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Jill Csillag, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Auto-immune disorders are on the rise, and as a personal trainer, I am seeing more and more clients battling them. I think it’s vital for a personal trainer to be well rounded with a solid understanding of various health issues that our clients may face. There is no one-size-fits-all program in this field, and it’s absolutely essential that personal trainers not only understand chronic health issues, but also be able to write a program designed for THAT specific client.

I already had a basic understanding of Fibromyalgia from the first GMP course I took, titled “Fibromyalgia Health Specialist 1.” This particular course went into much more depth not only about the condition, but how to manage pain in your day to day life. It was very interesting to learn about how a person with Fibromyalgia responds different to stimuli than a person not afflicted by it. I sincerely feel that more trainers should study this type of course material to benefit their clients.

My target client base is women aged 30-65, and many of them are suffering from various auto-immune conditions. It’s my responsibility as a trainer to be educated about not only HOW the body works, but HOW the body may react differently to exercise when one is afflicted with health challenges. I now feel well armed with a wealth of knowledge in writing exercise prescriptions for my clients who may be suffering with Fibromyalgia and similar auto-immune disorders. I feel confident that my exercise plans will enable my clients to grow stronger without compromising their health & comfort while doing so.

Absolutely loved this course! I learned so very much about Fibromyalgia and all that it encompasses. GMP Fitness courses are laid out extremely well, and it’s easy for me to study the material and comprehend it completely. Not only is the content top notch, but the graphics and illustrations are exceptional and really help to reinforce the material.

Desiree Nowaczyk, LPTA, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Life Coach

I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this Certification Course! I have gained a deeper understanding of the signs, symptoms and care for individuals with Fibromyalgia. I now comprehend why there is so much confusion and controversy with regard to this syndrome. This course has opened my eyes to the importance of equipping my clients with resources and knowledge to care for their bodies. I am equipped to guide my clients with empathy and empower them with techniques for health enhancement.

I am still mentally digesting the depth of this course and all the valuable information. I intend to compile some of the highlights of this course and put them into an outline. I may teach courses, organize a support group or simply educate each individual as I correspond and assist them along there path of well being.

It is my hope that more fitness professionals with take initiative and educate themselves on this very prevalent syndrome. In my opinion every fitness educator should be informed on the complications of Fibromyalgia and how they may play a role in educating and supporting their clients. The guidance provided in this course is useful for all trainers and for clients with various health challenges. Alternative and complimentary therapies compliment the bodies innate wisdom to heal and great trainers should be informed on the variety of modalities and interventions that are available.

Each module had a corresponding section for notes along with activities and sample test questions. These served as a wonderful review of the information within each module.

Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional, Master Trainer

An amazing resource for any individual who might be diagnosed or a family member or friend who has FM. This course provides a great amount of information for managing, living with FM along resources to seek out for possible treatments and/or organizations to seek further help.

Using the information learned in this course, as a trainer I can safely aid any client who might suffer from FM with a safe conditioning and stretching program and hopefully educate this specific population help manage this disease to ease their pain and discomfort.

I have gained the knowledge to better identify the conditions and recognize the signs & symptoms that commonly occur with FM. Along with a better understanding of alternate treatments and to better manage stress, relaxation, flare-ups and an appropriate conditioning/stretching program for any client with FM.

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