GMP Fitness Customer Training Experience Testimonials

Gina Piazza, CEO GMP Fitness®, Customer Training Experience Testimonials

For over 30 years, Gina Piazza, the CEO of GMP Fitness®, has designed and directed Sports, Fitness, Health, and Nutrition programs for fortune 100 executives, businesses, trainers, doctors, and athletes ranging from the weekend warrior to the amateur to the professional competitor.

Take a look at why they all are absolutely loving her training solutions to enhance posture and movement, build muscle, improve performance and make healthier, long-lasting food choices through well-designed nutrition guidance and behavior change – all to establish a lasting competitive edge and have incredible energy and vitally to continue to be active long-term and live better, more fulfilled lives.

gmp fitness customer solutions testimonials

I know first hand the importance of a healthy body and mind. Gina Piazza, CEO of GMP Fitness is all about creating a healthy body and well-being and I want to share this fact with others. She is a passionate sports, fitness, nutrition and injury prevention advocate, who has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people of all ages. – Eric Wright, former San Francisco 49er

Gina has been at the forefront of fitness movement and injury prevention for general and elite sports level conditioning for over 30 years. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of posture enrichment movement training and specialized injury rehab progressions will give any person incredible energy and vitally. I’ve always preferred a natural lifestyle that keeps me feeling great. Gina offers a holistic approach to health and well-being and I am living proof! – Percy Carey, Professional Comic Writer/Award Winning Author/Professional Recording Artist

Gina has the incredible knowledge of knowing how to modify and adapt exercises and add the proper lifestyle modifications to optimize results for all people seeking gains in both their everyday and athletic lives. Her posture enhancement, functional flexibility and core strength style training to feel better, move better and perform better will improve your quality of life. – Michael Bentt, Actor, former Heavyweight Boxer

Gina is an innovator in her field and her programs have always been ahead of the curve. GMP Fitness training has added tremendous value to my patient’s sessions. Inspiring programs, with awesome functional movement and postural enhancement approaches, that are suitable for the beginner through the advanced individual, regardless of their age. Phil Santiago, DC, DACBSP, FICC, FACC

Gina is the consummate professional and the most dedicated person I know. Her knowledge base runs far and wide. Anyone doing business with Gina will get more than they pay for! – Jeffrey Rawitch, Client Retention Manager at South County Lexus

Gina, You are amazing! I’ve had the privilege of learning from her and because of Gina, I am better equipped to educate, guide and encourage my patients and clients. Thank you, Gina, for providing such wonderful, informative and inspiring, research-based training. You are one of the most generous leaders in the Fitness Community. I am forever grateful! – Dez Nowaczyk, Yoga Instructor

Gina is professional, detail-oriented and time-efficient. She is a pleasure to work within a business-to-business environment and can be trusted to provide high-end customer satisfaction. – Morgan Kennedy, Continuing Education Manager at FitPro

Great job, I just can’t say enough about the value of what you do! – Stephen Cope Taylor, DC

Gina is very smart and professional. She has excellent energy and a true passion for her work. – Chiropractic Consultants LLC

Gina Piazza is a global leader in fitness education and certification. – Dr. Debra Stewart, Psychologist Specializing in Health & Wellness, Owner of Picture Yourself Stronger LLC

I have read all of Gina’s books and viewed her video’s. I have also met her personally. All I can say is WOW. Not only has Gina done her homework, but also she has done it to such a professional level. Her presentations programs have helped everyone from the professional to the beginner. The results are excellent. I am so impressed that I will continue to spread the word and help other doctors learn about her fantastic training and programs. – Dr. Terry Weyman

For people that are “Serious” about their Golf Game, GIna Piazza will help your game reach the next level. – Brian O’Hare, President of Ultimate Awards, Inc

Gina Piazza, CEO at GMP Fitness, has been a great resource for education and I would recommend working with her for your personal training or simply expanding your fitness base. – Bryan Jaret-Schachter, Director of Strategic Analysis, The Freshwater Group

Fantastic … as a chiropractor and a player not only helped me treat my patients,  but helped improve my own game. Would recommend Gina to anyone that wants to know how to help patients enjoy their golf game pain-free while improving their score at the same time. – Nick Duchene, Owner at Evolve Chiropractic

