises to tone and stretch utilizing the stability ball as an aid. I plan on incorporating the stretches into my cool down portion of my step aerobics classes. I also plan on incorporating some of the conditioning exercises into my mat pilates classes. It was clear and easy to follow. I will be buying more classes from GMP Fitness/personal trainer education.  Sarah Moore, ACE Certified Professional

Better understanding of exercises I have provided for clients. Implement in training of current clients.  Katherine Grover, ACE Certified Professional

Better technique. Help train our firefighters with technique.  Patrick Terry, ACE Certified Professional

I liked the progression of goals/exercises based on the client back status. I will apply it to my personal life first since I have back issues.  Nancy Golinski, ACE Certified Professional

This course provided a nice reminder for how to progress through the exercises moving from basic to more difficult through body position changes. It provided a quick, easy to follow guide for basic instruction using the G Ball.  Holly Mosher ACE Certified Professional

New ways to work with clients with the G ball. I printed out the muscle charts and exercise tracking sheets to share with clients/review.  Jennifer Lee Hendricks, ACE Certified Professional

New ideas on how to stretch. Teach my clients how to do the various stretches using the ball.  Kerri Reynolds, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained more specific knowledge regarding benefits of G Ball exercises. I will go into more detail explaining benefits of the exercises to my classes.  Amy E. Agnew, ACE Certified Professional

New forms of Stretching. I can add the ball to my classes and to my workouts.  Sharon Wilusz, ACE Certified Professional

Easy to learn and follow. Lower body ball exercises and different intensity levels, understand muscles being used and how to stretch using the ball and the benefits of the stability ball. I will implement this in my fitness routines while teaching my group fitness class.  Marie LaManes, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge of stretches for golfers. By using it with my clients who play golf daily/weekly.  James Ashwell, NFPT Certified Professional

Knowledge of how to use the stability ball for lower body strengthening and flexibility. I will incorporate the stability ball in the toning and flexibility portion of my classes.  Patricia Jermyn, ACE Certified Professional

I learned some new exercises. I will use it to incorporate more variety into my clients’ fitness routines.  Shane E. Miller, ACE Certified Professional

How to work on more core strength to prevent injuries. Teach and perform the proper core engagement to prevent and strengthen the core and how to prevent injuries.  Jarrett Tarver, ACE Certified Professional

The course gave me a better understanding of the gball. This will allow me the opportunity to teach core strengthen exercises by using the gball.   Joe Kinzel, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve gained more confidence in using the ball for myself and teaching others.  S. H., Certified Professional

I learned things to do with my older clients and ways to modify.  Leslie Brady, ACE Certified Professional

The course allows me to take a beginner through the training process by breaking down moves to their most simple forms to establish flexibility and strength. I will take my individual clients with specific stretching issues through some basic moves and slowly progress to intermediate levels in time. Really breaks it down nicely for simplicity for a trainer and the client to understand.  E. G., Certified Professional

I work in a Therapy setting, and the exercises shown in the Lower Body Training Specialist will be great to adapt beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of clients!  N. K., Certified Professional

I have acquired additional safety knowledge and interesting exercise options.  Beverly E Petska, ACE Certified Professional

Slow down and focus on proper form and alignment. My clients will stretch better and slower.  Eileen Jacob, ACE Certified Professional 

I gained a greater understanding of the muscles that stabilize the core. I will use many of the exercise in my classes.  Hindy Norensberg, ACE Certified Professional

I have more ideas for stability ball use and will use the ball more often for clients with joint issues.  Jaime Torek, ACE Certified Professional

Better Stability with the G Ball. New stretches and exercises gained to my arsenal of exercises. I would mainly use it on beginners who have no core strength or activation.  Darren Ho, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of positioning on the ball. I will be better understood as I demonstrate and explain how to position the body in line with the ball. I will apply the posture technique. Focus on the muscles at work with each exercise. I have a refreshed knowledge to share. Thank you.  Susan Ann Soughers, AFPA Certified Professional

The course provided the benefits of of the G Ball, correct form and progressions of each exercise. I will use the materials with clients who need to improve on things such as; balance, trunk stabilization, posture and flexibility.  Denise Rose Monaghan Armstrong, ACE Certified Professional

Exercise progression for both strengthening and dynamic stretching. I like having different exercise ideas to use with my clinic patients and I think they will like the variety.  Teresa IsenhowerMoyer, NETA Certified Professional

I gained a better knowledge of the muscles and there actions. Informing clients and improving their technique.  Steffanie Canto, WITS Certified Professional

Further knowledge of stability ball usage. I will apply the contents of this course in my group fitness classes.  Barbara Sakowski, ACE Certified Professional

A few more ideas for the ball use. I will use some of the exercises along with the modifications for different fitness levels.  Gail Szukalski, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge. I will show clients some of these exercises on the ball.  Linda McBride, Certified Professional

This was another excellent GMP Fitness course. The material is presented well and the information is applicable to all fitness professionals. Nicole Swansoni, NETA Certified Professional

Very complete and well organized, informative course. This course can be useful for many client populations. Great handouts for useful tools!  Cassandra Henkili, ACE Certified Professional

Excellent information and presented in an outstanding way.  Gail Sears, ACE Certified Professional

Gained new exercises for small group exercise classes and personal training.  Althea LawtonThompson, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve gained more confidence in using the ball for myself and teaching others.  Sharee Harris

I work in a Therapy setting, and the exercises shown in the course will be great to adapt beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of clients!  Nicole Klochak, ACE Certified Professional

