Golf Wellness Specialist Certification Reviews

Golf Wellness Specialist Certification Course Reviews

Become a Certified Golf Wellness Specialist

Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification program.

Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course with their clients.

This is really a good introductory course. The on-course conditioning moves are excellent for preparing the body for a round of golf as well as mid round and late round moves that will continue to keep the body loose and limber. My clients and playing companions will certainly benefit from the information in the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course. Gained a better understanding of the importance of the conditioning moves. future reference when advising clients. – Sharon Grable, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I learned about different warm-up movements and stretches that can best help golfers before, during and toward the end of their game to improve performance from the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course. I created a one-day workshop geared toward golfers to help enhance their golf game. This workshop was approximately 2 hours and included a handout with the wellness tips, and then a movement portion of the class which included all the recommended stretches for golfers. I then proceeded to have students perform a full body strength training routine of 2 sets of 12 reps to solidify the value of overall strength for fitness. I felt the content was delivered in a comprehensive manner. I appreciated seeing both the videos and written version of the materials. – Lori A. Wright, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

A new business idea. I plan to pursue golf clients. I liked the Golf Wellness Specialist and plan to take the other Golf courses for my CE credits. Thank you. – Susan L. Clerico, WITS Certified Professional 

A new outlook on training my clients. Training my golf clients will come easier now that I know exactly what they need to perform better. – Louie LaDelia, NASM Certified Professional 

That most golfers do not do proper warming up so they have a higher risk of injury. Teach clients to use the conditioning moves pre-round, mid-round and late-round for best results. The Golf Wellness Specialist had great information, easy outline and the program is simple to teach.. – Lori A Pini, ACE Certified Professional 

I now understand the benefits of varying the focus of conditioning moves with the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course in regards to the the round (pre, mid and late). Doing so will improve range of motion and prevent injury. I will instruct clients on these moves and how to use them appropriately to enhance their golf game and overall wellness. Very well organized. – Kirsten Houlistoni, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

The Golf Wellness Specialist program gave me practical ideas for keeping limber on the golf course. I was able to immediately take these exercises to eager clients. I have and will continue to teach these exercises to all golfers I encounter – I have done individual sessions, seminars, and on-course mini sessions. – Jessica Guthrie, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

A new approach to a target market I can utilize. Work on the obtaining golf clients to help them with their game. Easy, informative, and well formatted. – Brandy Whitford, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained the knowledge required to help increase the performance of an individual’s golf game, while also learning how to keep them safe. I will apply the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course to my work by instructing my clients how and when to perform the on-course conditioning exercises and stretches. I will also educate them on the importance of hydration and nutrition as well. – Michelle Wolpov, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained more knowledge on golf injuries and how to prevent them in my clients. I have gained some new techniques to use. I will be able to better assist my clients in getting stronger and preventing injuries. – Kristy C DeMello

I have gained affirmation of posture importance and proper technique in the gym and life in general! I will incorporate these lessons with client training sessions and encouragement for daily movement. – Laura J Lord, ACE Certified Professional

I gained knowledge on injury statistics of amateur vs professional golfers. I will be teaching a Golf Wellness Course. – Roger Tuttle, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained an appreciation for stretching and the proper warm-up needed prior to a game of golf as this is something that not a lot of golfers do.  I will offer a seminar at my golf course and show my members how to use the 9 stretches and when they can use them in their game. I will also set up a seminar educating them of skin and eye protection, hydration and nutrition especially since our course offers a full bar and restaurant in which customers use prior to, during and after their round. Excellent course. – Pete Burton, NASM Certified Professional 

I have gained an even deeper appreciation for the warm-up prior to the golf game. I have also gained some great stretches that I can use myself when playing golf and I can also teach this during my lessons. I would like to put a class together at my golf course and how our customers the 9 stretches they can use, educate them on the use of sunscreen, proper footwear, hydration and nutrition. We do serve quite a bit of food and beverage at my course and I would like to make the members at my course aware of the choices they are making and hopefully educate them on making better choices to better their golf performance.The Golf Wellness Specialist Certification was a great course and I enjoyed taking it. Pete Burton, NASM Certified Professional

New and innovated ways to implement movements into clients’ programs for golf specifically. I’ll be adding components of the 9-whole process into some of the routines I work with clients on weekly. Appreciated the video content and downloadable PDF for future reference. – J. Loren Sisson, WITS Certified Professional 

