Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification Reviews

Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Golf Conditioning Specialist

Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification program.

Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals are using new golf assessment, conditioning techniques, exercises and skills they learned from the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course with their clients.

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A more in-depth understanding of the muscles used in different parts of the golf swing. I am Titleist certified Level 1, and have been doing evaluations for over two years. I have a better understanding of corrective exercises when building a workout for a client from the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. I am very thankful to Gina Piazza, who went out of her way to help me because I had misplaced the materials that I had purchased a year ago. – Michael H Swain, ACE Certified Professional  

I have gained a more in-depth understanding of the golf swing mechanics and muscles involved with each part of the golf swing. As an exercise physiologist, it is helpful to understand the golf swing so I can combine new information with my existing skill set to help my clients and my new found appreciation of golf. I will now market to golfers in my area which will add another area of expertise to teach. – Tonya Tittle, ACSM Certified Professional

Golf Conditioning Specialist – Absolutely! Incredible!

ABSOLUTELY! INCREDIBLE! I have gained a lot more information about golf and especially the importance of a great posture for a great swing. I live in Gaithersburg MD , and the big majority of my clients reside in Potomac, MD and they are already affiliated with golf clubs, either public or private! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Nicholas Gomez, NSPA Certified Professional 

I am Titleist certified Level 1, and the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification is a very useful course to further your understanding of the evaluation process and corrective exercises. The course is produced by a top-notch company who WILL SUPPORT you. The owner of the company actually assisted me at 6:00 PM on a Saturday evening. – Michael, ACE Certified Professional 

A lot of great information on posture issues and how to have a better golf swing. Help the golfers, opens up a whole new area to help people. – Lori A Pini, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of the stages of the golf swing. With older individuals, I find the material especially the simple stretches and exercises as a good tool to improve their overall golf fitness. I would definitely recommend it to any trainer currently working at a golf course or country club. – Michael E. Vollmer, AFPA Certified Professional

A new perspective on the G Ball and the huge opportunities it provides as a fitness tool. To augment my golf fitness clinic for women. – Jane M. Silberstein, NASM Certified Professional

Will use it with my old and new clients.   Lyudmila Vasilyeva, ACE Certified Professional

Flexibility needs of golfers. Encourage strength and flexibility to improve client’s golf game. The Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course is what I was looking for. – John Harrington Jr., ACE Certified Professional

A whole new business idea to pursue! I plan to begin networking in my golf-rich area for one on one clients and will use the tools provided in this Golf Conditioning Specialist course. I really like it. – Susan L. Clerico, WITS Certified Professional

G-ball exercises and stretches for existing postural dysfunctions. good marketing ideas. Training golfers using the g ball to help clients improve their game. The Golf Conditioning Specialist is a very good course for improving a golfers strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. I plan on using many of the exercises i have learned and combined it with the TRX system. – Timothy Williams, ACE Certified Professional

New exercises for clients looking to improve their golf games. Use the information to improve balance, flexibility, posture, and strength through proper assessments and evaluations to golfers of all skill levels. Interesting course, easy to follow and very helpful. – Benjamin Tenuta, ACE Certified Professional

Application of already known stability ball exercises to the purpose of the golf swing. I want to keep up my knowledge, plus I am a golfer. The videos were good. – Laura Pether, ACE Certified Professional

A complete understanding of the muscles involved in making a good golf swing. Especially beneficial to new beginners to the game of golf. I would have loved to have a printed  L VanHorn, ACE Certified Professional

Gained both, refreshed and new insight on specifically geared training programming for both pro/amateur golfer. to current clientele. – Nicki A. Jackson, AFPA Certified Professional 

The information in the Golf Conditioning Specialist course dramatically lowered the scores of all the golfers I instruct…including myself! Continue to teach! A simple and effective approach. – Andrew Margolin, ACE Certified Professional

New variety of corrective and strengthening exercises with G Ball. evaluation guidance. I teach a golf fitness course with the assistance of golf pro. – Ralph A Merante, ACE Certified Professional

The confidence to create a golf conditioning program. By creating a golf conditioning program. – Tonya Vidito, ACE Certified Professional

Basic knowledge of muscle groups/flexibility and conditioning needed to improve your golf game. Helps me with my preparation to continue to play golf. Overall good information.” – Timothy Dorsey 

Stabilizing work and golf techniques. so clients gain strength. – Debbie Ryan, ACE Certified Professional

As a personal trainer and golfer. I feel this program will greatly enhance my marketability.  Mary Crouse, Certified Professional, ACE Certified Professional

I gained more idea for my programming. for my client who play golf. – Rachel Chan Suet Ying, ACE Certified Professional

Learned new exercises. Add it into all of my golfing clients’ programs. – Kevin Fulton, ACE Certified Professional

A good review of anatomy and different basic exercises and corrective movements. Incorporate into my daily practice of evaluating people. – Kevin Ward 

I can help clients with exercises that may strengthen their game. Refresher on muscle system. – Brooke Cahill, ACE Certified Professional 

Great way to break down exercises to rebuild good program for clients. Build solid programs. – Jennifer Rees, ACE Certified Professional 

A better understanding of posture and how it relates to the golf swing. By starting a golf conditioning program at my work. I was a well-organized lesson plan. – Terry Bueltel, NSCA Certified Professional

I have gained more insight of a properly designed strength and conditioning program can enhance an individual’s performance on the golf course. I will use this content to help promote my own personal training business in the golfing industry. – Anthony Brian Culler, ACE Certified Professional 

Golf Conditioning Specialist – Extensive Knowledge

Extensive knowledge on golf related exercises. Instructional guidelines for physical education students. – Jake Wilson, ACE Certified Professional

The understanding of golf conditioning. Helping everyday golfers maintain adequate fitness needs for golf. – Jason Woolard, ACE Certified Professional

An easy to follow protocol for assessing clients an implementing golf-specific training. I will supplement in the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course protocols to enhance training with golf specific clients. – Daniel Carnovale, ACE Certified Professional

Offering more to the Catskill rec Center and networking with more clients. There is a call for a golf fitness course as a cpt I already am confident to put a program together but the Golf Conditioning Specialist gives me more tools to use and goes deeper into the mechanics of the swing. – Stephen Ackermann, NFPT Certified Professional

Gained solid knowledge golf-specific conditioning using the stability ball and bands. Will begin incorporating exercises into stability and mobility and flexibility movements moving forward. The Golf Conditioning Specialist program is a great resource for the prevention of golf-related injuries. – Kevin E.Duffy, ACE Certified Professional 

I am able to perform Postural Analysis on my clients. Work with clients on a more individual basis to help alleviate the pain and problems associated with their postural issues. – Melissa Baldwin, ACE Certified Professional 

