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Stacey Reif, Group Fitness Instructor, ACE Certified Professional

I am so thankful to have been able to take this course. The material was very easy to follow. It explained everything in a simple, easy to understand format and I know that it will be a great resource for me in the future. I am looking forward to taking more GMP Fitness courses in the future.

I absolutely LOVED the course!! I am so excited about homeopathy now and can’t wait to share with others! I am so thankful to have been able to take this course. The material was very easy to follow. It explained everything in a simple, easy to understand format and I know that it will be a great resource for me in the future.

I knew very little about homeopathic remedies. I had heard of them before and had even purchased some of the teething tablets for my children in the past, but did not realize just how much there was out there for treating a multitude of symptoms. I was so excited to receive the material for this course. I dove right in and I couldn’t be happier. I am already making a shopping list to replace my medicine cabinet with homeopathic medicines! I will be sharing my experiences with anyone I can and hopefully will spark an interest in them to try for themselves. The materials sent were very informative and I will most definitely be referring back to them in the future.

There are so many prescription drugs thrown our way these days, it is refreshing to be able to learn of natural remedies that will not cause harm to our bodies and have no side effects as prescriptions do. I believe that more and more people are starting to realize the damage that can be caused by prescription medications and are seeking alternative treatments, therefore homeopathic options are being adopted by many. Being in the health industry, I am glad to know that while not in my scope of practice, I can personally use homeopathic treatments for myself and family and be able to share my personal experiences with others and hopefully encourage them in trying it for themselves and in turn, they will pass along to many others.

I do know that it is outside of my scope of practice to prescribe any medicines, but I will be sharing my experiences with co workers, friends, family and members of my fitness facility. I will share with them all I have come to learn about healing oneself naturally and the many benefits that comes with that in hopes that they will seek to heal naturally themselves. Being new to homeopathic treatments, I have a great resource to look back to refresh what I have learned and will continue to seek new and current information regarding homeopathy so that I can always be a voice to others who are interested in learning about natural healing.

I am looking forward to taking more GMP Fitness courses in the future.


Jill Csillag, ACE Certified Professional

I found this course to be extremely beneficial and complimentary to my line of work. As a fitness professional, I need to be armed with a vast knowledge base to recommend to my clients who may desire a more natural approach to well being. It is my experience that too many of us are currently taking prescription drugs with serious side effects and to pursue a more natural approach to health and well being only makes sense. As a fitness professional, I need to lead by example. I gained a wealth of knowledge in this course about homeopathic remedies, and already have implemented several of them in my regime, with positive results. Five stars all the way!!!

This course educated me on the history of homeopathy and its origins, with over 200 years of proven results. Before this course I had very little knowledge about homeopathic options. I truly believe that homeopathy is something all health professionals should have a working knowledge of and I look forward to offering some more natural suggestions to my clients.

In the future, when a client discusses an injury or health concern to me, while I know it is outside of my scope of practice to prescribe any medicines, I will be sharing my experiences and the benefits of homeopathic solution first and foremost. In my opinion we are too hasty to seek out prescription solutions initially, when we should be exploring more natural approaches to our health and well being. Natural solutions are much safer without risk of side effects and have a history of being highly effective!

Another great course! I’ve already implemented several of the homeopathic solutions into my everyday routine (Arnica as well as Rhus toxicodendron) and have experienced spectacular results! Thank you for offering such a wonderful course that will enhance my knowledge base for my personal training business.


Arleen C, ACE Certified Professional          

Gaining the knowledge to heal oneself with natural remedies with no side effects is invaluable. Before this course, I had very little knowledge of homeopathy. Homeopathy is something every fitness professional should have knowledge of. I will be managing my family members and myself with some of the homeopathic remedies I learned. I will be adding homeopathic remedies to my first aid kit and gym bag. At the first sign of my next cold, I will determine the right remedy to try. I am grateful for the course materials that have a wealth of information and will be my point of reference. I am sure that those around me will be influenced by my newfound knowledge.

While it is outside of the scope of a personal trainer to prescribe homeopathic remedies, having the knowledge to heal oneself without prescription drugs, but with fast acting natural remedies that have no side effects is powerful. As fitness professionals, we lead by example. If we have an injury, a sore throat, a cold, sunburn, terrible allergies etc. and treat the ailments with a homeopathic remedy, we can share our success with clients, family and friends. It seems today that most people take several prescription drugs; most have serious side effects. With the knowledge gained from this course, not only do we can we keep ourselves healthier, eliminating many sick days that will allow us to be more productive, but we can set a wonderful example using homeopathic remedies. Fitness professionals should be on the cutting edge of all things related to health. People today are living longer and want to be healthier and more active than past generations. I believe having knowledge of homeopathy will enable us to be an inspiration to those whose life we touch. With just a suggestion from us to at least explore a homeopathic remedy before taking a prescription drug, people will begin to learn that the human body has the amazing ability to heal itself naturally.

I will apply the Homeopathy & Sports Wellness Specialist content of this course be encouraging clients, friends and family members to explore natural remedies for their ailments. I fully understand it is outside the scope of my practice as a personal trainer to prescribe anything. I will approach this the same way I do with clients who are overweight. I encourage them to see a nutritionist. I have found that many of the health stores have the homeopathic remedies. I would encourage clients and friends to do their own research and try the natural remedies. The doctor is only a phone call away if the remedy doesn’t work. Most important, I will lead by example and share my personal successes with these natural remedies. I took the GMP Fitness Longevity Wellness Specialist Course because I wanted to maintain good health and fitness as I age. Homeopathy & Sports Wellness Specialist ties in with the Longevity Wellness Specialist because having the knowledge of these homeopathic remedies will improve the quality of my health.

The materials were easy to follow. There is a lot of information and a I loved learning about these alternative natural remedies that have proven success and have been around a lot longer than prescription drugs. I know if I have questions, I can get expert help as there are doctors who specialize in homeopathy and health stores that carry the remedies. I also will have the course materials to refer to. This is my second GMP Fitness course. Both courses have very useful information that can change your life if you use the knowledge