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Jill Csillag, ACE Certified Trainer

This course offered a wealth of knowledge! I never realized all the opportunities that are present in my line of work to expand and grow in so many different areas.

I will definitely initiate more dialogue with my clients about overall health, not only about the perimeters of physical fitness. There are so many factors to “well being” that I can address with my clients after taking this course.

This was a wonderful course! I learned a lot of information that can only benefit my practice as a personal trainer. Fitness and “wellness” truly do go hand in hand and this subject matter was a perfect compliment to my PT business. It only makes perfect sense in my personal training business that I should encourage my clients to expand their “horizons” when it comes to optimum health and wellness!

This course complimented my line of work perfectly! Beautiful textbook too. I really enjoyed the materials! Thank you!

Very thought provoking course!


Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Trainer, Master Trainer

This course is a very full and comprehensive resource.

It is an excellent resource in getting started and branching out and growth to an existing practice to a wider client population or expanding their business and profits. Fitness professionals can benefit from this course by educating themselves on alternate opportunities by training out of a wellness center. Any profession can broaden their practice and their clientele.

This course has also given me tools to working with a chiropractic practice or even aiding a chiropractic practice.

This could also be used for an existing chiropractic practice that is looking to grow and enhance their profits and business. For anyone who is interested in chiropractic care (becoming a chiropractor) or an established or new chiropractor.


Desiree Nowaczyk, Physical Therapist Assistant, Yoga Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Green Living Coach, and Holistic Life Coach

Amazing information provided. You can adapt to so many different settings and endeavors. Gained insights into the business end of caring for clients. Course discussed different avenues for educating and inspiring people along their path. Organized and user friendly format. BONUS … designed for reflection and brainstorming.

This course was presented in a manner which can be adapted to many different settings and endeavors. The amount of information provided was amazing. Topics ranged from office set-up to human assessment and treatment. In addition guidance toward profit was provided with respect to the intention of empowering the patient. I enjoyed the integration of mind body and spirit principles within the business format. The tips within this book will certainly compliment my skills within the Physical Rehabilitation realm.

I have gained insights into the business end of caring for clients. I am pleased to now have some exposure to the development and potential of owning a center. The information provided on wellness and patient care was complete and the wide range of modalities and interventions can be implemented in many settings. As professionals it is important to recognize that each individual is unique. Behavioral patterns and psychology play a role within the wellness world. This book discussed different avenues for educating and inspiring people along their path. I particularly enjoyed the section on designing a center. Specific areas to focus include awaken, inspire, energize, rejuvenate and relax.

The wisdom shared will also be most useful in the Physical Therapy setting. The chapter on assessment is useful with regards to all client care. This knowledge will be shared when I teach yoga and personal train individuals. It was refreshing to explore alternative methods such as homeopathy and nutritional enhancement.

I have studied 4 of the courses through GMP Fitness. I am pleased that the material is presented in an organized and user friendly format. BONUS: The course is very complete with a textbook (that you can get as a product add-on) and workbook designed for reflection and brainstorming.