Running Injury Prevention Specialist Certification Reviews

Running Injury Prevention Specialist Certification Reviews

Certified Running Injury Prevention Specialist

Use coupon code runip88 at check out to get $20 off this Certification course. Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Running Injury Prevention Specialist Certification Reviews course. Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Running Injury Prevention Specialist Certification Reviews course with their clients.

The best exercises and stretches for runners. Also, the correct form for running. I work with a lot of runners, whether they like to enjoy running after work, only on weekends, or part of their profession so it is important for me to know how to decrease their injuries so they can continue to do what they love. – Katie Normile, ACE Certified Professional 

The information in this course allowed me to put together a more comprehensive training plan for runners. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing more about the specific training needs that runners have and how to help them overcome training obstacles. The content helps me to develop more specific training plans for runners. I also enjoy being able to explain “why” to my clients and this gives me the background to do that. – Jennifer Lutz, ACE Certified Professional

Increased knowledge of specific exercises in regard to taking the pressure of knee joint. The principles of overload and progression were well explained and beneficial. I would implement the Beginner Runner Workout and the Benefits of Cross-Training.

This Running Injury Prevention Specialist course material was very thorough and nicely laid out. It was written in a clear, easily understood manner, with helpful photos and diagrams. – Carol M. Tixier, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained the knowledge how i can prepare better a client with tips, nutrition and even stretching for better running. The evaluations i give to my clients, especially those athletics, or injury for previous sports, this course helps me to evaluate much different and correct and diagnosis the exact problem when the client run. The course was great!! – Diana Munoz, AFPA Certified Professional

The heart rate info was a nice review for me. I started sprinting in 2016 to defend a championship title. I loved all of the massage related content in this course; we do sell foam rollers in Massage Envy. Great info to discuss with my runner clients. – Emmanuela Nazario, WITS Certified Professional

This was a good refresher course for creating running programs and training runners. I learned a few new moves for flexibility and agility. I often work with runners and will use this information to ensure safe and effective training plans. – Micah Paddock, ACE Certified Professional

I am an avid runner and have learned preventive running techniques. I will pass along what I have learned to my clients and use it for my own running experiences. – April L. Bowersock, ACE Certified Professional

I believe that I have gained a better understanding of how the rolling of the foot while running might cause an injury and how to correct that issue. This course has given me some new stretching exercises to use to improve running form. – Michelle E Baldwin, AFPA Certified Professional 

A lot of good information on trigger points. To help my clients reduce pain. – Patrick S Carlberg, ACSM Certified Professional 

Great review of materials. – Melanie Kaplan, ACE Certified Professional 

Knowledge about running. To my clients. – Matthew T. Maher, WITS Certified Professional 

Gained more knowledge on the feet interact with the upper parts of the leg from the Running Injury Prevention Specialist. Experimenting exercises and stretches on myself then using it accordingly with a client with knee problems and imbalances. – Rebekah Feliz, AFPA Certified Professional 

More detailed ideas about how to help with common injuries. as a personal trainer, running coach, and a Girls on the Run coach, the verbiage and review will be useful when coaching. – Lisa Pettit, ACE Certified Professional 

Many insights on running and training runners. Help other runners to prevent injuries. – Benjamin Chandler, AFPA Certified Professional 

Yes, absolutely will apply – very relevant – filling in some gaps in my knowledge in the field. Michael Anders, AFPA Certified Professional 

Knowledge of running injury prevention. I will use pieces of it while coaching and training clients. –  Trevor Frobose, AFFA and AFPA Certified Professional 

Advanced trigger point and other manual techniques. Overview of running. – Heather Amos, ACE Certified Professional

How to prevent running injuries. Help clients with proper running form and conditioning. – Lindsay Foley, AFPA Certified Professional 

I’ve gained knowledge on how to evaluate a client’s running and how to correct/help the client’s running form. I will be able to help clients with their running form as well as with running injuries by assisting them with cramps and stretching. I now have knowledge of conditioning workouts to give to my clients to help them with their running abilities. And since I run 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons, I can also apply these techniques to my own running too!  Ryan Mae Van Duyne, AFPA Certified Professional   

More extensive ways to create appropriate evaluation, warm-ups, stretching and exercises based on clients unique physical anatomy. By evaluating clients more in-depth and asking more questions.    Jeremiah N. Johnson, WITS Certified Professional 

Better specific troubleshooting and treatment techniques for radiating pain. On the exam, I commend on GMP Fitness for making the exam questions fit the course. One of the best exams I have taken. – Jonica Tramposch, ACE Certified Professional
Running Injury Prevention Specialist

