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Katharine S Cummings, Exercise Specialist, ACE Certified Trainer

A lot of work was put into compiling all the studies, resources, and information into one course. There was a great amount of examples which made the information easier to understand. I also liked how some information in the sections overlap to increase learning and retention. There were so many studies mentioned that validated everything that was said. The activity questions at the end of each section were overall challenging! I had to look up the ones I didn’t know and I feel like I will remember the information a lot better rather than if the questions were vague or too easy. There were flexibility assessment tests on here that I have never heard of, and I have a bachelor’s in Exercise Science and have been working in the fitness industry for almost 5 years.

I have gained a wide repertoire of stretches! Everything from static to dynamic to PNF to foam rolling. I can use these exercises to improve the flexibility of myself and others. Stretching is often underrated. A lot of people think, “Okay, I got in my cardio and weights today, I’m done.” However, missing dynamic stretching before you work out and static stretching after, you are setting yourself up to get injured and not getting the most out of your workouts. The less flexible you are, the harder it is to do certain exercises. Flexibility is essential to a complete workout program, this course made that clear. After studying this course, it gave me fresh motivation to improve my own stretching routine.

I work as a Fitness Specialist, which means I give fitness assessments that test members’ cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. Since I went through all the static, dynamic, and foam rolling stretching routines that were given on this course, I feel I have several exercises to give recommendations on for each muscle group. It’s nice to now have this great CD so if I need to refer to a certain part or stretch, I always can. In Module 7, each routine is on one slide so it’s easy to print and use. I will also apply this content to my job to better explain the reason behind a proper warm-up and cool down, and, just as importantly, how to do a proper warm-up and cool down.

Overall, this course makes myself want to stretch more! And teach others to do the same.

This course is perfect for personal trainers. I love how the routines and flexibility assessments are given for easy usage. Trainers who work with athletes will especially benefit learning this course; there were examples and a lot of references that pertain to athletes. Overall, the information was put into slides that were easy to follow and entertaining as well, with the pictures and examples. The studies that were given validated the information. The diagrams helped better explain the material. For example, I really liked the diagram of the stretch reflex. It helped me to remember it and better explain it.


Penny Tisko, AFPA Certified Trainer, Running Coach

Easy to follow and understand. Great tips and education. Safely implement stretches for the beginner to the advanced. Very happy! Will continue to use GMP Fitness and their well rounded, balanced approach.

The course is easy to follow and understand and offers great tips and education to the beginner or someone wanting or needing to learn more about flexibility and mobility!

I have learned how to safely implement stretches for flexibility for the beginner to the advanced individual looking to improve their flexibility.

I will use it both for myself as an athlete and for my clients I work with to improve their flexibility and range of motion which will help reduce their injury rate from the repetitive stress of running. I will also use it for people who simply want to have better posture and less aches and pains!

I’m very happy with this course and have learned a lot from it and will continue to use GMP Fitness and their well rounded and balanced approach to teaching individuals and Fitness professionals in the field!


Desiree Duggan, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Really enjoyable and helpful. Will incorporate into group classes and to better my personal training clients’ experience. Love the relaxing movements. The G Ball makes the moves easier and smoother on the joints. Very excited!

As an avid advocate of flexibility training, I practice a whole range of stretching exercises, though I have never incorporated the use of a G Ball. The G Ball makes many moves easier and smoother on the joints and can provide more stability for the client.

I will incorporate these moves into a flexibility class or group, as well as using the knowledge to better my personal training clients’ experience. I will also use it to maintain my own flexibility and ROM as I enjoy lifting weights. Very excited!

Really enjoyable and helpful. Love the relaxing movements.