Health and Fitness Certification Reviews

Health and Fitness Specialist Certification  Reviews

Become a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist

The Health and Fitness Certification course gives you techniques and the skills to develop, plan and implement health and fitness programs for individuals.

See how personal trainers and other professionals are utilizing the skills they learned from the Health and Fitness Certification course with their clients.

Inspired me! Money well spent! The Health and Fitness Specialist Certification course has inspired me to be more thoughtful in my own wellness choices. It will serve clients through the higher level of knowledge I can now impart. Thank you for providing. – Janice H Hoffman, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

The Health and Fitness Specialist Certification has results!! Will apply the content to daily. gained more knowledge on how to create a client’s program. Very useful and so easy to follow!!! – Sabrina Alicata, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

The information and research analysis from the Health and Fitness Specialist will really add strength to my classes. It was very informative and gave resources for future projects. – Jerrie Ann Olsen, Certified Personal Trainer

New exercises, lots of great information on supplements and the inspiration to live healthily. Furthermore, this course offers so much valuable and detailed information. I will also keep the materials as a reference for many future uses and to share info with clients. – Dana Casper, Certified Personal Trainer

Very interesting! I thoroughly appreciate all the material in the Health Fitness Specialist Certification. Valuable info on helping myself, family members and clients. – Gina Breen, Certified Personal Trainer

A newer concept of aging, and the many ways that the human body can maintain vitality and longevity with proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, and new technologies. – Grenada Bush, Certified Personal Trainer

I gained a perspective that has changed how I live my life, but also how to train and educate my clients.  I will use the Health and Fitness Specialist Certification as a resource, a guide, and as a tool to educate others to improve their own lives through preventative health measures. – Colin Welsh, Certified Personal Trainer

Very informative, a must to have knowledge about this topic since the data is becoming more of the norm in our current society. Helpful to understand the supplements that are available and what they do for an individual. – Jane Sommers, Certified Personal Trainer

Become a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist

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