Agility and Balance Training Specialist Certification Reviews

Agility and Balance Training Certification Reviews

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Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Agility and Balance Training Specialist Certification course. Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Agility and Balance Training Specialist Certification course with their clients.

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With the Agility and Balance Training Specialist, I gained a better understanding of balance and the connection with agility. Look at expanding workouts to include more balance work. – Michael Fazio, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Most importantly I have gained tools that I can use to help ensure the safety of my clients. To help assess clients and ensure a safer training environment. – Shane Rawley Caraway, AFPA/NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Additional drills I can use with clients who have specific needs. The training will allow me to expand my client base to those interested in sport specific training. – Rhonda Peters, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Activity ideas for all ages/abilities. I am using the activities from the Agility and Balance Training Specialist to improve balance as well as agility and coordination. – Katherine Ernst   

New Ideas for Training. Implement in sessions. – L.F., ACE Certified Professional 

A better understanding of how to balance, coordination and agility work together. I will incorporate the various drills more often as part of a well-rounded fitness program. – Jim Economos, ACE Certified Personal Trainer   

A better understanding of the progression of balance/agility exercises. I will incorporate this with my athletic performance based clients. It was informative, organized, and easy to follow. – Nicholas S Ellis, ACE Certified Professional   

The importance of how the ABC Fitness Training Program plays in our everyday workouts. This course will be applied in all my programs for my clients. It was awesome! – Earl Jacob, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

I learned many balance and agility drills to use with my current clients from the ABC Fitness Training Specialist Certification program. I’ve rewritten my current exercise plans to include the new balance and agility drills I’ve learned. Well written, filled with useful information. –  Angelina Hall, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

A better total understanding of the fitness training process in general. I will apply it to all of my individual clients at Tilton Fitness in Galloway NJ as well as group training classes at the facility. I found it very informative and very professional. – David Boateng

New agility ABC functional drills. Keeping people moving fluidly. – Tyler Serrao, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

A better understanding of how to add ABC to my classes. Will add a segment on ABC to current classes and probably start working with clients one on one. – Sarah Corrow, Certified Personal Trainer

New ideas as well as a refresher to use with my clients. Design programs as well as educate my clients on the importance of progression. Well put together. – Tina Catron, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer   

Some ideas for new exercises. I will bring the drills and assessment sheets. Great information. – Laurie-Anne Bedard, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Great solid training building blocks to further any clients fitness program at any fitness level and/or client population. This course is suitable for any trainer’s toolbox, regardless of experience or expertise.   Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I like to incorporate balance and agility movements with every workout I plan for a client. This course offered new ideas that I will use from this day forward. Thoroughly enjoyed reading through this material. Thanks for the helpful tips and exercises! Cara Argall, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I gained ideas to further vary the sessions I conduct with clients and teams that I work with. I will integrate the drills I learned into practices and sessions with my young athletes and use the balance exercises with my older clientele. Christine A Eberlein,  WITS Certified Professional

Well written, concise and to the point. Easy to understand and follow. Provided good exercises and progressions. Nathan, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Lots of new agility exercise ideas. Everyone needs agility and balance work in one form or another. I found new exercises and drills I can use with my clients. Dawn M Jackson, WITS Certified Professional

The course has provided me with fundamental balance training techniques that I can utilize immediately with my clients. I plan to use the knowledge gained in this program to create progressive balance enhancing training for my clients. Terrific, no nonsense course. Tresa Anderson, AFPA Certified Professional

Excellent,expanded my knowledge in some new training drills for my clients. Patricia, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge in this area. Will use the course materials while working with my older clients.  Sean Faris, NSCA Certified Professional

I will apply it to my mature clients to improve balance and coordination. Jamie Guyer, ACE Certified Professional

Ideas and knowledge. Use progression more thoughtfully. Simple yet quite important. Nancy Strickland, ACE Certified Professional

Ideas for incrementally advancing ABC training that will benefit clients & keep them interested, Also gained insight into what can be expected from clients of varying ages, experience, and conditions. Coach clients to improve their ABCs.  Dolores Westfield, ACE Certified Professional

This course gave me a great assessment tool to start with clients. It explains progression in simplistic and in an easy to follow format I will start with the assessment, use the format of progression. Great course, easy start implement with clients.  Chris Manning, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a deeper understanding of training agility, balance, and coordination from the ABC Fitness Training Specialist certification course. There are lots of great drills and skills to apply with my clients. This is a really good course especially if you have clients who participate in sports.  Sue Bream, ACE, ACSM Certified Professional

Very informative and liked that there was a book and CD.  Nancy, ACE Certified Professional

Great solid personal training building blocks to further any clients’ fitness program at any fitness level and/or client population. This course is suitable for any trainer’s tool box, regardless of the trainer’s experience or expertise.  Cassandra, ACE Certified Professional

It has great drills to use.  Scott, ACE Certified Professional

Practical methods to develop balance coordination and agility. As well as form to document improvement. I am going to implement some of the basic ideas to my senior Ultra Fit Class. Focusing in particular on balance. I think this is awesome curriculum to use in the elementary junior high physical education programs. Equipment is practical and affordable.  Chantal Truscelli, ACE Certified Professional

