Triathlon Training Certification Reviews

Triathlon Training Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Triathlon Training Specialist

See how personal trainers and other professionals are utilizing the skills they learned from the Triathlon Training Certification course with their clients.

Lots of info on injury symptom and prevention. An added bonus in my toolbox of things to add to programs/injury prevention with clients and teaching classes. The content of the Triathlon Training Instructor Specialist program will be used in assisting folks with training and fitness goals and teaching fitness classes. I now have more tools to use when helping folks reach their fitness goals and teaching classes. – Molly E Smith, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Wonderful! Easy to understand and retain! Once you begin reading the material you don’t want to stop. The depth of material was great. The Triathlon Training Coach Certification program is a good resource to reflect back to. I will combine this knowledge into spin and cycling classes. – Richard Lemoine, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

I love the Triathlon Training Coach Certification course! Very informational to keep runners pain free/injury free. It’s definitely worth a read. Very well thought out, organized and researched. – Stephanie Brinker, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I have learned many new training techniques to help aid in the training of pain-free triathletes. The Triathlon Training Coach Certification gives you more information and resources than the typical course. I have learned a lot about helping myself and my clients stay healthy and helping them to keep pushing forward towards higher intensity levels while remaining injury-free. – Joanna Staub, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

As a trainer and active triathlete for more than 10 years, I was happy this that this material was available! – Brandy Woodall, Certified Personal Trainer

I train a lot of triathletes and I am one myself so I will be able to use the information. I have gained a lot of insight into more effective training for a triathlon and running and dealing with an injury. – C.D., Certified Personal Trainer

Lots of information in the Triathlon Training Coach Certification course that was informative and helpful. – Mary Beth DeVaney, Certified Personal Trainer

I have learned the different precautions, different gear and more. I deal with triathletes where I work and I am excited to help them in any way possible with the skills I learned. – James W. Fennelly Jr., NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I feel I am better prepared to work with triathletes. I plan on doing group training for triathlons. – Carol Luker, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Great training resources Arsenal!!! Plan on holding workshops in my area for triathletes. Gained a much better understanding of triathlete program construction from the Triathlon Training Specialist Certification. – Arturo Espitia, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

Become a Certified Triathlon Training Specialist

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