GMP Fitness Customer Success Testimonials

GMP Fitness Customer Success Testimonials

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gmp fitness customer service testimonials

As always, all that you do furthers my intelligence in what I am studying. You and you’re company are wonderful! GMP Fitness is absolutely incredible. I worked on both my Core Training Specialist and Running Injury Prevention certifications and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with them. I plan on doing more certifications with them in the future, not just on continuing education but to further myself in the fitness industry. Gina is not only an absolute sweetheart, but extremely kind, professional and helpful with any and every question I had. If you are thinking about going through GMP Fitness for any knowledge, don’t hesitate on it. – Anthony Esposito, ACE Certified Professional

As a member for many years, and after recently completing my re-certification I wanted to pass along a compliment to you and your team of professionals. My last re-certification was spent around books by Douglas Brooks and I still use many of his teaching tips. All of my ACE online courses have proved to provide useful information.

This time I would like to compliment the Knee Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course, it was my favorite this round. You receive a PDF manual, a paperback book and there are also professionally done workbooks. The workbooks are great: spiral bound with a heavy vinyl cover and well printed over a high-quality paper. Very professional.

The course’s value is the clear delivery of a very complex subject, the human knee. This is by far the most difficult BUT rewarding of my courses. – Larry Little, ACE Certified Professional

I learned about different warm-up movements and stretches that can best help golfers before, during and toward the end of their game to improve performance. I created a one-day workshop geared toward golfers to help enhance their golf game. This workshop was approximately 2 hours and included a handout with the wellness tips, and then a movement portion of the class which included all the recommended stretches for golfers. I then proceeded to have students perform a full body strength training routine of 2 sets of 12 reps to solidify the value of overall strength for fitness. I felt the content of the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification program was delivered in a comprehensive manner. I appreciated seeing both the videos and written version of the materials. – Lori A. Wright, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

This knowledge is great for myself so that I can apply the concepts to my own workouts and be more aware of my own spinal health. I will also use the concepts and progressive steps to benefit the clients I work with. This will help them be more aware when they work out on their own and help me keep them safe when I am training them. I can give the information up front and help them understand the importance of ideas like stretching and doing the basic moves that strengthen the core muscles to help prevent injuries. It also helped me understand how to help clients with specific concerns. This will help me be careful and thoughtful when it comes to creating exercise regimens.

Thank you so much! I’ve definitely been referencing the workbooks for exercises and even passed along some drills to my coworker who is a high school girls basketball coach. Taking your courses has been very helpful and also in maintaining my skills and credentials. Thanks again! – Erica Hunter, NETA & ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained a better understanding of supplementation of a person diet with vitamins and minerals and the roles they play from the GMP Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification course. At the YMCA, we offer different challenges throughout the year to keep people involved with health and fitness. This material will be suggested to the participants for a healthier lifestyle. I would defiantly suggest personal trainers have this accreditation on their list. – Alice Herbst, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

I was injured while preparing for a race and this course taught me the importance of preparing for a race including proper fuel intakes. As a trainer I will use the Running Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course content to help assist my clients in preventing injury during their workouts. Very pleased with the information provided. Very pleased with this course. Will be looking forward to taking more Con Ed classes through this provider. Thank you.  Kimberly Nicole Jackson, AFPA, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I’m a Track & Field Coach and Cross Country Coach in Canada and work in a physiotherapy clinic. I’m always looking to educate myself, to help my athletes reach their potential and get clients feeling better. The courses you offer are very helpful and opens up your thoughts and perspective on training/treating and getting the most out of what you can offer to your clients/patients. – Cory Currie, Certified Personal Trainer

Dear Gina. I have been a certified instructor since 1999 and I have waded through countless boring textbooks and exams. This one was the best and easiest course I have ever read. I loved it!   The core strengthening exercises and flexibility stuff will be easy to apply to a group exercise setting. Thank you for returning the CEC so quickly. Great material! – Anne Hewitt, Certified Trainer

Fantastic! Well taught and easy to follow. Highly recommended the Flexibility Training Specialist Certification course. I can share these stretching techniques with my students of all ages. They will help with flexibility and relaxation. I have many new flexibility techniques that are gentle and will work well with all clients. I understand that warming up 5 to 10 minutes before stretching is important to warm the muscles and increase range of motion. – Joanna Parsons, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

This was my first time using this company for CEU’s. 5 stars. The specific anatomy review is an essential reminder of every personal trainer’s basic knowledge. The course material is excellent and easily viewed via the pdfs on CD. Plus it includes printable charts for mounting to keep the exercises in view, for clients and trainers. The DVD was easy to navigate, although each of the sections first requires the viewer to watch the general use of the G-Ball, how-to instructions and general warnings. I liked the chain of activities and the exercise modifications for different populations, and will bookmark this company for future CEU viewing! – Andrea, ACE Personal Trainer

I love your courses! I will apply the content of this course in the field of ergonomics and safety at the worksite. Great course! They are simple and planned well. – Julia Bartram, ACSM/NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Thank you. It was much more informative than I expected. I now have a very thorough knowledge of the importance of back injury prevention techniques when planning a fitness program! Also, the facts to consider when working with clients in need of a fitness program to work with existing back injuries. – Holly Olsen, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

The Balance Progressions Specialist Certification program was very informative and was well presented. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues. It reiterated the importance of having good balance. It also provided me with great information and exercises that I can use both personally and with clients to improve balance. – Judith Morosky, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

This was the first home study course I have ever undertaken and I must say,

I was nicely surprised at how informative it ended up being for me. I look forward to using the information and exercises I obtained from the Posture Analysis Specialist Certification course in my exercise classes and with my clients. Bravo, GMP Fitness! – Erin Bowlby, Certified Personal Trainer

Very informative. I can use all the information I learned in the Running Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course in other areas of training outside of just running. This was one of the better studies that I have done. A total new perspective for me. – Tamara Heck, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

The best continuing education course I have ever taken! The Longevity Wellness Specialist course has a very sound background of human physiology and endocrinology. GMP Fitness will forever have my respect. – Oscar Raymond Molina, Certified Personal Trainer

Very informative course. I will recommend the Back Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course very highly to other trainers. I know the information will be very useful in helping my clients avoid and manage their back pain – Gary Lang, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The Back Injury Prevention Specialist is a great course! Working in a chiropractic office will give me many opportunities to apply what I have learned from this course. – Eric Troll, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

Thank you for the information from the Posture Analysis Specialist. I will be able to assess what type of posture my clients have and to show them appropriate exercises for them. I learned how to detect different posture types in my clients and to apply various exercises to help correct postures. – Ali H. Sanders, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

The Lower Body Ball Specialist is an excellent course! I especially appreciated the precise instructions with attention to form and proper execution of each exercise. – Dale Ann Stefanick, Certified Personal Trainer

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