I have gained additional knowledge and stretches to assist my clients.  I will work with my clients to improve their fitness levels for healthy golf fitness. – Kristy Cox, AFPA Certified Professional 

Great course! Great info! Easy to follow and understand. Highly recommend! Thanks.  Stacy Nard, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Valuable tools and key stretches/exercises for on course golf wellness. I plan on holding a seminar at my work! Great course, thank you!  Michael Marrone, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained great basic knowledge of what golfers should be doing prior to teeing off and while playing a round of golf. I think I will market the 9Hole Stretch as a Special to learn these moves to help their golf game prior and during their round. I will provide a 30 Minute instructional session plus a print out with the 9 stretches and their benefits.  Amy McAndrew, ACE Certified Professional

Great information for my golfing clients. I have many clients wanting to get in shape to better their golfing game and many don’t understand that preconditioning will help them tremendously  this helped me get the basics for what I need to teach them.  Claudine Martin, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I understand more of the why certain stretches are important instead of just knowing they are. I now have a program that I can use to produce a golf specific stretch class.  Benjamin Nihart, ISSA Certified Professional

This was a very interesting course. I liked the DVD as well!  John J. Nedelka, WITS Certified Professional

The Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course has given me a clear understanding how I can prevent my clients from getting injuries while playing golf. It also provides great examples of how a golfer can improve their golf mechanics and energy when playing golf. I look forward to educating my golfers on how to warm up, stretch and eat properly when golfing, so they can get the most out of their game.  Michael Koprich, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I liked how this went into detail of sun exposure. I think this was a great topic in the Golf Wellness Program. Spreading the awareness to my golfing clients the importance of sunscreen. Great information!  Timothy Craig Boswell, NFPT Certified Professional

Stretches to teach golfers, adequate warm-up and important hydration information. I am moving to an area with several Country Clubs and intend on training in the facilities.  Micki Fisher, ACE Certified Professional

Great course to get back to basics. Very professionally organized and presented. Useful teaching and instructing tool.  Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

It is important to me to be educated in many areas so that I can offer my clients a variety of education and information for different aspects of their lives. I feel the  Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course met my expectations. I am looking forward to the opportunity to use what I have learned through taking this course. I plan to offer group and individual training sessions.  Cynthia Guggisberg, Certified Professional

I learned useful conditioning movements that are applicable to to a round of Golf and help the client perform better and avoid injury. I plan on using the information as part of my Personal Training business. Clear and concise; useful movements.  Peter Innocenti, AFPA Certified Professional

Learned effective and simple ways to help golfers increase flexibility and decrease the risk of injury while on the golf course. In addition, the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course provided ways to fuel the body during a round of golf. I will apply this to my work by showing golfers how to get the most out of their ability and how to stay limber and relaxed during their round.  Robert Suitca, ACE Certified Professional

A healthy approach to golf including exercise, nutrition and other aspects of wellness. Present techniques to the golf community which will enhance their enjoyment of the game.  Layne Bryan, Certified Professional

A new market. I’m adding a new class for golfers. Easy to understand.  Tony Marks, ACE Certified Professional

The Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course information gave me specific information to use to work with my golf clients. I will be able to use the information while on the course with my clients.  Sue McCumiskey, ACE Certified Professional

More understanding of how to help my golfing clients. Teach my clients how to stretch and do little exercises before during and after game.  Devani Unbewust ACE Certified Professional

Increase knowledge base for golf fitness. Include it in my golf fitness training and Golf Tips.  Julie Miller, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

I gained knowledge on golf-specific exercises and movements that will help to prepare the athlete for a round of golf. Help to develop a new niche of clients. I enjoyed the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification courseCarla Taylor, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned a basic routine to help my clients prepare for a round of golf.  Much of the information is also applicable to other sports, not just golf.   Adam J Usher, ISSA Certified Professional

Specifics on how to work with my clients that play golf. I will take it to my clients on the course:)  Carensa Bradford, ACE Certified Professional

I gained how to better educate golf safety to those who golf regularly and beginning. I will apply by teaching the technique and principles in a group class setting. Also, by lectures at my health and fitness center.  James Ashwell, NFPT Certified Professional