I have gained a better understanding of how to take better care of myself and my clients, especially dealing with recovery, proper running gear, and stretching of certain muscles. I will apply this content by adding in proper workouts that will aid in a better understanding of cross training for runners. I appreciate how the content of this course provided a better foundation for running injury prevention associated with various terrain too. I enjoyed the Running Injury Prevention Specialist course. It fits right in line with my interest as a runner. I look forward to passing on the proper knowledge needed to become a more effective runner. – Derek L. Ross, AFPA Certified Professional 

I gained specific information in using running as an energy system development medium outlining the bare necessities when putting together a program. We have many clients interested in running and this coursework will allow me to better serve them and aid in injury prevention as well as performance progression. Was a basic intro into running. – Grant McMullen, ACSM Certified Professional  

As a runner I have learned a lot more information that will help me prevent injuries and continue to push my distances and speed. Helped me understand better ways to train my customers that are runners and also help first timers start out in running as cross training options to lifting. The format really makes it easier on me with working and needing to study. – William Ivey, CI Certified Professional

Awesome information on injury prevention. I look forward to using the tools in my classes. I will apply the content by informing my classes of information learned as well as planning my training sessions based on information learned. Absolutely love the format! It allows me to work my full time career, part time job, and raise 3 kids!  Gary D Lang, NASM Certified Professional

It’s worth buying. I’ve improved my running and I have gained important tips for my clients.  Manuel Laura

Great Course. I love GMP fitness. The process was also easy to make sure I was getting what I needed to earn my CEU credits.  Sara Jo Wurm, NASM Certified Professional

Great information on running, I loved it. I gained knowledge on proper form for running. I’ve already been using the techniques in the book to help some of my clients.  Laura Galloway, WITS Certified Professional

Very informative. I can use all the information I learned in other areas of training outside of just running. This was one of the better studies that I have done. A total new perspective for me.  Tamara Heck, NETA Certified Professional

It will help me run injury free (and continue running), and advise others on how to do that. At times, I forgot I was even studying as this material was so interesting.  Cynthia Jackson, ACE Certified Professional

Nice Job! I appreciate the cerebral nature and technical nature of the course.  Donald Pope

I love this course. I know lots of runners and think that the information in this course is very informational in order to keep them running (pain-free/injury-free/or at least not to get as injured). It’s definitely worth a read as it’s very well thought out, organized, and researched.  Stephanie Brinker, ACE Certified Professional

I am a marathon runner and run camp coach, so it gave me a wealth of knowledge to pass on to my runners! Thank you! Teaching my runners how to prevent injury and how to treat them. Very easily followed.  Lisa Newby, ACE Certified Professional

I enjoyed studying for this test. The materials covered everything that was asked on the test. The study materials went beyond information on running and injury prevention. It helped to refresh my memory on heart rate, nutrition and training tips. Good reading even if you were not taking the test.  Thomas

What I gained importantly from the course is to what do and what not to do when it comes to common injuries. It also gives me more of an idea to make myself a better runner. I am going to apply what I learned to myself first and then to others. This is a very good course. I am going to recommend to other runners.  Matthew Edward, ACE Certified Professional

I recently began running races a year and a half ago and it’s neat to have some workout recommendations to follow. I would like to get some running groups together to run once a week and this booklet is a great guide to follow for every aspect of running. I would definitely recommend this course to other runners.  Stephanie Lynn Oliver, ACE Certified Professional

I’m an experienced runner and seasoned competitor, but this course reinforced a lot of what I already know as well as provided some alternative ideas and information or further complement my current knowledge. I have not had any clients injured from running and am trying to keep it that way. There is never enough information and anything further I can do to improve the safety and efficiency of my clients’ running routines is essential. It is well-designed, put together and the information flows in a palatable manner.  Lee Kennon, ACE Certified Professional

I currently have many clients who are runners and this course gave me a solid foundation on which to build a functional and progressive running program that my clients enjoy. Since I work with many running patients who have finished physical therapy or who are concurrently taking physical therapy, I am applying all the rehabilitation methods accordingly so we are able to set and reach goals without any injury. This course is one I will continue to use all the time.  Melanie Wambulus, ACE Certified Professional

I have a deeper understanding of the different injuries a runner may face as well as ways to prevent them. I train many people looking to get into running and I will be able to use the rate heart information as well as the running workouts to help my clients. I think this course is great and will continue to be a great resource.  Kara M Nitz, AFPA Certified Professional