Great selection of corrective exercises. I train amateur golfers so the Golf Conditioning Specialist course is a great course for me. – Sophia Halilova, ACE Certified Professional 

It gave me a better understanding of golf conditioning and it can help my clients. Now I know exactly how to train my client properly for golf. Thank you – Anand Kumar, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge of golf conditioning that I had not already reviewed. By using the progressions for my clients that are a beginner too. Advanced. I can apply most of the exercises to all my clients. – Rebecca F Van Dyke, ACE Certified Professional


You have provided me with more training tools to put in my training bag. You have provided concise instructions so I can better assist my clients in their training. I will share these newly learned techniques with my clients so it will benefit their golf game. Thank you. Great information in the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. Much appreciated. I would recommend your training to any fitness professional. – Greg Bosch, AFPA Certified Professional

What I need to give a well-rounded golf conditioning program. Increasing my clientele. – Katrina Ing, AFPA Certified Professional

How to use the G-ball training the golfer. I will use it as base to innovate a new training program for golfer. – Biyan He, ACE Certified Professional

I will now be able to offer insight as to how to approach clients interested in improving their golf swing. It was enjoyable and easy to follow along. – A.E., ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of golf fitness and specific exercises to help correct muscle imbalances. will develop more efficient programs for clients that golf. – F.C., ACE Certified Professional

Programming knowledge. Use in clients programs. – Chase Cronk, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of the muscles involved in the golf swing from the Golf Conditioning Specialist. I am going to apply G-Ball workout routines with clients. – Richard Chamberlin, ACE Certified Professional

The Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course will allow me to help clients correct improper form and strengthen areas where there is weakness. – Dana Fanning, ACE Certified Professional

Efficacy selecting golf specific drills, exercises, and routines that can benefit my clients. Confidence assessing and labeling swing inefficiencies and opportunities for improvements. A better understanding of the components that lead to a more balanced, solid, repeatable golf swing. This information is useful in the correct assessment of a clients swing and where to focus training. I will apply this with my programming and individualizing exercises leading to client development. Not only for improving strength in a golf swing, the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification  course helped show how to help clients prevent injury. The chapter size was ideal for comprehension, allowing me to read a small portion and become familiar with the information before moving on. – Mark Helscher, ACE Certified Professional

Golf Conditioning Specialist – Extensive Methods

I have gained more knowledge about golf overall. The techniques and exercises provided will not only help me teach clients, but will also improve my own golf game. I will apply the content to my work by offering golf conditioning specific training to clients that are golfers. I will also use the techniques for myself as a golfer. – Meaghan Layne, ACE Certified Professional

I gained how to improve range of motion for the golf swing and learned new ways to use the stability ball. I will be able to use the stability ball for those looking to improve their golf game. I liked that each move was broken down via video. – Shannon Graybill, ACSM and ACE Certified Professional

I have gained more knowledge on the specific muscles that are used and affected in the game of golf as well as being open to using the G ball and bands as opposed to free weights. I will apply many of the forms and assessments when I work with my clients and will for sure be using the G ball more with my clients. – Pete Burton, NASM and ACE Certified Professional

Lots of great exercises for golfers. Teach people benefits of these exercises Great course. – Andrew Stambaugh, ACE Certified Professional

I gained even more knowledge of the muscles involved in the golf swing, and how I can integrate that knowledge into my programs. I will program a better initial evaluation, as well as integrate the G-ball into more of my clients programs. Great educational information. –Steven Catalon, NSCA Certified Professional

I gained expanded my knowledge of postural distortions and how the affect golfers, and how to address those through specific exercises. I will not only use these with my clients who golf, but will apply this to my non-golf clients as well, since they too have postural distortions that can be improved through the use of these exercises. I enjoyed the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course and learning new exercises, and their application.  Nancy Giles, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new ways of evaluation and assessment of weakness and imbalance in an athlete/client. Identifying possible weakness or imbalance in current athletes I am working with. – Corey Meredith, NSCA Certified Professional

Incorporating the stability ball into workout routines. Incorporating postural assessments. – Lisa Tamburini, ACE Certified Professional

Having recently become a golfer, and living in a golf course community, I  gained much more understanding of the process of the golf swing. I plan on using many of these exercises for my clients, who most all are golfers. Many of them are older, and they have a lot of need for stretching and correction of improper swing. This was very valuable. – Suzanne De Jong, ACE Certified Professional

I gained an appreciation for golf and understanding the golf swing. I worked underneath a physical therapist whom worked on a lot of golfers, she got me interested in the idea of golf fitness and this course definitely helped me out with that. – Marus Payton

Golf Conditioning Specialist – Extensive Content

The Golf Conditioning Specialist certification course has given me the confidence to properly assess the golf swinging pattern and design an exercise program to release tight muscles, activate dormant muscles and improve the swing and the athlete’s overall performance. I’m using the content of this course to design a golf-specific conditioning program which will become the flagship of my training business. – Jose A Perez, ACE Certified Professional

The Golf Conditioning Specialist course has given me a better understanding on golf’s movement patterns. I’m starting a golf specific training group. Jose A Perez, ACE Certified Professional

I enjoyed your Golf Conditioning Specialist course! The course has given me the importance of flexibility in improving a golfer’s scores. By utilizing the G Ball more in my everyday activities with patients. I have even instituted a stretching program for myself (an avid golfer). – Michael J Hennigan, ACE Certified Professional

I learned new exercises and good marketing materials different from the CHEK certification. I will use more of the ball exercises and marketing materials that I have been using.  Alaina Sweetwood, Certified

I enjoyed the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course immensely, it was very professionally done. It gave many creative ideas that will help me maintain my client’s interests, while affording them the benefit of improving their golf game and overall physical health.  Mary L. Goodman, Certified Professional

I learned how to use the golf conditioning program to help better my clients for their golf game. It gave me awesome material to write out personal programs for what my clients need. I will be hosting a golf conditioning camp. Awesome material. Very easy to follow. – Tara Markle, ACE Certified Professional

As a health and wellness professional for more than 30 years, I was very pleased with the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course offered by GMP Fitness. The information was relevant and well-organized. The book and videos provided would be suitable for novice and veteran alike. I appreciate the care and energy that was put into the development of this program.  Dr. Joseph M. Camp Pilates Athletic Center Los Altos, California

I have improved my own golf game! Not only that I have been able to give pointers to more experienced golfers to improve their training. I have met with the head trainer at the gym I work with and we are now providing a Golf Conditioning class, and now I have a larger population of clients who are seeing me to improve their golf game!  Megan Tower, WITS Certified Professional

