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I have gained knowledge of how to use effective periodization in triathlon training. I will use this information to design training programs. – Brenda M. Huebener, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge of triathlons and what is entailed in its preparation. I will apply the material in helping others and perhaps myself in preparing for a triathlon. Very well done. – Renee Collins, ACE Certified Professional

Triathlon training tips and information. I will use it in my own Tri training and helping clients with their training. – Nicole Gilson, NASM Certified Professional

How to better train to prevent injury. I will use the knowledge I’ve learned to aid myself in completing an Ironman. Thankful ACE offered it because I needed the information desperately for injury prevention. – Suzanne Masoner, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve gained an in-depth knowledge regarding how properly to train for triathlons. It will help me to train those of my clients seeking to compete in triathlons, specifically; and, it will help me to train all of my clients, more generally, insofar as I am able to integrate its progression and cross-training concepts into their individual training regimens. Thank you, very much, Gina. I really enjoyed learning the material included in this course. – Justin Charles Jacobs,  ACE Certified Professionale

Thorough details on muscle groups used to trim training and how to prevent injury while training. To help others during their training for triathlons. – CHANEL KERSCHBAUM ACE Certified Professional  

I have gained a better understanding of heart rate training techniques and a better sense of conditioning for triathletes. I currently train athletes who are doing triathlons. This gives me more proof that I am training them the proper and effective way.  Very easy to follow and good information. – Jamie Birk, ACE Certified Professional  

The course materials were sent on time and the format was easy to follow. This is my second CEC course purchased through GMP Fitness and I am impressed by the convenience, ease of use, as well as the manageability of the lesson plans, which were important features for someone with a busy schedule! Gina at GMP handled my customer service issues promptly and was incredibly helpful to me in getting my CECs completed on time so that my certification remained current. I would recommend GMP Fitness courses to any fitness professional seeking to add relevant information to their repertoire of knowledge and to also fulfill certifying requirements. Five stars!!!.  Sherry Bonekat, ACE Certified Professional

I completed five ironman triathlons and three ultra marathons by age 40. I studied my training regime, trained hard, appropriately, had great races and no injuries. Little did I realize the impact my 40s had on tendons! I was so tight everywhere that exercise really hurt. Physical therapy  doing all I could to get over the obstacles… but still hurt a lot. I ordered the Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist to see if I could figure out my missing link. The stretches and strengthening workouts were very specific and hit the sore spots on me! It was also the first course I read where I could understand the biking information and how to become a stronger biker. This course answered some long overdue questions regarding training. At last… so many of the questions I once had were now answered! After ten months of not being able to run… I am running, PAIN FREE. I am ENJOYABLY biking… PAIN FREE. My swimming… so far, has never been a problem. 🙂  This course was very easy to follow, very easy to read, well put together, covered many topics I have not read before. I am SO happy to finally have things figured out and be on the road to training again!! 🙂  Great course—thanks! Bought some orthotics, started the strength/stretching recommendations… finally running strong again! Time to take on another ironman! Five stars!!!  Kristin Jorgensen, ACE Certified Professional

As a triathlete and personal trainer this course was immensely helpful. I not only learned how to update my own training plan, I also learned how to better help those starting out in the sport to compete safely and effectively. The Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist course helped me gain insights in running, biking and swimming. Most clients that come in for training are looking to improve in one of those areas. Now i have more of a specific knowledge in all of those fields to better help them.  Zac Hersh, NASM Certified Professional

Even though I have been participating in Triathlons since 1991 and completed the Lake Placid Ironman in 2005, this course filled in the blanks in various areas of training concepts, specificity of muscle stretching and strengthening. I volunteer at an annual kids week long triathlon camp and this material will greatly enhance the support that I will be contributing to that camp! Great course and I am looking forward to taking more of these courses! Edward W. Sweatt, WITS Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge in how to best prepare myself and others for the rigors involved in triathlon training and competition. I will incorporate the exercises and sample workouts into client programs. I will use the nutrition information to better prepare myself for my next triathlon! This course was very well put together. I really enjoyed the book because it was written in a way that both a beginner and someone not as new to triathlon would find useful. The author presented a lot of information very concisely and with a bit of humor at times.  Susan Nelligan, ACE Certified Professional

