Golf Fitness Certification Reviews

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The Golf Fitness Certification course gives techniques to enhance athleticism, improve performance and train to function at the highest level.

See how personal trainers and other professionals are utilizing the skills they learned from the Golf Fitness Certification course with their clients.

You have provided me with more training tools to put in my training bag. You have provided concise instructions so I can better assist my clients in their training. I will share these newly learned techniques with my clients so it will benefit their golf game. Thank you. Great information in the Golf Fitness Specialist Certification course. Much appreciated. I would recommend your training to any fitness professional. – Greg Bosch, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Simply great!!! The Golf Fitness Specialist Certification is extremely informative! I work with some PGA pro athletes and I have raised the bar in my training for golf professionals by using this course. – Dora Graham ACE and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

I gained a better understanding of how to help my clients improve their flexibility and strength for improving their golf swing and therefore their golf game!! I will use my new, additional knowledge to match my clients’ needs to the proper exercises and stretches. The organization of the information makes it easy to find the appropriate exercises for particular issues. – Fernando Past ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Great selection of corrective exercises. I train amateur golfers so the Golf Fitness Specialist Certification is a great course for me. –  Sophia Halilova, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I think the Golf Fitness Specialist Certification course was well put together and will help me move ahead in the professional training field. – Eric R. Campbell, Certified Personal Trainer

Practical and applicable material that respects your intelligence, and remains user-friendly, well balanced and logical. I can now address the needs of this niche market and bring workshops to golfers outside of the gym or golf course. – Chris Peralta, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

The Golf Fitness Specialist Certification program provided me with a complete overview of the muscles involved with the golf swing as well as a helpful breakdown of the proper mechanics of the golf swing. This course will help me tailor my services to clients interested in improving their golf game. Knowing how to help clients achieve the necessary mobility for the rotational motion of a golf swing will make it much easier to work with the avid golf fans that live in my area. – Jessica Barbaria, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I have gained a lot more information about golf fitness … Especially the importance of a great posture for a great swing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! – Nicholas Gomez, NSPA Certified Personal Trainer

Met my expectations!! I plan to offer group and individual training sessions. Looking forward to the opportunity to use what I have learned through taking the Golf Fitness Specialist Certification course. – Cynthia Guggisberg, Certified Personal Trainer

Great course! It will help a lot with clients who are just starting a golf exercise program. – Ileana del barco, ISSA Personal Trainer

Click here to learn how you can become a Certified Golf Fitness Specialist