Very good course!! I will take more courses. Thanks.  Vince Trani, Certified Professional

New ideas for stretches and strength training for golfers. To train golfers. The Golf Conditioning Specialist course is a great course! Very informative and easy to follow.  Tim Clark, Certified Professional

I thought the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course was excellent and very well structured. I found it very easy to follow with the videos complimenting the text perfectly. I honestly could not find fault. Gina is undoubtedly in a class of her own.  Damian B. Donnelly, Certified Professional

Not only have I gained a great amount of knowledge on golf conditioning, but the G Ball has given me a greater variety of stretches and exercises to implement in all of my training. Now I have teamed up with a local golf pro to start a golf conditioning business.  James Roybal Montano, ACE Certified Professional

Extremely well designed and formatted, easy to understand, follow and utilize. Congratulations, I have absolutely no problem recommending the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. I particularly liked the business development information. Truly a very complete course in every sense.  Rickie Gerard Ali, Certified Professional

Great class! The variety of G BALL exercises along with cords has grabbed my attention and kept it. It has added an element of fun. Exercising with these fitness tools makes fitness seem like play rather then hard work. I am going to share the exercise knowledge I have gained with members.  Thomas Woods, Certified Professional

I would recommend this course to any trainer that has a golfing client. I have gained a greater knowledge of the exercises used for the golfing client and how to correct posture and muscle imbalances. I plan to start a clinic for golfers to help with strength, flexibility and balance.  Millicent Huggett, ISSA Certified Professional

Practical and applicable material that respects your intelligence, and remains user-friendly, well balanced and logical. I can now address the needs of this niche market and bring workshops to golfers outside of the gym or golf course.  Chris Peralta, ACE Certified Professional

I really enjoyed the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course and would definitely refer others to take it. Thank you for letting me learn your techniques in Golf Fitness Training.  I really enjoyed it. I have certifications in ball fitness, but I really liked how you linked your specific ball exercises to golf fitness training.  I am also a physical therapist and some of these exercises will not only help my golf clients and patients, but many other patients, as well.  Lisa Mullahy, Certified Professional

The course was very easy to follow. I also appreciated the marketing kit.  Amil Bakhru

Extremely informative! I’m totally satisfied. This course was worth the money and I’ve recommended it to my colleagues as well.  Johnny Grady, Certified Professional

Great Program! Very unique and informative. I would recommend the Golf Conditioning Specialist course to any personal trainer/health professional wanting to expand their knowledge in this area of sports performance!  Joel Lucky, Certified Professional

I enjoyed spending the time learning the information provided. Excellent material.  Marilynn Preston, Certified Professional

I really enjoyed this course. I feel it has given me some great opportunities to create income. I look forward to putting it into practice.  Kelly Jones, Certified Professional

Excellent exercises that I have been able to put to work immediately with my clients.  Don Duval, Certified Professional

This program is excellent. I was extremely impressed with the layout of the program. The exercises are concise and the pictures and DVD’s terrific.  Lynn Braunewell, NASM Certified Professional

I felt the structure and progression of this program was very easy to follow and design for success. I will be using GMP FITNESS again.  Debbie Evans, Certified Professional

This is a great program. I have already established a golf fitness program using this information. The results are great.  Ray Butkus, ACE Certified Professional

I thought this program was well thought out, safe and effective. Very professionally done and I am glad I took it. I would highly recommend it to other trainers.  Anne Marie Straka, Certified Professional

Good course.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to using what I learned for the benefit of both my clients and myself. I am currently training the Director of Golf at our local Golf and Tennis Resort, using some of your techniques and exercises. They are great for isolating golf-specific muscles as well as correcting posture problems. Thank you.  Carol Gill, ISSA Certified Professional

I was very impressed with the material content and quality. I also like the way Gina executed each exercise.  Mindi Boysen, Certified Professional

Great Job Gina! Enjoyed the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. Nice presentation.  Chris Oskirko, Certified Professional

Excellent course – a lot of fun. I gained a better understanding of the golf swing large and small muscle groups involved and how to assess them. The exercises on the G ball will be used not only for golfers for anyone with balance and posture problems.  Jack Goral, WITS Certified Professional

This course was thorough and well organized. It covered every area possible concerning the golf swing and conditioning. I was quite impressed and I am looking forward to implementing the program into my business.  Scott Claypoole, Certified Professional

Thank you so very much for providing me with the tools I require for helping my clients enhance their golf game. Your program is a must for all trainers desiring to increase their intellectual pallet. If your goal as a trainer is to coach clients, who aspire to Personal achievement and Greatness on the Golf Course, as well as to prevent injury and setback, then this program must be another powerful tool in your arsenal.  Mark Addesa, Certified Professional

Total professional guidance to assist an improve ones golf game.  George Saeger, Certified Professional

Great ideas for clients I train at home and to build business at a Golf and Country Club nearby. These exercises work well for all sports…and my salsa students as well.  Sharon Raffony, Certified Professional

I really enjoyed your course. It kept me interested. I really feel that I have learned valuable information on golfing injuries and the proper positioning and exercises. I intend to use all of the information I learned with my clients. Some of my clients play golf on a regular basis and want to correct issues they have with their swing.  Tricia Otis, ACE Certified Professional

ABSOLUTELY! INCREDIBLE! I have gained a lot more information about golf and specially the importance of a great posture for a great swing. I live in Gaithersburg MD, and the big majority of my clients reside in Potomac, MD and they are already affiliated with golf clubs, either public or private! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!  Nicholas Gomez, NSPA Certified Professional

I understand more of the why certain stretches are important instead of just knowing they are. I now have a program that i can use to produce a golf specific stretch class.  Benjamin Nihart, Certified Professional

As a beginner golfer I found this course invaluable and essential in building a solid foundation for catapulting golf play performance and reducing chance of injury. The DVD’s reinforced proper execution of the exercises presented in the course book. As a personal fitness trainer I am excited at the opportunity to offer this sports specific training to clients and prospects.  Robert R. Habjanic, WITS Certified Professional

Well written with great examples and explanation. Learned a great deal and really enjoyed the process. Thanks.  Deborah Marron, WITS Certified Professional

I thought the course was great, and  I enjoyed it. The text, photos and videos were well done and explanatory.  Linda Johnson, WITS Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of how to help my clients improve their flexibility and strength for improving their golf swing and therefore their golf game!! I will use my new, additional knowledge to match my clients’ needs to the proper exercises and stretches. The organization of the information makes it easy to find the appropriate exercises for particular issues.  Dora Graham ACE and AFAA Certified Professional