More knowledge to have myself and my clients in preventing running injuries! Teaching preventative methods with trigger point therapy and static stretching! I was pleased to see this being offered and would hope for more courses like this!  Penny Tisko, AFPA Certified Professional

How to prepare my clients for running injury-free. I will prepare my clients bodies for running while stressing the importance of self-care, as well as healthcare professionals as needed. I enjoyed it very much!  Heather A Rittgers, AFPA Certified Professional

I am a youth track and field coach for sprint and distance runners. It will be part of our regular practice. I learned improved running form and pain free running methods. it was a timely course for my programming needs.  DuWayne J. Jones, WITS Certified Professional

An improved comfort level when dealing with possible running injuries and how to prevent them. I work with runners on a daily basis and will use this knowledge to better help them prevent injury and improve their overall running. It was great, would definitely recommend.  Lori Schiff, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding on the proper movement of running and ways to avoid injuries. In designing running programs I will incorporate some of the exercises (agility and flexibility) with what I already recommend to my clients. It was very helpful and I liked having a materials from the CD to read rather than just an online course. I can use it as a reference tool in the future.  Rebecca Carper, ACE Certified Professional

I learned about the four phases of training and what each of those consists of. It will help me to better plan workouts for my running as well as my clients.  Brenda Baker, ACE Certified Professional

Insight as to how to safely progress clients through a running program  from a running novice to race day confidence! Will emphasize the importance of the many components of good running practices. Was easy to read and understand in a reasonable length of time.  Monika Olson, NASM Certified Professional

I learned some new stretches and flexibility exercises. I will definitely use some of the flexibility training for warm ups and cooldowns.  Jessica Rowan, ACE Certified Professional

Good course with lots of worthwhile information on running and how the body works. Explanations were easy to understand and there was a lot of good information to use with clients.  Cindy Fagiano, ACE Certified Professional

Great course for those trainers who do not have much running specific knowledge in training methodology as well as injury prevention. This course gives anyone an enormous amount of tools to use with many active populations as well as all fitness levels. An asset to any trainers library.  Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

This course is an excellent resource for fitness professionals and/or runners of all skill levels. The course was easy to follow and packed with useful information. It’s another great course for GMP Fitness.  Nicole Swanson, NETA Certified Professional

I gained new ways to stretch from the Running Injury Prevention Specialist and will apply with my clients who enjoy running.  Julie Myers, ACE Certified Professional

I love the stretching and strength training handouts on the DVD.  Pamela Nordseth, NETA Certified Professional

More confidence in my ability to train people in running safely and effectively. Also a much better understanding of reasons why running injuries occur and a good way to prevent running injuries. My clients are mostly trained in the gym. So I am going to working on their body awareness, and add more emphasis on stretching before and after their run. I also gained Ideas on what exercises help with balance.  Valerie Toke, NETA Certified Professional

It’s a good course.  Robert Silverman, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of preparing the body to begin and maintain a running program. By using the suggested exercises to help my clients prepare and maintain a running program.  Roberta Best, ISSA Certified Professional

More specific strengthening exercises to avoid running injuries. I will be better able to prevent injuring myself and to answer clients’ questions.  Amanda Thurgood, ACE Certified Professional

To learn how to design a conditioning program. Help others how to run properly without injury. Very easy to follow, nice illustrations.  Kay Neipert, AFPA Certified Professional

More knowledge & knowledge is power!  Cori Morse, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of proper running form. I’m currently a running coach and, therefore, can apply what I have learned to my job.  Doug Croft, ACE Certified Professional

Became more educated in preventing running injuries for both myself and my clients. I have several clients that are runners and I am always concerned with injury prevention before anything else.  Christy Scott, ACE Certified Professional

Proper ways to assist people in training and staying injury free for running plan. We run training running plan for marathon and will be able to share lessons learned in this course with participants. Liked the part for stretches and strength. I think so many people just run and forget this fundamental part that is important.  Patty Jaeger, NETA Certified Professional

This was a broad spectrum of running and basic preventive techniques. It gave me a broader knowledge base to pull from in the future. The course gave me pointers on stretches in incorporate into my routine that will be useful.  Chad Belcher, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned more about rehabilitative techniques pertaining to trigger points and plantar fascitis. I will devote time in my training sessions to explain to my running clients better, more efficient ways to overcome and prevent injury. It was beneficial to read and learn.  Allison Riccardi, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of trigger point application. More detailed instruction on the benefits of TP therapy for my clients.  Ryan Stewart, ACE Certified Professional