The course allows me to take a beginner through the training process by breaking down moves to their most simple forms to establish flexibility and strength. I will take my individual clients with specific stretching issues through some basic moves and slowly progress to intermediate levels in time. Really breaks it down nicely for simplicity for a trainer and client to understand.  Elizabeth Green, WITS Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of neutral spine. I will add some of the techniques in my Yoga Class. Diana Volquardsen, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained the ability to comfortably instruct clients on how to stabilize and strengthen their lower body muscles as well as improve balance. It will help my clients gain better balance abilities and strengthen their lower stabilizer muscles.  Stephanie Smith, ACE Certified Professional

This course validated the information I am providing to clients specifically the importance of the core muscles. Thank you!  Michele Rossignol, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned some more exercises to use for my client programs. This course was very easy to follow.  Rosemarie Roberts, WITS Certified Professional

I have acquired more insight to training with the stability ball.  Sue Payne, Certified Professional

I enjoyed this course and I am looking forward to my next one.  Ellen Slattery, Certified Professional

I learned many new things. The material is very organized and easy to follow. Thank you for being well organized and very responsive..  Blanca Lilis Deal, WITS Certified Professional

Clear, specific and informative great teaching tools.  Jan Hennefer, Certified Professional

Very Informative and easy to follow.  Richard Maher, ACE Certified Professional

This course was one of my all time favorites. Very thorough, professional and included so many extras.  Phyllis Joseph, Certified Professional

I enjoyed this course and it gave me a better understanding of the proper positioning of the ball.  Karen Shackles, Certified Professional

Excellent course! I especially appreciated the precise instructions with attention to form and proper execution of each exercise.  Dale Ann Stefanick, Certified Professional

All customer service has been great. This is my first ball training and I feel I have a great base for clients.  Sherri Buroker, Certified Professional

The levels were especially useful and helped for someone like me who was teaching all levels of clients. Thank you.  Leslie Bunton, Certified Professional

Overall good course and great help.  Susanne Miller, ACE Certified Professional

Liked the DVD.  Sheila K. Johnston, Certified Professional

I like the levels offered in the course. It is important that my class participants be offered a level that suits them.  Lois M. Lentine, Certified Professional

I was very pleased with the information and all the new things I learned.  Bernadette Hils, WITS Certified Professional

This is a good course. It helps my pilates training.  Pamela Hasselbring, Certified Professional

I enjoyed this course. I am recommending GMP Fitness to other instructors. My students are very happy that now I have more variety to offer to my class.  Byrenda Areanna Hands, Certified Professional

I teach mostly older adults and I am able to offer them different exercises that are still low impact. I will be adding in the G Ball portion to most of my workouts, especially with the flexibility portion.  Suzanne Balstar, ACE Certified Professional

Learned a lot about different G Ball techniques. By having clients perform some of the techniques I’ve learned. Excellent Course!  Antonio Alejandro Contreras, ACE Certified Professional

I gained that sitting on the ball helps keep posture naturally  using balance allows better posture. Better positioning of the ball for beginning level clients. Arms at sides at beginning and not adding as much movement until they are ready.  Laura Wise, ACE Certified Professional

Some new exercises to use with the ball. In my group exercise classes and with my personal training clients.  Sue Hall, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of some of the different levels of fitness that can be incorporated into G Ball fitness programs. I teach mostly in group, so it is awesome to have modifications for different levels of fitness  and some new ideas!  Jill Minner, ACE Certified Professional

Good tips to give to clients. I will add some exercise into my routines.  Emma Edelson, ACE Certified Professional

I will be able to have many fitness levels in my class at the same time. Learned how to advance the exercises.  Heather L. Johnson, ACE Certified Professional

I gained added knowledge with regards to the G Ball to help enhance our peer fitness program.  Todd Burwinkel, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of the exercise progressions that you can use when training with a stability ball. I will include my new knowledge in the stability ball class I teach now.  Karen M Pohorecki, ACE Certified Professional

Gave me new exercises to use with my existing clients and to be sure to have the correct size ball for each client.  Katie Danaher, ACE Certified Professional

A review of previous courses. I also learned how to Superset the exercises. I will be using the Supersets along with some reminders that I relearned. I enjoyed it. I learned from it. Easy to follow.  Deborah Ann Pandolfo, AFPA Certified Professional

How to instruct and safely perform core exercise programs for clients. By teaching and instructing clients especially those with back injuries. Highly recommend this course to anyone and my co workers.  Jamie Ashwell, NFPT Certified Professional

I gained additional exercises and techniques. I will apply to my Stability Ball Class.  Cynthia Rask, ACE Certified Professional

I learned new exercises to do with the G ball, as well as great progressions to use with my clients. The progressions will be very helpful!  Lisa Rendina, NCCPT Certified Professional

I gained the importance of Stretching and Strength Exercises on G Ball and the benefits of incorporating into your workout. Emphasizing core strength. I will apply the content by incorporating it with my, client before and after workout sessions. Each course I have taken has enhanced my knowledge and utilize it in my training with my clients.  Deborah R. Forst, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained many ideas of exercises using the ball. In addition, I have a solid understanding of building the exercises for beginnings, experienced, and advanced clients. I will use it directly within my personal training sessions with clients. Thank you!  Heather Alaine Meyert, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained more G Ball exercises I can use with my fit over 50 class. I have a better understanding of the G Balls benefits for posture, stability and alignment.  Judy Rinsler, AFPA Certified Professional

Become a Certified Lower Body Ball Specialist

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