The CDs and DVDs that were provided in the Golf Conditioning Specialist training course are first class materials. Great course. Well-organized, documented and illustrated.  Ted Hart, WITS Certified Professional

I knew nothing about golf. This course helped me gain more information on the use of the term and more importantly the muscles used during each action from setup to execution through to the finish. I will use the exercises.  Connie Murtaug, ACE Certified Professional

Awesome!!! This course provided me with excellent information for my clients as many of them are golf enthusiasts! I live in Palm Springs, surrounded by golf courses, I plan to make great use of this course!  Michael Brown

I would highly recommend this course for not only personal trainers, but also for advanced golf instructors.  Rick Yano, Certified Professional

I’ve learned some very interesting new stretches, as well as useful strength training ideas. It will help with a few of my clients who suffer from chronic stiffness, and range of motion issues. The Golf Conditioning Specialist course was very comprehensive and well presented. Thank you!  J.C. Jacobs, ACE Certified Professional

I’m an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and I’m looking to expand into the golf fitness training field. The information on the CD was clear, concise and easy to follow, very informative and useful. The DVDs were also great additions. There is a great selection of exercises and stretches specifically for the sport. I already know a good amount about golf, but there was still plenty of information that I needed. Gina was great to work with! She was able to help me out with my time constraints and made the ordering and completion process stress-free. I would definitely recommend this course. I look forward to getting more CECs from GMP fitness!  Melissa, ACE Certified Professional

Excellent program, highly recommend to increase knowledge and apply exercises for improving clients postural imbalances and provide specific exercises to improve these areas. Provide information to improve an individuals golf game by breaking the process down and applying specific exercises to improve by stretching or strengthening the muscle while maintaining good posture and balance. Provide information on assessment of postural dysfunctions, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance that can be applied to any client.  Marcia Clouse, ACE Certified Professional

Loved the Golf Conditioning Specialist course – great exercise plans and accompanying DVDs were great additions. A more complete overview of the golf swing, body mechanics and specific exercise programming. I will be incorporating many of the assessment techniques and exercises into a group golf fitness class, as well as individual client sessions.  Gayle Cochrane, ACE Certified Professional

An excellent basis for evaluating and improving physical conditioning both for my own golf game and those of my clients. I plan to market a specific course for golf conditioning. I also plan to use many of the exercises to improve the functions of my non golf playing clients Very enjoyable and worthwhile course.  Rod Muller, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained valuable new skills to incorporate with my golf clients. My clients are business people who enjoy golf and need a solid program to prevent injury and enhance their golf skills.  Gerry Maness, AFPA Certified Professional

It was very informative. Well done. I will be able to assess anyone who plays golf and be able to show them their weaknesses and strength. Then will be able to show them how to improve their golf game using the exercises with the ball.  Catherine Delegas, NASM Certified Professional

I gained a well rounded and real-life approach to training golfers. gained valuable information for golfers that would like to improve on their overall game. I enjoyed the written descriptions and pictures and diagrams to following and explain the movements.  Stephen Price, ACE Certified Professional

Understanding four basic postures and corrective actions for each posture. How the use of the G Ball provides excellent stretching and strengthening options for golfers. The materials and chapters were very well laid out and organized. There were excellent graphics on both the CD and video.  David Hassick, ACE Certified Professional

This course has given me excellent knowledge to help me not only improve posture and strength for my golfing clients, but I also use the evaluations and exercises for my tennis playing clients and general clients that have posture faults due to standing long periods of time or tightness in the back areas. I will use this information for clients who are active in golf, tennis and other sports that really need upper body flexibility and can use the programming for clients who have issues with their posture. I’m really glad I got this program. The pictures were really helpful regarding the bad postures so I can recognize them immediately in clients and be able to fix them. I also like how simple the evaluation, program design, and progression structure shown in the course. While I was learning I started applying the info and my clients really appreciated it and can see the difference.  Richard A. Ford, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained great information to help clients incorporate the G ball into their fitness training. I will apply the content into my everyday personal training to assist clients with stretching and strengthening exercises. Benjamin Huizinga, ACE Certified Professional

Provided me with a complete overview of the muscles involved with the golf swing as well as a helpful breakdown of the proper mechanics of the golf swing. This course will help me tailor my services to clients interested in improving their golf game. Knowing how to help clients achieve the necessary mobility for the rotational motion of a golf swing will make it much easier to work with the avid golf fans that live in my area.  Jessica Barbaria, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge on how to correctly assess posture with regards to Golf. Golf specific exercises and tips and area in which I had no previous experience. I will offer the Golf Conditioning as an extra at the local Golf Club. It was very easy to follow and understand and the information was a great starting point for further Golf Specific courses.  Glynis Michelle Finch, ACE Certified Professional

The CD and DVDs that were provided are first class materials. Great course. Well organized, documented and illustrated.  Ted Hart, WITS Certified Professional

Very helpful information regarding golf conditioning. Incorporate a conditioning program to help improve golfer flexibility and strength training. An excellent continuing education course that I would highly recommend to anyone would help improve their golf fitness program.  Anthony Chance, ACE Certified Professional

Excellent course. Easy to follow. Great job!.  Charles Costa, Certified Professional

It was really great! i enjoyed your course as I did your longevity course! Thank you as always.  Donna Maria Abboud, Certified Professional

I have a set of new exercises using the ball to assist my clients in achieving specific postural goals. I will use provided programming for specific postural types to assist in skill acquisition necessary for playing golf.  Stacia Lee Gallagher, Certified Professional

I gained an understanding of how proper conditioning can have a positive effect on ones Golf game and also how postural issues can adversely effect a Golfer from the course. I will be incorporating this information into my Personal Training business. Very informative and clearly presented.  Peter Innocenti, AFPA Certified Professional

I especially appreciated the flexibility exercises. I work with Silver Sneakers and can adapt many of these exercises to there training. I feel the it will be very beneficial for golfers and am excited to begin using the material.  Thomas L. Rusch, ACE Certified Professional

Being an avid golfer and having researched many exercises this course has been the most thorough. The DVD included has given me multiple exercises not only for my golf clients but also clients with postural concerns. I currently teach a golf class at a community college and I will put together exercise suggestions for my students. Thanks for putting this out. Wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered, but I will continue to use GMP for future continuing education.  Jiun Jay Kam, NSCA Certified Professional

I gained Knowledge, both fundamental and advanced, to better condition clients focused on golf performance. I will integrate golf conditioning concepts and exercises with existing practices to enhance conditioning of nongolf oriented clients. The presentation was well organized and structured to offer a logical progression for both learning and application with clients.  Kerry L. Wycoff, ACE Certified Professional