As a competitive Triathlete myself, I thought the course was accurate and comprehensive to provide a personal trainer with enough information to develop triathlon-specific training programs for their clients. The information was very insightful and will help my clients and I to stay injury free while achieving race-specific goals. The course materials were easy to follow and will be useful resources to reference with triathlete client training plans.   Christie Agtarap, ACE Certified Professional

It gave me more information to train more effectively. Great opportunity to get your CEs without delay.  Cathleen Brzezinski, WITS Certified Professional

I learned what it takes to complete a Triathlon. I have been wanting to train for one and this course taught me how to properly train for one. I will now be able to give advice to clients who are looking to train for a Triathlon. It was very informative. I learned a lot of information I had no idea how to properly train for a race before reading this material.  Kristine Lopez, NSPA  Certified Professional

Great course. Excellent source of reference to be used for any level of athlete/triathlete.  Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

I gained many strategic approaches to training. Strategy in developing training plans. Thank you for the valuable content.  Dawa Romito, ACSM Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of training triathletes. I use into my talks workshops speaking to endurance athletes. Good stuff, picked up quite a bit.  Al Painter, NASM Certified Professional

I gained an expanding knowledge of how to train someone for a triathlon and the course gave me more creative ideas.  Kim Wood, ACE Certified Professional

This Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist course was not only a refresher, but taught me some things about triathletes and training that I did not know. I know many triathletes, and this course allows me to better understand what they need as they prepare for their races. Thank you for offering a thorough course!  Heather Winfrey, ACE Certified Professional

As I have previously completed many triathlons and even an Ironman, I feel I can incorporate a few of the listed strategies in to my own practice, as well as advising others using this information. I will apply the course information by sharing my experience and book knowledge to best advise friends and clients. Great read!  Justin Wilkins, NASM Certified Professional

A good understanding of how to train for all three sports and how to put together a good program. And some good strength/stretch exercises to stay injury free. I will apply the content in my programming.  Simone Barfoed, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new insight in to all elements of training for and completing a tri from the Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist. Also, good information on how to properly recover. For my own personal use, really focus on the flexibility training, and work on my hips to see if this helps my overall performance. They are a constant problem. Worth the time, and a great text for all.  Ariel Wilkins, ACE Certified Professional

Extremely useful for me personally as a triathlete. I know it will make me a better, more competitive athlete and assist my triathlete clients as well!!!  Marian, ACE Certified Professional

I am an instructor and also training for my first triathlon. I found the information helpful professionally & personally.  Kathleen Burke, WITS Certified Professional

A large insight into how to properly train the body for endurance activities. I can apply this to almost any aspect of my work. The periodization principles presented are very good.  Todd Arthur Jager, ACE Certified Professional

The course gave me increased knowledge base regarding Triathletes. I work in a sports Orthopaedic clinic therefore we have a decent population of seasoned athletes. The book is an excellent guide.  Michelle Renee Higgins, ACE Certified Professional

I feel I am better prepared to work with triathletes. I plan on doing group training for triathlons.  Carol Luker, NETA Certified Professional

From a personal standpoint and being a triathlete myself, I gained a lot more knowledge about pre and post training. I enjoyed the course and particularly liked the swimming information. I’ve learned more about the human body, its limitations and its capabilities. I definitely learned about triathlete training and how to advise my clients when they are preparing for an event. Some of the ways I can apply the knowledge this course gave me is to educate my clients in the safety of training to prevent injuries that would disable them from being a triathlete. I can now apply more effective techniques during my sessions with clients.  Robert Sadler, WITS Certified Professional

This course was very well structured and easy to follow. I hope to take other courses from this company in the future. As a triathlete, I hope to apply aspects such as bike adjustments, diet, and mostly the training points for building a program based on the distance for myself so that I can better relate to what I am telling my clients.  Brett Lynch, ACE Certified Professional

