Sports Conditioning Certification Reviews

Sports Conditioning Certification Course Reviews

Become a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist

The Sports Conditioning Certification course gives techniques and the skills to train athletes with a goal of improving athletic performance.

See how personal trainers and other professionals are utilizing the skills they learned from the Sports Conditioning Certification course with their clients.

Any Trainer will tell you how important core work is, you can never learn too much about it. Individuals use core throughout the day whether it’s sitting or standing. Lots of good exercises and progressions in the Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification course. Thorough progressions and lots of new cool exercises to add into any regimen easy to follow and learn, great pics for visual. – Spencer Metz, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Highly recommend! Great course! It is laid out in an easy to follow format, from start to progression. 5 stars. Easily transferable to practical use. Thanks, GMP Fitness!!! – Chris, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained many new and safe exercises for my clients. I love how it is set up and the precise and well-explained information. – Anne Doiron, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

Gained so much knowledge!!! I would recommend the Sports Conditioning Certification course to any Personal Trainer who really wants to have an impact on his client life. Can’t wait to apply it to my clients!!! – Delmar Carey, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I learned many balance and agility drills to use with my current clients. I’ve rewritten my current exercise plans to include the new balance and agility drills I’ve learned. Well written, filled with useful information. – Angelina Hall, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

The importance of how agility and balance play in our everyday workouts. The information from the Sports Conditioning Certification course will be applied in all my programs for my clients. It was awesome! – E.J., WITS Certified Personal Trainer

Learned the next steps in the progressions the exercises for my balance class. The course provided me with progressions. I can vary the class. Love the illustrations in the Sports Conditioning Certification Specialist course. I have already used some of them. – George Latta, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

New exercise drills to train clients. I would apply the skills I received to a client who wants to increase speed, agility and quickness. Also, some very good balance exercises are included. – Judy Rinsler, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Become a Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist

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