As a golfer as well as a personal trainer it was very helpful to me as well as my clients to take and use the material in the Golf Conditioning Specialist program. I teach range of motion class in a pool so I can easily adapt things I learned in the Golf Conditioning Specialist course program within my pool class. I wish I had done it sooner.  Sharon Somers, ACE Certified Professional

A knowledge of how the body responds to the golf swing and what muscles are most involved during different stages of the golf swing. I will apply the content to not only the people I see that want to improve their golf game, but also those who want to improve core and joint stability and mobility for activities of daily living.  Robert Suitca, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge of what my golfer clients need from the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. Add new movements/exercises to their current training programs.  Staci LaRue Miller, ACE Certified Professional

The Golf Conditioning Specialist course from GMP Fitness has added another level of expertise to my business. I have used the exercises with many, many clients over the years. They know I have the knowledge and experience to help them be a better golfer! Thank you GMP Fitness!!  Sonja Clifton, ACE/NASM Certified Professional

The course allowed me to better focus my thoughts of assessment of the golfer and looking for the golfer’s needs beyond mechanics of the golf swing. The course gave some good unique exercises utilizing the ball. I am a physical therapist and CSCS. I hope to continue to specialize in golf rehab as a side niche. This course will help give me a foundation in thought process of assessment of a golfer and I have already been using some of the exercises that were novel for current patients.  Sarah DeNoia Arruda, NSCA Certified Professional

More knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing. Offer my personal training skills and use these to develop a conditioning program for the golfing community.  Mary Soller, ACE Certified Professional

Better understanding of how to train for better performance from the course. Of course for my current golfers but also to aging clients with postural problems. Very informative.  Pamela Monteros, ACE Certified Professional

Learned new exercises with the G Ball that I never saw before. Offer a class at my golf club.  Virginia Ross, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new knowledge specific to Golf. I will use what I’ve learned on my future Golf Players.  Rudy Sleiman, ACE Certified Professional

I gained how to successfully help our clients and will use the information to help clients with the same areas of concern.  Greg Martin, ACE Certified Professional

A basic understanding of golf swing assessment and posture correction. Corporate training groups.  Autumn Smith, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new insight into how the body works as a whole from the Golf Conditioning Specialist. I will apply the material by broadening my clientele. Very in-depth.  Carter Kinsella, ACE Certified Professional

More aware of my clients’ posture and the tools to help with weaknesses. Work with clients and hold a class for other club members.  Jennifer Miller, ACE Certified Professional 

I gained a better understanding of the physical requirements for a successful golf swing. Ability to add golf-specific content to my workouts.  Pamela Cohen, NASM Certified Professional

I gained conditioning ideas and will apply with new clients.  Elizabeth Busch, ACE Certified Professional

I enjoyed learning more about the phases of the golf swing.  Deborah Arthur, ACE Certified Professional 

I have gained the knowledge to properly instruct my clients about the importance of golf conditioning.  Diane McKinnon, ACE Certified Professional

I will utilize the knowledge from this course for clients that are golf players and stress the importance of a well conditioned body to prevent injuries.  Antoinette Scaringi, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of the importance of flexibility and strength training for a proper golf swing. I can incorporate this training with my golf clients to support their posture as well as my training in nutrition  Kathleen Fryatt, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned what the trouble spots are for golfers. I will be teaching a yoga/core class for golfers.  Marjorie Olsen, ACE Certified Professional

I gained interesting ideas for a golf program. Have a broader client base.  Teresa Bilzor, ACE Certified Professional

The Golf Conditioning Specialist course provied insight on how to improve my own game, as well as provide training advice to others in my league. I hope to be able to use this when I retire and will be living in a golf community. Elaine Nosbish, ACE Certified Professional

The knowledge to design quality golf conditioning routines. As soon as I pass this exam I will be marketing Golf Conditioning at my facility.  Matthew Howrylak, ACE Certified Professional

More depth and knowledge in golf-specific/related fitness. Integrate the gained knowledge and exercises in my clients exercise session.  Maren Schuka, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of posture and assessment from the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. Great new ideas for setting up golf conditioning program.  Leanne Foster, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a further understanding of the techniques to instruct golfers to strengthen and reduce the risk of injuries to their bodies. I will spread my recently acquired knowledge to the golf community. I am very pleased with this course and very excited to start training.  James Folmar, ACE Certified Professional

Practical and applicable material that respects your intelligence, and remains user-friendly, well balanced and logical. I can now address the needs of this niche market and bring workshops to golfers outside of the gym or golf course.  Chris Peralta, ACE Certified Professional

About 1/3 of my clients play golf. The ones that do not could benefit with some of the exercises that stabilize the spine and scapula… very good information.  Scott Allen Williams, ACE Certified Professional

I will now have the ability to structure a fitness program around my clients needs as it pertains to their golf swing and game and will analyze my clients in a more structured way and build a solid fitness program for them.  Kerry Scharf, ACE Certified Professional

The course helped me gain more knowledge with the different forms of postures and how to correct these postures. I now have the knowledge to assess. I can now use the proper flexibility and strengthening exercises on the client.  Kimberly Pemberton, ACE Certified Professional

I know much better what muscles and groups to strengthen for people who want to get better in golf and I understand the background now.  Maren Schukai, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding with the use of the ball and at the same time, this course gave me an opportunity to deepen my understanding with body mechanics. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about golf conditioning.  JeanFrancois Alcantud, ACE Certified Professional

I feel that my knowledge in the G Ball has grown extensively and my clients are truly going to benefit from this course. The Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course is easy to follow and very informative. I work in an athletic center that is part of a country club, so with that being said, the members will love the fact that I now specialize in golf conditioning. I really think that the stretching and strength training I have learned with the G Ball will go a long way in our country club. Thank you.  Eric Pillard, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained valuable information on posture and the golf swing.  Lynda Lee Goldschmidt, ACE Certified Professional

I gained intricate information on golf conditioning. I will use the information for proper form and posture assessment and execution.  Leonard Yugandra s/o Jiva Ratnam

I gained knowledge on flexibility, posture, and strength for golf. I will follow the manual. start with assessment and go on from there.  Brent Palmer,ACE Certified Professional 

A greater appreciation for the mechanisms behind a proper golf swing. I have two clients who would love to improve their swing and game. The Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course was well written and followed a straightforward format.  Eduardo Garcia, ACE Certified Professional

How to do basic exercises with the G Ball or medicine ball. It will give me a broader range of exercises to offer.  Kyle Anderson, ACE Certified Professional