I strongly recommend GMP Fitness and the programs Gina has available. Very in-depth and thorough. I can attest that I have already benefited from my early professional career. Gina Piazza personally keeps in contact with you during the process in a prompt manner. I recommend any fitness professional, golf professional or anyone with an interest in fitness training to look into GMP Fitness. – Mitchell Paeth, Assistant Golf Professional at Valle Vista Golf Club

I am a retired project executive from IBM working on my second career as a personal trainer for senior aged people. The standards of excellence at IBM are second to none and the quality programming that Gina provides would easily meet those high IBM standards – First class. – Ted Hart, WITS Certified Professional

Gina Piazza at GMP Fitness have enhanced my education and knowledge as a personal trainer. Gina is a true professional in every sense of the word with extensive knowledge, and her courses can’t be beaten. She has a true passion for fitness and wellness, as evidenced by the selection of courses she offers. Gina is responsive, intelligent, personable, and a pure delight to work with! I refer all of my associates to GMP fitness for their continuing education needs! And I am definitely educating everyone I know who could benefit from all you do! Thanks for everything. You are the BEST– Jill Csillag, Entrepreneur of The Fit Coach

After taking a few of Gina’s home study courses I was extremely surprised/impressed with the simplicity and quality of the presentation. Gina has structured a clear and concise protocol that will be extremely helpful to both beginner level and advanced trainers. I am a believer in taking care of the fundamentals of movement first and Gina does this with common sense practical solutions. Customer service has been excellent! She seems very committed to customer satisfaction. Overall my experience has been excellent, no hesitation in saying 10/10 … good luck for the future. – Kevin Clyne, Therapist at Corrective Stretching

GMP fitness offers comprehensive and engaging courses that provide fitness professionals with applicable knowledge. I had the pleasure of speaking with Gina and it is clear that she is a knowledgeable and experienced professional. Whether you are a fitness professional looking to hone your skills or you are a workout fiend simply interested in expanding your knowledge, I would definitely recommend. – Corey Light, Care Advisor at CareGuardian

Thank you, Gina, for such prompt action. Very happy with everything. You do a great job … Thanks! –  Carole Riches, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

You have such a personal way of communicating with those who take your programs. More people should communicate as you have here. Great to see there are still real people out there. I learned the smart progressions for balance training. Now I will use the exercises with both my classes and private clients. – Arleen Rowen, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Thank you so much, Gina. You are a very sweet person and an excellent instructor.  I will definitely contact you for my next program…they are fantastic! – Joanna Parsons, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

Gina, you are doing wonderful work and I know many are benefiting from your expertise.  I thank you very much for taking care of me! Your program really was a match for me and I loved all of it! I am so impressed with how you have contacted me personally to make sure I was taken care of and that all went smoothly. Clients of all ages, especially baby boomers, would benefit greatly from being passed on this wealth of information. I was very pleasantly surprised last night to hear your message. In this day and age with everything being automated, it is nice to know there are still people out there like you, Gina, who go above and beyond to make sure that each person that comes your way feels important and taken care of.  Thank you for your kind words and inspiration. Looking forward to the next time! – Billy Ledbetter, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Through the training of Gina, GMP Fitness, I have obtained a wide knowledge and ideas for myself and to further assist my clients and provide them with safe and very valuable exercises. – Magdalena Bas Bankole, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Gina, I have taken quite a few of your courses and learned a lot, I value you and think of you as a mentor and friend. Thank you. – Ron Adams, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

Thank you, Gina, for your excellent work in all you do! You Rock!   Anne Doiron, Medical Assistant, YMCA Instructor

One of the most professional, educational, clear home study programs I have ever taken. Those who choose this will benefit greatly from Gina’s expertise. – Kim Huff, ACE Certified Professional

My sincere thanks to Gina for providing such nice programs. – Ajay Kumar, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Organized and great ideas for back injury prevention. Will utilize and share her playbook of information to design safe exercise programs for our volunteer fire department.  – Denise R. Jarreau, ACE  Certified Personal Trainer

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