A knowledge of the protective measures that a golfer must take to play safe and effective rounds of golf. I will be a better trainer to those of my students who enjoy the game of golf.  Karen Hite ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge of pre, mid and late round stretches and wellness issues. I will incorporate along with my existing golf training knowledge.  Robyn Bartkiewicz, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

A great course. I learned exercises on how to get stronger for the game to help clients to play golf safely.  Su Ying, NETA Certified Professional

I have you gained better knowledge on how to stretch my clients out better before they golf.  Laura Kelsey, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

I felt the sequence of on-course conditioning routines presented in the 9 Hole Golf Fitness Video DVD will significantly decrease the chance of injury for common injury sites in both amateur and professional golfers if applied during each round of golf and practice at the driving range. Having already completed GMP’s Golf Conditioning Program several years ago I feel that the Golf Wellness material enhances the golf conditioning client’s investment by reducing their chance of injury while playing a round of golf.  Robert Habjani, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

I have learned how to properly and effectively condition before playing golf.  Lisa Buitendorp, NETA Certified Professional

I enjoyed the Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course. It will be a great review for me personally. It is so nice to have an outdoor activity besides the gym events. It is a great way to expand fitness awareness.  Jean Quicker, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Categorizing the conditioning moves in three rounds gave me a sense of a systematic conditioning approach. The course touched on some very essentials tips to recommend to the beginners and as well as to avid golfers.  Marie Salamón, WITS Certified Professional

Good overall golf readiness program. This is a very good program for me as a golfer and I can use the information with my fellow golfers and my exercise group. The stretches apply to all golfers and would be good for any activities a person is interested in. I teach group exercise to a wide variety of age groups, this program would work well in the stretching of all my clients.  Joan Barter, NETA Certified Professional

I wasn’t aware of all of the dynamics of golf until I took this course. I will personally use it and with friends and members.  Nina Custard, NETA Certified Professional

Very informative. Great variety.  Kara Johnson, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

I am a golfer and found this was exceptional for myself as well as others.  Betty Thomas Certified Professional

Very easy to follow.  Evan Rosentha, Certified Personal Trainer

Great Course! Very informative in helping me to develop a golf warmup program for clients.  Brandi Martin, Certified Professional

Well presented course. I was impressed with the highly professional packet I was sent. It was pleasing to the eyes and easy to follow.  Debbie Swenson, Certified Professional

Great information. Very easy to follow! Thank you.  Joyce Jackson, Certified Professional

Great Course!  Sean Arnold, WITS Certified Professional

I shaved six strokes off of my game.  John Franz, Certified Professional

Good basics. Proper form shown and explained. Very good progression technique.  Nancy Bahart, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

A basic plan for helping golfers achieve and maintain flexibility. I plan to use these stretches with all of my clients and try to target those who are golfers.  Bonnie Hill, Certified Professional

Good easy to follow course, with lots of good exercises. I liked it because it as new and different and will have a place in my personal training and class endeavors.  Cindy Fagiano, ACE Certified Professional

I gained how much injury goes into golf without proper nutrition, hydration, and stretching. I am a golfer and trainer and will apply this to my personal game as well as friends, clients, and more golfers. Easy to follow.  Spencer Metz, NASM Certified Professional

I really like the course. The Golf Wellness Specialist Certification course provided me with examples of stretching while on the golf course. I will be teaching my clients to stretch while on the course.  Ileana Del Barco, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Additional knowledge. Increased validation among my piers. Easy to read and very informative.  Rebecca Byrket, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained the importance of stretching prior to golfing. This isn’t always the easiest to pass on to the eager youth golfers so establishing good habits at a younger age is very important for their careers. I will be putting much more emphasis on the mid and late rounds in terms of stretching. This is often taken for granted once the match begins but is significant in maintaining flexibility and energy levels. Great additional tips on hydration and applying sunscreen. Very important for golfing in Florida.  Dena Turner, ISSA Certified Professional

A great refresher. I will add exercises into current warm-up program.  Mary Paulson, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

I gained have more knowledge on making a golf program for my clients. I will apply what I learned to the routines of the clients that play golf. The  Golf Wellness Specialist Certification is a great course.

.  Kristopher Kersey, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I gained a fuller understanding of the conditioning demands on golfers. Enhanced training of all clients (golfers and non-golfers).  Kerry l. Wycoff, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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