I thought the book and quiz were informative.  Laura, ACE Certified Professional

I liked the book a lot. It’s very helpful for newer trainers like me.. I thought it broke down the training exercises and the reasons/purpose behind them very well.  Coreen, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new ideas from the ABC Fitness Training course to challenge my clients and to add new drills as they progress.  Shanna Huber, WITS Certified Professional

I’ve gained a lot of new exercises to use with my clients, I will even use some of them for myself. I will work some of these exercises into my current workout plans to diversify the workouts for my clients and address some of their weaknesses.  Jonathan Miller, ACE Certified Professional

Interesting, effective and fun exercises and drills. Use it with clients for a change of pace and to introduce the importance of balance, agility and coordination.  Katherine Williams

The course gave me new ideas on progression that I can use immediately with my patients.  Jeremy Cowin, AFPA Certified Professional

I’m going to incorporate the drills and the exercises from the ABC Fitness Training Specialist Certification into my sessions.  Alexander Demkin, WITS Certified Professional

I learned new ideas and exercise to benefit the individual on Agility, Balance and Coordination from the GMP Fitness Course. I will incorporate the exercises in with the personal training program.  Barbara Ross, AFPA Certified Professional

Greater functional understanding of Balance, Agility and coordination from the Course. I will incorporate basic skills and progression in class goals. A very enlightening and interesting.  Robert Griffith, Fitness Professional

I will incorporate a bit of basic balance work into workouts even if not requested by client, e-content to start simple. The course was simple ad direct.  Teresa Waldman, AFPA Certified Professional

I teach Seniors. This gives me greater tools with which to work with them on their physical needs. The use of assessments for balance, agility and coordination is a great supportive tool for my clients. A good course. Thank you.  Barbara Spence, AFPA Certified Professional

A good understanding of ABC training. By integrating ABC techniques with various equipment for clients.  James Caslin, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned different drills I can use for my boot camp drills. Adding more balance and agility sequences will challenge my personal training clients.  Georgeann DeNardo, WITS Certified Professional

I gained a greater understanding of the importance of starting where the client is, understanding the components of balance and fun drills from the GMP Fitness ABC Fitness Training Specialist Certification.  R.T., Certified Professional

Some new drills for agility and balance training. Use some of the drills.  Mark Akira Higashioka

Help clients with special needs. Use drills to mix up the workout.  Jacqueline Baird, WITS Certified Professional

New Exercise drills to train clients. I would apply this to a client who wants to increase speed, agility and quickness the knowledge from this dvd will help. Also some very good balance exercises are included in this cd.  Judy Rinsler, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained exposure to another aspect of fitness. Try to set up an ABC training group at the Y.  Michael J Finnegan, WITS Certified Professional

I gained Drills. ABC Fitness Training Specialist Certification will give me different avenues for training in a variety of clients. Very easy to follow!  Kelly A Hoppmann, AFPA Certified Professional

The course informed me of a thorough step by step process conducting balance and agility drills. Apply regularly based on client’s goals and abilities. Thank you.  Dean Maas, WITS Certified Professional

Knowledge of some useful ABC drills. I will be using some of the balance exercises with my senior clients.  Kelly Snider, AFPA Certified Professional

New information on the subjects. I teach boot camp to beginners and kids this course was very helpful on ideas. I like how the information is presented. Noel Duby, AFPA Certified Professional

A better understanding of what controls balance. I will use exercises in this course with my clients before doing more complex movements. Danielle Gann, ACE Certified Professional

Expanded my knowledge in training drills. Show my clients a variety of fun ways to improve balance, agility and coordination. Excellent, covered a good variety of skills to use with clients.  Patricia J Blainey, ACE Certified Professional

The ABC Fitness Training Specialist Course is great way to better your training ways. Helped increased the variety of exercises for my clients. I will apply the content of this continuing education course by using the tools and exercises to better my clients overall well-being.  Timothy Craig Boswell, NFPT Certified Professional

I have learned the next steps in the progressions of some of the exercises. I teach a balance class. I already use the foam roller. The course provided me with progressions for some of the exercises. I can vary the class. I like the illustrations in the course. I have already used some of them.  George Latta, ACE Certified Professional

An understanding of running athletic drills. Training young hockey players. It was informative and enjoyable to read.  Shelly Haag, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained ideas for testing and drills and will recommend this course a lot.  Elizabeth B Lopez, WITS Certified Professional

Great course! I would highly recommend this course! It is laid out in an easy to follow format, from start to progression  which is easily transferable to practical use with clients from a beginner client to a professional athlete! What a nice and easy way to get some very usable CECs … 5 stars. Thanks GMP Fitness!!!  Chris, ACE Certified Professional

This course offers so many simple skills and drills to improve balance, agility and coordination. It is nicely organized and has visual cues as well. Highly recommend for sports and fitness enthusiasts looking to up their game.  Chantal, ACE Certified Professional

There are some sports specific training ideas that will be useful for people with whom I work who play tennis. I work with an older population and with people who have Parkinson’s disease. Many of the drills for balance, agility and coordination are quite applicable to the condition of most of my clientele. I like the organized way in which the course is designed. The information within the course is reinforced throughout each section so it can become knowledge and be a useful part of a trainer’s repertoire versus a course that one takes simply to earn CECs.  Carol Witham, ACE Certified Professional

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