Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification Reviews

Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Golf Injury Prevention Specialist

Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification program.

Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals are using new injury prevention exercises and techniques they learned from the Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course with their clients.

I learned more about how the kinetic chain works as it relates to the golf swing. With this knowledge, I now have a better appreciation of how muscles and joints work in relation to the golf swing. The section on common swing faults was very helpful. – Greg Bosch, AFPA Certified Professional

More knowledge on how to prevent golf injuries. I will apply what I learned to clients who interested in golf. – Fabian Chavez, NFPT Certified Professional

New ideas on progressions from the Golf Injury Prevention Specialist. To everyone, not just golf clients as this information pertains to rotational sports. easy to follow. – Rebecca Van Dyke, ACE Certified Professional 

I have gained more knowledge on golf injuries and how to prevent them in my clients. I have gained some new techniques to use.. I will be able to better assist my clients in getting stronger and preventing injuries. – Kristy C DeMello

The Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course was fantastic! It was well laid out and quite easy to follow. I liked the fact that so many examples were given. I honestly gained a better understanding of golf and the mechanics behind the swing. This course allowed me to understand what’s okay and what’s not okay. I currently work at a golf resort, so this course will allow me to train clients not only in the gym but also on the greens to better improve their golf game and career. – William D Harris III, Certified Professional

Having already completed the Golf Conditioning Specialist and Golf Wellness Specialist courses offered by GMP Fitness, I feel this course is essential in providing my clients with a comprehensive golf fitness solution. In addition to my WITS certification, I am also a NASM CPT, PES certified trainer. I strongly feel CE courses like this one enhance a trainer’s ability in designing client specific fitness programs and add to my credibility and makes me a better sports conditioning trainer for my clients. The Golf Injury Prevention Specialist is a great course for trainers that want to keep their golf clients healthy. As with any sports risk of injury is just part of the game. Having knowledge of what type and the frequency of injuries that affect specific populations can be a great aid in program design for the golf client. I would highly recommend this course to those that have already completed GMP’s Golf Conditioning Specialist.  Robert R. Habjanic, NASM/WITS Certified Professional

Great class and very educational. I have a lot of clients that play golf and a lot of the material explained their issues they discuss with me. Now I have a better understanding of exercises that will help improve their golf experience. I will go through with them the golf injury prevention exercises with them. Great course and really enjoyed every bit.  Rebecca Stelzer, ACE Certified Professional

GMP Fitness continues to please me with their offerings and the information that is given is up-to-date and very informative. The most important concept of training clients to me is injury prevention. This course enabled me to understand not only how to prevent injuries, but to train my clients to have a better experience playing golf. I am going to add golf injury prevention to the list of the types of training I offer to my clients.  Marianne Pizzo, NETA Certified Professional

Great course! Looking forward to implementing the information to my golfers. Appreciate the user-friendly language in this course. To the point illustrations. Thanks a bunch. Ann-Kristen King, WITS Certified Professional

I’m now more comfortable in creating a program that can be helpful to my client’s golf game. I will apply the content of the Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Course by attracting a new clientele that wants to improve their game. it was an easy read. I plan on purchasing more GMP Courses in the future.  Sean Howard, ACSM Certified Professional

The importance of understanding golf injuries. I am T.P.I Certified for fitness and will use these exercises for my golf clients and myself.  Dale Kuehne, ACE Certified Professional

Simply great, extremely informative! I work with few PGA pro athletes and I have raised the bar in my training for golf professionals by using the Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course. –  Fernando Past, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained important information regarding the best way to design a conditioning program for the older golfer populations. I have primarily worked with youth golfers in helping them train to become stronger, fitter golfers. This often limits me to working afternoons and weekends when school is not in session. In addition to being able to help them stay injury free in their budding golf careers, I can also market to the older golfers, more specifically the older, retired golfers who are available during the day. It will be nice to be able to use the information to make them stronger, fitter golfers and to help give them an edge over their competition. The Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course material is very user-friendly and it was nice to have such accessible customer service when I had questions.  Dena Turner, ACE Certified Professional

I have more understanding of injuries of a golf swing and how it affects different age groups. I will now utilize more of the preventative stretching and compression techniques. This course was extremely informative and will help as I move forward with my clients involved in this field.  Craig Hickey, NCCPT Certified Professional

The Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course was much better than I expected. I now have a more thorough understanding of how to help clients condition for golf and provide a more structured warm-up regimen.  William Pratt, WITS Certified Professional

Very informative & helpful too. I have a better understanding of sport specific injuries common in my profession and how to design more golf specific corrective exercises for group fitness classes.   Julie Garcia, NASM/WITS Certified Professional

The reading material was excellent and very well written. I am going to be able to use this in my Pilates studio on my clients who play golf to help them recover from injuries and get them out playing again. Most enjoyable course.  Gioia Fumo-Miranda, ACE Certified Professional

Having the PDFs gives you a great resource. It contains valuable information for any trainer that works with golfers. Great course to assist in injury prevention.  Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

The information about prevention was extremely helpful. Instruct the prevention information to help clients beware of potential injuries.  Omega Mejia, ACE Certified Professional

How to help clients with injuries from golf. I have clients that I massage who play golf. So this would be great information for that.  Craig Bayer, NSCA Certified Professional

Review of some good information, new ideas and interesting percentages to share with my clients. By using the functional golf specific and strength building exercise examples. There is a lot of interesting golf injury statistics and information.  Kim Durso, ISSA Certified Professional

Helpful class in understanding the Golfers physical needs and professional insight on how to address them  5 stars.  Kelsey, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve learned a great deal about which major muscle groups should be focused on for my golfing clients to prevent injury.  Christina Wolcott, ACE Certified Professional

I work with golfers and the Golf Injury Prevention Specialist Certification course helped me with new exercises and tips.  Igor Sabic, Certified Professional

I’ve gained more information to help support my TPI Fitness Professional certification. I have more ideas and a better understanding of how a golfer needs to be trained after surgeries or just minor aches and pains. I work with a lot of golfers that are retired and want to stay healthy and active. I will use ideas given in the material to help these clients. – Shannon Maxwell, AFPA Certified 

I acquired a great understanding of the game of golf and how to play it safe for both clients and me.  Carol J. Thomas, ACE Certified Professional

This course helped me understand golf injuries and more and I will use it when instructing my golf clients.  MaryBeth Kohberger, WITS Certified Professional

I learned a lot. Love the material. Great course!  Elen LaBarbera, Certified Professional

Great Course I learned a lot!  Kelli Alldredge Certified Professional

Lots of good information on golf injuries and exercises to help prevent. Good program for personal trainers and group fitness instructors.  Cindy Fagiano, ACE Certified Professional

I learned about the five phases of the golf swing and how to analyze them. Now I have concrete ideas about strengthening my clients skills.  Sara King Vogeler, ACE Certified Professional

A lot of great stretching exercises. I will use this information as fantastic resource. I enjoyed it very much.  Cody Mannix, NFPT Certified Professional

To help my current golfers help prevent injuries during their years of aging. These new exercises will help them. The exercises shown will help impact my golfers and my nongolfers too. Looking forward trying these new exercises to my clients and adding them to my programs.  Timothy Craig Boswell, NFPT Certified Professional

A better understanding of how to break down the swing and be able to find those faults, know what exercise to correct them to help my clients. I can use these skills to help improve posture, correct movement points to help clients hit the ball straighter, and correct any pains that could affect my clients ability to play.  Richard Ford, ACE Certified Professional

I gained an understanding of golf injuries & there prevention. I will give talks to local golfers.  Kim Fernanded, WITS Certified Professional

I gained a good general knowledge of golf injury prevention. I work at a golf course and will share this information with golfers having questions.  Kent A. Sabin, WITS Certified Professional

I gained information knowledge of proper procedures to help condition golfers. I will you apply the content on a daily basis while training golfers.   Brian Newman, ACE Certified Professional

I gained great exercises for improved golfing. For clients needing help with improved golf game.  Stephanie Broders, ACE Certified Professional

What injuries commonly affect Golfers and strategies to Prevent Injury. I will use this material as part of my Personal Training business. Clear & easy to follow and creative exercise selection designed to optimize health.  Peter Innocenti, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained the importance of stretching throughout the golf game. Use the stretching and exercises shown before and during the golf round.  Cathi Ford, ACE Certified Professional

Become a Certified Golf Injury Prevention Specialist

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