Great G Ball ideas for some of my older adults in the Golf Conditioning Specialist course! Have a couple men I train in their 80’s that golf, and the Golf Conditioning Specialist will surely help.  Tim Forster, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new stability ball exercises to add to my clients workouts from the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist.  I will use the ball workouts even with my none golfers. Enjoyed.  Jill Kemmerling, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge about posture and golf fitness. I can asses a client better with more knowledge about golf fitness.  Andrew Brown, NSCA Certified Professional

I learned some great exercises and stretches for my golf clients. I will add it to my daily routine. It was great.  Michael Veinot, ACE Certified Professional

Well covered material. I gained increased knowledge of G Ball exercises for golf specific movement patterns. Improved spectrum of exercise equipment for golf specific training.  Janet Gregor, Certified Professional

I was extremely impressed with the material in the Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course. The knowledge and information gained was remarkable. Thank you for such a thorough course.  Victoria Saxby, Certified Professional

Sportspecific information. Ways to enhance my practice.  Debbie Morrison

More knowledge to incorporate into our conditioning program. Better assessment of the golf swing.  Erin Kaye, Certified Professional

I have learned how to properly train and progress a client for improvements in their golf game. By creating a golf conditioning program for my business.  Tiffany DeLuca, Certified Professional

Golf mechanics. To help improve my clients who are golfers or thinking about taking up golf.  William Baccari, Certified Professional

A better understanding of a golf swing from the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. Training muscle imbalances specifically to the sport of golf and the individual. Alyse Kelly, Certified Professional

More strengthening exercises specific to the sport. Develop and implement new programs.  Thomas Tocci, Certified Professional

Assist golf clients with injury prevention and improve performance.  William D Humphries, ACE Certified Professional

New appreciation for golf. Better understanding of how to work with golfers. Thank you so much for such a speedy response. Your outstanding customer service is greatly appreciated! Have a great day!  Aubry Bright, Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding and awareness and importance of physical conditioning as it pertains to golf from the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. I work at a golf course and the many of my clients are avid golfers.  Lucia Ferrari, Certified Professional

New, fun, and useful ways to incorporate the G ball into my group fitness classes, as well as individual training. My group fitness classes are full of retired professionals who love to play golf and stay fit. This course will gives me helpful and unique exercises to incorporate for their benefit.  April Klein, Certified Professional

It is important not to focus on how far one hits a golf ball; instead, focus on how to use the body accordingly to connect the club to the ball by using appropriate core, lower, and upper body muscle harmoniously. I plan to use my knowledge to volunteer at a local First Tee golf program during the summer time. Both my kids are involved with the First Tee in San Francisco, Ca. and they love it. I want to use my skill sets to support all golfers of America.  HoYin Lai, Certified Professional, Certified Professional

The importance of core stability and flexibility in golf. Creating a sports specific routine.  Kevin F Derk, Certified Professional

Golf related exercises using the ball. Great course! It will help a lot with clients who are just starting a golf exercises program.   ileana del barco, Certified Professional

More emphasis on stability. Added benefit for golfing clients.  Joseph Hall, Certified Professional

The Golf Conditioning Specialist Certification course was great! Easy to follow and I can’t wait to start implementing it into routines with my golfing clients!  David John Tomlinson, Certified Professional

Great ideas for conditioning routines. I will apply it with all of my clients that are golf enthusiasts. Well put together.  Derek Unnasch, Certified Professional

Nice addition to current certification to work with specialty clients. Working with golfers to improve sports performance & prevent/rehab golf related injuries.  JANA BOATRIGHT

A better understanding of the muscles used in golf; the importance of posture and flexibility; and good assessment tests. I will use this in training both golf clients and non golfers; particularly the postural component.  Madonna Lucey, Certified Professional

I have gained a skill set that will complement my current career. As a current personal trainer and yoga instructor at two country clubs, I will be offering golf conditioning to the golfing members. This is an excellent course, and I am interested in additional training pertaining to golf and related skills.  Kim W Rokicki, Certified Professional

Professional approach and comfortable avenues to communicate with my clients. Adding to my professional standards.  John Neumann Dotterweich, Certified Professional

Knowledge that I did not have before. Implement the knowledge into my current programs for my clients.  Steven Glen Hamner, Certified Professional

A good working knowledge of golf training. By working directly with the golf community. It was well planned and laid out beautifully.  Gregory L. Welch, Certified Professional

An interesting approach to golf fitness using the stability ball. I work with many clients that play golf and this will aid me in helping them prepare for the upcoming seasons.  Joel Klein, Certified Professional

Sport specific exercises. In my own workouts to help my golf game and when working with recreational golfers. Easy to use and navigate.  Erin Strathman, Certified Professional

As a golfer myself I have more insight to how inflexible or unstable muscles relate to a poor swing and also how to correct various postures for the proper swing as well.  As a personal trainer and golfer I can apply this knowledge every time I go on the golf course/driving range to observe what I do and what other people do as well. it was great!  Tara Russo, Certified Professional

A strong foundation of stretches and mobility exercises for golf fitness. I will become a Golf Fitness specialist.  Ryan York, Certified Professional

Core knowledge for providing handson and structural understanding of concepts as they apply to golf. I will apply content material in providing quality guidance to clients with core postural through more advance techniques for golf fitness.  Cathy Olson, Certified Professional

How to appeal to my golf clients. Get more corporate clients.  Jacob Kemna, Certified Professional

I will assess the golfer as shown in the course material and personalize their fitness plan to meet their needs. A better knowledge of how to assess the golfer and how to help improve their game through fitness training.  Barbara Wasserkrug, Certified Professional

A good understanding of the relationship between strength/flexibility and the golf swing. Teach clients and friends about the relationship of strength/flexibility to the golf swing and incorporate it into my own golf game.  Bryan M Jaret, Certified Professional

Implement my knowledge to my current clients that are involved in golf.  Frank Patino, Certified Professional

This course has offered basic skills and data which helps understand how to train clients.  I will use assessment testing and programs to help start training clients.  Omega Mejia, Certified Professional

The knowledge and ability to strengthen the muscles and increase the flexibility required for an optimum golf swing. Use the exercises.  Heather Diamond, Certified Professional

I feel prepared to design a complete program for the golf enthusiast. I like the use of the G ball as it is practical and easy to carry around. I can start promoting golf conditioning to those clients that are serious golfers as well as acquiring more clients that want to train for that specific purpose.   Adriana M Welborn, Certified Professional

How to use the G BALL. When appropriate to the progression level and need of client.  John Dodson, Certified Professional

Knowledge regarding posture fixes and G Ball routines. For avid golfers, working on posture and core strength.  Samantha Sinnett, Certified Professional

