Functional Training Certification Reviews

Functional Training Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Functional Training Specialist

The Functional Training Certification course gives techniques to enhance athleticism, improve performance, create cross-training conditioning plans and train to function at the highest level.

See how personal trainers and other professionals are utilizing the skills they learned from the Functional Training Certification course with their clients.

Safe, simple, easy for clients!! The exercises in the Functional Training Certification course are great for my clients … to continue their practice between and sessions. I appreciate the depth of review the Course provided. – Lucy Bartimole, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

Top quality professional training! Very impressed with the instruction, presentation and information. learned so much. Can’t wait to incorporate into my fitness plan! Easy to understand format. Very thankful! – Joanna Parsons, WITS  Certified Personal Trainer

Easy to follow. very thorough! Would recommend the Functional Training Certification to anyone looking for new safe and effective ways to work on core strength. The G Ball is a great piece of equipment to vary routines! – Kasie Sullivan, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Awesome functional training course!!! Sharing this knowledge. Teaching clients the proper way of being flexible when it comes to fitness. A big difference in any training program. – Earl Jacob, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

This functional training program really helped my health and fitness business to become a better trainer to help my clients in other ways. – S.F, Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained new and different functional training techniques to pass along to my clients, to improve their workouts! I will bring this knowledge back to my department and pass the information along to other members. I will also help other members in need of getting started in a workout! This was a very knowledgeable course that taught good material! I will be using this information in my career! – Joan G, Certified Personal Trainer

I learned so many new techniques with the stability ball in the Functional Training Certification program! I am going to incorporate these with all of my clients to let them know there are more fun and easy ways to exercise and stretch! – Lindsey P., Certified Personal Trainer

Very well done. I will most certainly use these exercises/stretches with my clients. Thank you. – P.B, Certified Personal Trainer

I think the Functional Training Certification program is progressive in nature and a welcome addition to the traditional fitness information professionals receive. – Lee Kaleikini, Certified Personal Trainer

Become a Certified Functional Training Specialist

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