New knowledge in injury prevention especially in the knee area where my clients have the most pain. For those that want to run more A more intense warmup and stretching routine. I found the information very helpful.  Margaret Sefcik, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned how to prevent running injuries. I am currently training for a marathon and this course gave me some helpful information. It will help me identify some issues my current clients have and help prevent future injuries.  Kristine Lopez, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned quite a bit about the self care and the injuries which could potentially occur. This will help in assisting clients in training to avoid injuries.  Charles E. Levy, WITS Certified Professional

I am a runner and about to run my 7th marathon. I learned more about foot care than anything in this course something I never paid attention to, so thank you! Foot care is important even in group fitness. Many of my students ask me questions about running.  Sandra McGuire, ACE Certified Professional

Very easy to follow and understand. I am a runner and I would like start some beginning running programs for clients so I thought this course would prepare me to work better with clients who want to begin a running program.  Tracy Sipprelle, AFPA Certified Professional

I have learned new ways to encourage new clients to run and how to protect those clients that already do. I will be able to recommend safe ways for clients to run and train appropriately.  Brad Pence, AFPA Certified Trainer Professional

New self care techniques. I will implement it into my running classes.  Ashley Boyle, ACE Certified Professional

A really good review of the most common running injuries and how they begin. I am continuously encouraging clients to run if their goal is to lose weight and this helps me to remind them of many beginner mistakes.  Liz Leedle, NASM Certified Professional

Confidence. Try to prevent injury to clients.  Brad A Thomas, ACE Certified Professional

More info on injuries associated with running. Using the info for a class in running.  Ed Bauso, ACE Certified Professional

A consolidation of literature. I have documented all facts and figures in a folder.  Tracey A Blakemore, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge of heart rate. It will help me coaching the 10k training team. It was a great course.  Jamaar Brandon Young, AFPA Certified Trainer Professional

Better understanding of trigger point therapy. As a runner myself, I am looking forward to trying the self care with trigger point therapy. This course was well laid out and presented in logical fashion.   David Hassick, ACE Certified Professional

Specific running information. in training running clients. easy to understand.  Ange Dunn, ACE Certified Professional

I gained knowledge of running injuries and how to prevent them. I am a running coach so have people ask me about injuries all the time.  Marie Morgan, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of creating a running program for new and veteran runners that involves ways to avoid injuries to run longer. If someone comes to me in regards to training for a race, I will be able to incorporate flexibility, conditioning, and actual running programs as long as they are injury free and to keep them injury free. It was a great course.  Stephanie Brinker, ACE Certified Professional

Insight as to how to safely progress clients through a running program  from a running novice to race day confidence! Will emphasize the importance of the many components of good running practices. Was easy to read and understand in a reasonable length of time.  Monika Olson, NASM Certified Professional

I will spend more time on progression with my running clients. I will spend more time on progression and stretching and warm ups.  Melissa Panzarella, ACE/AFPA Certified Professional

Very easy to follow. Interesting. A better understanding overall as to how all things work together. Help my clients stay injury free and healthy while training for an upcoming Marathon.  Lisa Skadeland, AFPA Certified Professional

I really liked the running self care section. I work with wounded warriors, so this course will help me on their road to recovery.  Julie Clark, ACE Certified Professional

How to prevent running injuries. I will apply the material to my own training as well as with clients who run on a regular basis.  Salvador Espinoza, NASM Certified Professional

How to safely run and good stretching exercises. Educate beginners on how to proper start running or anyone that wants to train for distant running.  Mayra Fox, WITS Certified Professional

Better understanding of human anatomy in regards to running training and injury prevention as well as body self care. Primarily to help myself keep healthy to be able to continue running long term.  KRISTINE E DECOURCEY, ACE Certified Professional

I gained confidence. I’ll really focus on HR after completing this course.  Jeanne K. Dworak, ACE Certified Professional

The course provided excellent visuals for strength & core and agility exercises. I am a running coach so every client I coach will benefit..  Lisa Millis, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained insight on how the body functions as a whole; synergy between body parts and informative points in how a runner can stay healthy. I will be presenting seminars based on principles presented in the course and partnering with Fleet Feet in Sarasota. Very informative and easy to understand.  Peter Innocenti, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned a lot as I just started running outside myself just a couple months ago, so this was very valuable information. Was nice to read a ‘history’ about running. I liked reading about all the little ‘gadgets’ in the self-care section. It’s good to know many issues can be taken care of yourself. Most of it will be applied to me, personally…and I have several friends who run…so hopefully there will be something I can pass along to them to help them with their running. It is a good course, I liked it.  Anita ChaplinShultz, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained lots of good ideas for stretching. I will apply the content of this continuing education course to assist with coaching beginners and help exp. runners improve. Excellent stretching and flexibility instructions along with photos.  Greg Leitz, ACE Certified Professional

