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GMP Fitness Course Materials Use

You May Not
• copy, reproduce, modify, republish, share, loan, trade, resell, distribute or exploit the Content from the GMP Fitness Course Materials.
• alter or modify the GMP Fitness Course Materials and claim them as your own.
• create derivative works from the GMP Fitness Course Materials for the purpose of resale or distribution.
• include any GMP Fitness content in or with any product or service that you create or distribute;
• create templates from the GMP Fitness Course Materials of any kind for the purpose of sharing or selling.
• print or have printed (for example at Kinkos or Staples) the GMP Fitness Course Materials for sale or distribution via internet, retail locations or any other venue, unless it has been noted on the course materials that you can have them printed.
• download and use the underlying HTML, text, audio clips, video clips and other content that is made available to you in the GMP Fitness Courses/Programs or this Website, for other than your personal information.

Special Download Note
Some of the materials/content for the Courses/Certifications you can download, while others you will need to view online (within the browser) because downloading course components/content/video violates copyright laws.

ONLY Where Specified You May
• print or have printed the GMP Fitness Course Materials for your own PERSONAL use.
• download the GMP Fitness Course Materials for your own PERSONAL use.

Where it is noted that you CAN NOT DOWNLOAD specified course components and you are unable to view these course components online please contact GMP Fitness at 1-888-467-3488 or email so that we can help you.

Social Media Pages/Internet Use
You may not upload GMP Fitness Course Materials to any file sharing websites for any purpose.

GMP Fitness does not allow for the insertion of any of the GMP Fitness Course Materials (full or partial) on any social media pages and internet-based professional networks or other websites, pages, portals or servers, unless specific exceptional permission has been granted for such.

Other Use
Not, without prior written consent of GMP Fitness, make public use the GMP Fitness name or any of our other identifiers or advertise, promote or publicize the business relationship between you and GMP Fitness; and

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