I am now able to work out all different types of age groups while really being able to focus on posture, stability, and can express how crucial stretching is. I will be able to use all of what I learned in my new golf trainings as well as use the stretching and strengthening techniques in my old work outs to give them a nice twist! I enjoyed the pace of the course and would recommend it to anybody trying to better their golf game or posture.  Dustin Abrams, Certified Professional

Posture assessment and appropriate stretches and strengthening for each disorder. Have already utilized some of the stretches and strengthening for non-golfers. I am looking forward to implementing with golfers.  Ruth Lee, Certified Professional

Knowledge of how the body works as a golfer!!  Craig Bayer, NSCA Certified Professional

I learned an appropriate way to program golf conditioning. I teach golf so it will work to my job.  Taiki Miyazaki, Certified Professional

Validation and further knowledge of biomechanics to apply to my golf teaching and fitness training. I teach golf and train, will incorporate concepts into both fields daily. Liked it Good!  Nicole Cavarra, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained extensive knowledge of overall correct and incorrect postures as well as the exercises to help with proper posture. The exercises and stretches have been very useful, not only to golfers, but each client I train. Most clients I encounter have postural issues or lack of flexibility. This course is tailored to those particular individuals.  Carl Euler Schilling, AFPA Certified Trainer

A way to help teach my clients new ideas to help there golf game. I have a lot of clients that play golf and I will use it to reach out to future ones.  George Tichacek, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge of how to assess posture, flexibility and strength associated with the golf swing and exercises to improve these functions. I will use the correcting exercises for kyphotic and lordotic postures with current clients I know to have these problems and implement the golf specific assessments with my clients who enjoy the game. Very professional and simple to apply immediately.  Shauna Kim Dutton, ACE Certified Professional

Additional Swiss ball exercises for scap stability, and I like the posture handout for assessments. I will apply some of the information to my golf clients.  Rudy Peters, NSCA, NASM Certified Professional


Knowledge of which muscles and exercises prepare a client to play golf without injury. Moved to golf community where I plan to use this knowledge. I have always used the exercise ball in strength training clients.  Marlene Finberg, ACE Certified Professional

Confidence in assessment and reinforcement of basic and more advanced fitness skills which are more specific to golfers.  Jennifer Peldiak, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned what may cause injuries in golf. I now know how to help prevent these injuries by preforming a proper assessment and exercise routine. I will work in more proper posture alignment exercises. Very informative about posture and injury to the golfer.  Kimberly D. Pemberton, ACE Certified Professional

Information on how posture analysis can affect changes in the golf swing. Encourage clients to develop stability, flexibility, and strength in order to improve performance.  Richard S Perry, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained more knowledge about what is needed to become a better golf trainer. I have many clients that enjoy golfing. I think they will be able to use what i show them to their advantage, and become better at the game.  Sean Howard, ACE & ACSM Certified Professional

The ability to use the G Ball effectively and I will be using the exercises that was taught to me in the course. It was great and I would recommend it to anyone!!  Timothy Craig Boswell, NFPT Certified Professional

Better understanding of flexibility and stabilization necessary to improve the golf swing. Support clients who are long time golfers so they can continue to play the game.  Beverly Sable, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned how to help golfers with the balance exercises from the GMP Fitness Conditioning Specialist Course. I am eager to use those same exercises with some of my regular clients as well. I will be able to use this material not only for golfers, but also for any of my clients with muscle imbalances or postural deviations. Thank you!   Caleb Johannes, ACE Certified Professional

Simplicity and variety for clients. simple and effective protocols for beginners and advanced practitioners. Great Job!  Kevin Clyne, NASM Certified Professional

I have learned a lot more about golf than I ever thought possible from the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. I have learned the importance of fully assessing posture before trying to move to quickly to the ‘training’ step. I have gained quite a bit of knowledge and am thrilled! I work with some clients who play golf, so I will incorporate some of the exercises to help them improve their golf game/score, their flexibility, strength, and stability, not to mention their balance so that overall they will feel better and look better on the golf course!.  Nadja Lewis, NASM Certified Professional

Golf conditioning ideas. Good course.  Javed Mazhar, Certified Professional

I have gained  knowledge, additional understanding and easy to follow exercise programs addressing specific issues. I will apply and integrate into all my classes and personal training.  Donna Lee Brooker, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge through this course and it has given me new insight in an area I was not very familiar with: golfing. I hope to apply this information to any future client I may have.  David Rodriguez, ACE Certified Professional

I learned how to train golfers and work with golfers to attain more distance and avoid injury from the Golf Conditioning Specialist course.  Albert Eng, ACE Certified Professional

The Golf Conditioning Specialist has helped build my background knowledge about golf conditioning. Good information and simple to follow.  Kelli Goodwin, ACE Certified Professional

I learned new ways to use the G ball and also how to train golfers/ improver posture from the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. I will now start working closely with golfers to help them develop their game and have better posture in everyday life.  Cody Galbraith, ACE Certified Professional

New ideas and exercises to help not only my clients but also myself in maintaining a healthy body and enhancing my golf game.I will  apply the content by incorporating more exercises targeting specific areas that will help with flexibility, strength and balance. Enjoyed the PDF and DVD’s that were included.  Cindy Hocott, AFPA Certified Professional

Golf Conditioning Specialist provided a better explanation of golf swing mechanics. I will use the exercises and stretches to help clients train their muscles correctly.  Meredith Will, ACE Certified Professional

I gained very specific and important information for training and conditioning golfers from the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist. I will use this information daily as the majority of the clients I train are golfers.   Elizabeth Schepis, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of how to identify and treat issues with a persons posture, that is not only beneficial for golf, but everyday life from the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. Most of my clients are golfers & this content will greatly enhance the type of training I offer.  Daniel Greaves,III, AFPA Certified Professional

I expanded my knowledge of using the Gball from the Golf Conditioning Specialist. Increase my capability to assist my clients with golf conditioning.  Joey Frazier, ISSA Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of how the muscles work to assist with the golf swing from the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist course. I will be teaching a course in the winter of 2016 on fitness and golf.  Kenneth Cocklin, WITS Certified Professional

I didn’t realize the benefits of training with a GBALL until I took the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist course. It will be much easier to help clients (athletically and non)work on the intricate muscles that support the body structure and proper movement.  Marion Andrew Till, ACE Certified Professional

I learned how to address postural abnormalities. Also common golf swing faults and quick fixes from the Golf Conditioning Specialist course. I will do all the assessments first. Work on posture,balance,flexibility,stability and strength. It is very well designed program.  Maria Panaiotov, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new ways to use the fitness ball from the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. I will be able to use versatile equipment for all athletes.  Heidi Quist, ACE Certified Professional