A great course. I gained more insight into trigger point release. I will apply the content both professionally and personally.  Stephanie Scripture, ACE Certified Professional

Better ways to prevent running related injuries. I will use this info in my own running career, and while training others.  Ashley Schurman, NESTA Certified Professional

More exercises. I will apply during PT and fitness and wellness portions.  Scott Donaldson, CI Certified Professional

This course has taught me new ways to approach both my own running technique and that of my clients. This has provided me with a solid foundation to help assist new runners achieve their goals through proper technique and increased confidence.  Zara Young, NASM Certified Professional

Much clearer knowledge of running related injuries and excellent preventive and treatment ideas.  Tammy Schyve, NETA Certified Professional

New exercises & techniques to incorporate into my running program. Heart health education, stretches, flexibility, injury prevention to clients  Heather Deuillet, CI Certified Professional

More insight into myofascial release and trigger points. I will use the stretching techniques on myself and during my running clinics.  Lisa Lytle, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a good update of physiology of running and injury prevention.  Margaret Baker, ACE Certified Professional

I gained knowledge on how to coach a runner and lead them down an injury-free road. Krista Adams, ACE Certified Professional

Further knowledge on preventing injury. By helping those who may have injured themselves already to recover and those who haven’t and keep them from preventing it happening.  Anthony Esposito, ACE Certified Professional

New exercises to prevent shin splints and training adults for half marathons.  Sharon Young, NFPT Certified Professional

I will provide information from this course to my company’s associates who are looking for more information in regards to training for races.  Jenny Hunsinger, NASM Certified Professional

A better understanding of the factors that affect running and how to correct problems commonly experienced by runners. Be able to better assess clients movement patterns.  Andrew Weizer, NASM Certified Professional

How to properly prepare a fitness program for clients whom are runners or have an interest in beginning to run for long distances. With what I learned in this course I can better help my clients in having a performance when it comes to running. Very informative and detailed. Gerald Padilla, NASM Certified Professional

More knowledge on running form, pre race and post race exercises to help relieve tightness, soreness, etc.  Allison Conrad, ACE Certified Professional

I will be able to understand signs and symptoms of running injuries, and how to prevent them as well by self care, foot care, cross training, and understanding the most common running injuries. This was great information, and recap on running injuries. With all the aches, and pains that can stop a person from running, its great to learn ways to improve clients running goals.  Beth, ACE Certified Professional   Thompson, Certified Professional

How to prevent common running injuries.  Kathleen H. Fisher, ACE Certified Professional

I gained more knowledge on running form, pre race and post race exercises to help relieve tightness, soreness, etc. I will apply the content of this continuing education course without a doubt!  Allison Conrad, ACE Certified Professional

I recently began running races a year and a half ago and it’s neat to have some workout recommendations to follow. Stephanie Lynn Oliver, ACE Certified Professional

There is good running information, including how to start and what to do to prevent injuries. I will apply the content of this continuing education course by using the stretches for before and after runs.  Michella Taylor, ACE Certified Professional

Various latest informations about running and its related injuries. More injury prevention flexibility and strengthening exercises will be introduced to my clients.  Wong Cheuk Him, Not Certified

I gained more specific guidelines for running and a greater appreciation for using the core during all activities.  Joan Schoenoff, NETA Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of running injuries.  John Dohanic, WITS Certified Professional

I learned many new things to share with my running group. I will use the stretches and exercises with my clients.  Ginger Eichstadt, WITS Certified Professional

I am very happy I took this course. I have recently started running myself and now have a better understanding of pain free running.  Jamie B. Turano, WITS Certified Professional

I gained from a true understanding of how to make a client a more efficient and injury free runner.  Lisa Bosch, ACE Certified Professional

This course was very informative and easy to complete.  Kirsten Jones, WITS Certified Professional

Very informative and extremely helpful even with my own running techniques. Very easy to follow format as well. Thank you!  Andrea M. Carlucci, WITS Certified Professional

The material offered new ideas to use with my clients. The material provided in the course was superb. Thank you!  Therese Schmidt, NETA Certified Professional

A new perspective on how to run more effectively with less strain on the body. Personally I found it interesting and informative. I am a runner and have adopted the techniques I’ve learned and found them to be very effective.  Barbara Baker, WITS Certified Professional

I am looking forward to using this information with my clients that are wanting to start a running program. I learned a lot about how to make my own running easier as well.  Andrea Stanley, WITS Certified Professional

Certified Running Injury Prevention Specialist

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