A better sense of knowledge regarding the ‘value and importance’ of flexibility training. I will use the content during the assessment of my clients. This will be a great tool to show them how far they have come!  Jessica Heyman, WITS Certified Professional

I thoroughly enjoyed the course information, organization, and easy to understand teaching points. After recently completing my first ever Triathlon I have learned much from this course. The main thing I have come to understand is that in order to do any race other than a sprint there are a handful of important training steps to follow. The course brought several things to my attention especially considering injury prevention and proper equipment purchase for ensuring optimum performance. J. Loren Sisson, WITS Certified Professional

Great resources to have in my training arsenal. I have gained a much better understanding of triathlete program construction. I plan on holding workshops in my area for triathletes as well as in competing in my first one this year. The exam process was extremely educational and easy to use.  Arturo Espitia, WITS Certified Professional

I have learned many new training techniques to help aid in training of pain-free triathletes. This course gives you more information and resources than the typical course. I have learned a lot about helping myself and my clients stay healthy and helping them to keep pushing forward towards higher intensity levels, while remaining injury-free.  Joanna Staub, WITS Certified Professional

I thought this course was fantastic and although I have competed in Triathlons before, I now feel that I know the best methods to train for the Ironman. Truly excellent due in part that it covered a wide assortment of bases as well as being in depth. I will specialize more in training other like minded individuals like myself in the art of the Tri.  James McGuinness, WITS Certified Professional

Better understanding of the training for all 3 components of triathlon. I will apply it to clients I train even if they are not triathletes, as well as myself.  Danelle M. Schultz, ACE Certified Professional

I thought it was very comprehensive and helpful for triathlon training. Good stuff.  Nikki Lundin, WITS Certified Professional

A better understanding of triathlon training. A good general guideline for endurance training and motivation to clients who are just getting started. It was easy to read and got the material across in more layman’s terms.  John Pee, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of heart rate training techniques and a better sense of conditioning for triathletes. I will use this content to train triathletes. Very easy to follow. Like the perspective in the book.  Jamie Birk, ACE Certified Professional

The knowledge needed to help perform my best in the sport. I will use it to help guide my clients as they work toward their goals. It was an easy to follow, enjoyable course.  Ryan Dell, ACE Certified Professional

A large insight into how to properly train the body for endurance activities. I can apply this to almost any aspect of my work. The periodization principles presented are very good.  Todd Arthur Jager, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge on triathlon training and detailed information on methods of training. Help those clients who are beginners.  Marjorie A. Cofano, ACE Certified Professional

I learned more about injuries and the basic causes of some of them. I will pay more attention to my diet and hydration as well as that of my clients. Great course.  Jefery  White, AFPA Certified Professional

The charts will give my clients a better visual for strength and flexibility. As a triathlon coach I found the charts for the trainer very useful.  Kristen Wade, ACE Certified Professional

New exercise ideas, refresher on muscle groups. Use the exercises and stretches on clients.  Jessica Fahrer, NASM Certified Professional

Incorporate the exercises and scheduling workout information. Information on stretching exercises pertinent to triathlon. Also how to build a training schedule. Janice Henson, ACE Certified Professional

A greater understanding of the sport of triathlon and how to better prevent injuries. Utilize the suggestions in implementing training plans with my clients. I enjoyed it.  Andree Leddy, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained the knowledge that I need to help design safe and effective multi-sport training programs for my clients. Being a triathlete myself, and training those also in the sport. I will now have a new venue of marketing for my business.  Henry W.C. Kaye, ACE Certified Professional

I have been training Triathlon groups for several years. This course was a great refresher and gave me some new information to utilize in my training groups. I really enjoyed the swim specific information…especially the pacing charts. The course was informative and well worth the cost.  Melissa Reed Evja, ACE Certified Professional