I gained skills on coaching for better posture and guidance to pain free golf. I will apply most of the posture fixing exercises.  Anel Dzafic, ACE Certified Professional

I gained information on how to help eliminate back injuries and pain and how to strengthen the core. I will you apply the content while training golfers and clients with and without back pain.  Brian Newman, ACE Certified Professional

I gained the understanding of how much there really is to know about the game and proper conditioning from the GMP Fitness  Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. I am going to teach our golf conditioning program at our park district with another instructor.  Patricia J. Tooren, ACE Certified Professional

I gained the very next level in golf conditioning from the GMP Fitness Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. in my every day work. Thank you for putting all this material together.  Fernando G. Parola, WITS Certified Professional

Knowledge of different ways to strengthen a golfer, improve their posture, and increase flexibility through various exercises mainly using the G Ball. Help golfers establish an exercise routine to help improve their game.  Dena Turner, ISSA Certified Professional

I gained a new way to assess golfers and design their workout with the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course. Different way to help my clients get better at golf. I will do a lot more G Ball activities to the workout and I will use what I have learned in this course to help my clients who golf. It was a great course. Easy to follow along.  Kristopher Kersey, ACE Certified Professional

I gained an in-depth knowledge of golf fitness and conditioning. I have gained the understanding of the relationship between physical fitness and the golf swing. I gained confidence in my instruction as well by following the information given in the course. I will be applying this information by my instruction and by my own use during my golf career. This content has allowed me to expand my role as a trainer and as a golf instructor. I have applied this content to every aspect of my professional golf instruction. This course was well worth it and is very useful in many many ways.  Mitchell Paeth, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained more professionalism. I will apply through the sessions of personal training for my client. Excellent.  Alfonso Anzalotta, ISSA Certified Professional

I have a much better understanding of the mechanics used in a successful golf swing. The assessments will be very helpful with my clients. As Lifestyle Director for a Top 100 Golf Course community, it’s essential that I understand the fitness needs of our members. This course has given me that information and I’m looking forward to introducing these tools.  Tracy Haaland, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of the golf swing, and many stretches and exercises for the small muscle groups involved in the swing. I will incorporate the exercises into many of my client’s programs to improve their golf game. I will also market myself as a Golf Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer.  Sonja K. Downing, ACE Certified Professional

I have a new understanding of how to assess posture, strength, flexibility and balance. I learned how to assess a golfer’s swing and to make adjustments to all parts of the swing. I learned lots of new exercises on the GBall. I will use it to assess and train almost all of my clients, whether they are golfers or not.  James E. Colt, ACE Certified Professional

Excellent Info! Very comprehensive. Can’t wait to implement the techniques in this course.  Al Cooper, ACE Certified Professional

I thought it was very well organized and thorough. Definitely worthwhile.  Jill Minner, ACE Certified Professional

I have acquired ways to tailor exercise programs for clients focused on improving their golf game.  Julie Schimel, ACE Certified Professional

I am a university professor of Exercise Science and Sport Studies, so I will incorporate some of the information into my classes.  Vanessa K. MacKinnon, ACE Certified Professional

I am working with clients during early spring for the golf season. These exercises and tips will be an addition to my routines used with them. The book is a great resource for me. Thank you!  Lindsay Rentz, ACE Certified Professional

Well-organized, designed and comprehensive.  Linda Schissel, ACE Certified Professional

I really enjoyed learning the stretches and exercises. I have been a PT for years, but these exercises were different than the classics. Very well put together. Thanks!  Crissy Schober, ACE Certified Professional

The program is presented in a manner that is very easy to follow and brings together golfing and personal training very smoothly.  Tyler Kahl, NSPA Certified Professional

This was very well laid out and will be helpful to use in the instruction of exercises for golf conditioning.  Mary Helen Brock, Certified Professional

This course has a lot to offer for the fitness professional who wants to diversify their client base. It has easy to follow exercises and flexibility progressions and is well suited for golfers from beginners to accomplished players.  Gary Larrison, ACE Certified Professional

In depth knowledge. Apply in my personal training sessions and golf swing analysis. – Steven Cockram, ACE Certified Professional

Great course. Well done.   Ryan Thilgen, Certified Professional

Very good use of the ball. Excellent stretches.  Brian Wise, Certified Professional

This course has really helped me incorporate a lot of the golf exercises and stretches for my personal training clients that play golf. They love it.  Jennifer Calle, Certified Professional

Great Program. I look forward to training new golf clients.  Jimmy Rogers, Certified Professional

I recently relocated to a golf community in NC and this program will be very helpful. I really like the support materials and clients handouts.  Judith McCord, Certified Professional

I plan to use the skills and exercises that I have learned to teach golf conditioning program this winter. A great job.  Jemetta Hunt, Certified Professional

Excellent exercises that I have been able to put to work immediately with my clients.  Don Duval, Certified Professional

Great course for people looking to increase client retention.  Patrick Sawyer, Certified Professional

Loved the program. I learned so much and it was very well thought out, planned and organized. Thank you.  Christy Mishler, Certified Professional

The way the course was laid out was very helpful. Additionally, all exercises were explained in depth. I found this course very helpful.  Alexandra Murray, Certified Professional

Very Informative! Enjoyed it very much!  Libby Zimm, Certified Professional

Overall the course was detailed and put together nicely.  Christopher P. Hurley, Certified Professional

I really enjoyed this course. I’ve learned a lot from the information provided. It was very detailed, very progressive and very challenging.  Reginald D. Edwards, Certified Professional

The course was very informative and educational. I have been in the business in 16 years and still learned some new things…thank you.  Bill Taylor, Certified Professional

I really like the idea of the fitness ball, especially for my older clients. This course was very easy to understand and I know it will be very helpful for my training.  Patrick Coats, Certified Professional

Wonderful program. Thank you so much for developing such a great learning tool.  Anne Marie Bryant, Certified Professional

A wonderful compilation of knowledge and extremely helpful information.  Vikram Sethl, Certified Professional

I thought the course was full of a lot of great information and was well presented.  Patricia Vazquez, Certified Professional

I feel this program will be very beneficial to my clients. It has opened up a new area for me to broaden my field.  Joseph Bryant, Certified Professional

The course is very nicely organized.  Rima Bakaitis, Certified Professional

Excellent Program! I will recommend this program to my fitness staff. Thank you.  Evin Garretson, Certified Professional

Really enjoyed the course. Lots of new information. Looking forward to adding golf conditioning to my services.  Steve Madden, Certified Professional

Very informative I have already incorporated some of the exercises and stretches with my current clients with good results.  Debbie Woodruff, Certified Professional

I think the course was well put together and will help me move ahead in the professional training field.  Eric R. Campbell, Certified Professional

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