Orthotic use, good stride rate and cycling terms and training. Lots of very good review as well as some new tips for myself and clients. I can relate to the triathlon training. I have completed five Ironman races including Kona twice as well as several Olympic distances dating back to the 80’s as well as some half’s. Very interesting and fun material. Thanks!  Melanie Harward Loomis, ACE Certified Professional

Good quality workouts for beginner triathletes. Teaching beginner triathletes.  Nikole E. Tulley, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned the different precautions when dealing with triathletes. Also, I learned about different gear and how some of it is used. I deal with triathletes where I work and I am excited to help them in anyway possible.  James W. Fennelly Jr., NASM Certified Professional

I learned about triathlons and I will you apply the content of the course with cardio athletes.  Thomas Caniano, ACE Certified Professional

A greater knowledge of tri and training for one. I am a triathlete myself, so will use some of the drills they suggested.  Rebecca Bollweg, ACE Certified Professional

I gained how to train clients for a triathlon and the methods for training for a triathlon from the Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist.  Jacob Bauer, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new/different idea’s and/or training methods. Depending on each client I will apply Heart Rate training and nutrition.  Timothy McNamara, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained some ideas how to maintain the stress of life and training and training plans for clients!  Kjell Schioberg, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained specifics about training and racing triathlons and will use with clients who are training for tris.  Sara Nelson, NASM Certified Professional

I gained knowledge of identifying common injury of Triathletes from the GMP Fitness Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist Course. We have several Triathletes in my facility and knowledge of these injury will help educate them. Great Course.  Brad Zieber, ACE Certified Professional

Excellent course. Especially enjoyed the CD ROM. I now have a deeper interest in Triathlon training/competition.  Richard A. Edwards, Certified Professional

Understanding principals of tri training. Guide people in proper training.  Patty Jaeger, Certified Professional

Key details about things going wrong as a triathlete for example tight IT band and what to do about it. Already made a list of stretches and used the chart to set up specific time to complete. This was an awesome course. Lots of information that was informative and helpful.  Mary Beth DeVaney, Certified Professional

The ability to now train people for triathlons. I will you apply the content of this continuing education by training people.  Kimberly Zipprich, Certified Professional

Knowledge and training schedules for triathletes. When I have a client wanting to enter a triathlon I can give professional advice.  Denae Potter, Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge to help athletes better them selves. I can help athletes to meet their goals as a triathlete.  Elaine Rogers, Certified Professional

Better understanding of training triathletes. Nutrition guidelines were excellent for training and will use them to coach my clients. Good overall review of all 3 areas of a triathlete.  Darlene Carpenter, Certified Professional

Knowledge. Very good for triathletes and advanced athletes that play more than one sport.  Eric Alexander Scribner, Certified Professional

The course broadened my knowledge, gave me tools and info to use for very common questions I am asked and it challenged me and answered some personal questions for triathlons. This study has given me the confidence to begin training and answering questions in this subject.  Cheryl Oechsle, Certified Professional

The course is very convenient. Now I have an idea how to design and plan workouts in order to get ready for the triathlon race. Also the injury prevention part was interesting.  Olga Vlasova, Certified Professional

Lots of useful, easy to apply information about triathlete training. It has been very helpful, easy to follow and interesting. It will be very useful in the future when training clients for triathlons or any running events.  Jennifer Plevinski, Certified Professional

I have gained specific information regarding triathlon training and how to incorporate it into daily training. I have competed in sprint triathlons and I think the chapter on what to expect in a triathlon was on the money. Elizabeth Peracchio, Certified Professional

The five intensity systems is a very helpful concept. I gained a systematic approach to Tri training.  Kevin Densmore, Certified Professional

I have acquired personal and professional knowledge for training specifically as a triathlete as well as other cardiovascular training.  Beth Sanderson, Certified Professional

I gained a lot of useful information on how to train for a triathlon and intense training. I will also apply the exercises suggested in personal training sessions to help those clients looking to train as a runner, swimmer and/or cyclist.  Maryann Ragozino Valley, Certified Professional

I learned knowledge on proper techniques  whether it be on preventing injury to your shoulder in a freestyle stroke or knee alignment in riding a bike.  Karen Kovalevsky-McAfee, Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding for training myself and clients who want to compete in future triathlons.  Jessica Semonite, Certified Professional

This course will help me with providing appropriate training plans for all fitness levels. I have gained a better understanding of training cycles.  Shelley Hinson, Certified Professional

This course provides a well-rounded knowledge of training triathletes with more specialized exercises and training regimen.  Elizabeth Fenwick Bohlender, Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge about the training regimens of the triathlete and their diet needs and much more.  Barry Gearhart, Certified Professional

A have a better understanding of how to train properly for a triathletes. I also have gained more knowledge on nutrition and strength exercises for triathletes.  Amy Ziemer, Certified Professional

I’ll be able to better train myself for Tri’s as well as my clients. I have gained a much better sense of what each leg of a triathlon training entails.  Martha Swirzinski, Certified Professional

I have acquired personal and professional knowledge for training specifically as a triathlete as well as other cardiovascular training.  Beth Sanderson, Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding for training myself and clients who want to compete in future triathlons.  Jessica Semonite, Certified Professional

I have learned many new training techniques to help aid in training of pain-free triathletes. This course gives you more information and resources than the typical course. I have learned a lot about helping myself and my clients stay healthy and helping them to keep pushing forward towards higher intensity levels, while remaining injury-free.  Joanna Staub , Certified Professional

This course has given me insight on how to train for a triathlon and a better understanding of the triathlon.  Justen A. Grant, Certified Professional

I train a lot of triathletes and I am one myself so I will be able to use the information. I have gained a lot of insight to more effective training for triathlon and running and dealing with injury.  Chelsea Duran

My areas of expertise are in rock climbing and vertical pole dance fitness, so this broadened my horizons and helped me train runners, swimmers and cyclists. Definitely a better understanding of intensity, phases, and using heart rate as a tool.  Emmanuela Nazario, Certified Professional

This course is very informative. It assists with improvement of the training schedule of triathletes.  Jerrita Hall, Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of cross training and it’s effects on various sports from this continuing education course.  Kris Toft, Certified Professional

This course offered clear and concise disciplines to get started and improve triathlon training.  Nick Trivento, Certified Professional

The information in this course made me a faster runner and when cycling season comes I hope the information will make me a successful cyclist.  June Bretz, Certified Professional

I will be applying the cross training conditioning techniques to client programs and encourage them to cross train even if not a triathlete.  Kenneth Benell, Certified Professional

As a coach for a local triathlon, I found the material to be spot on. For anyone looking to train/coach any triathlete this is a great course.  Gena Alvarez, Certified Professional

I thought it was great information and easy to follow.  Debra Miller, Certified Professional

The information I learned in this course will definitely help me train many of my clients that are into these types of sports. I really enjoyed this course.  Kim Bolton, Certified Professional

Great information provided. I am personally training for 2 this summer found this very informative. Lots of things I had not thought of or didn’t know. Thanks   Angela Beshears, Certified Professional

I learned knowledge on proper techniques  whether it be on preventing injury to your shoulder in a freestyle stroke or knee alignment in riding a bike.  Karen Kovalevsky-McAfee, Certified Professional

I gained a lot of new tips and tricks of how to become a better and healthier athlete. I will be applying the content to my Triathlete clients.  Angela Axmann, Certified Professional

As a trainer and active triathlete for more than 10 years, I was happy this that this material was available! Brandy Woodall, Certified Professional

Although I am not a triathlete, I feel competent to advise and train for a triathlon. Thank you  Patricia Hagan, Certified Professional

Easy to follow. Great motivational tips.  Martini Piscatelli, Certified Professional

Great course. Also learned a lot about trigger points.  Stephanie Corey-Patterson, Certified Professional

Great course.  Aaron Robinet, Certified Professional

Enhanced knowledge of training for a triathlon. I will apply the content to my own training methods as well as to helping clients.  S. Bonekat, Certified Professional

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