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Jill Csillag, ACE Certified Professional

I already had a basic understanding of Fibromyalgia from the first GMP Fitness course I took, titled Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 1. Level 1 covered the basics of Fibromyalgia and how it can affect one’s quality of life, as well as traditional medicine options and complimentary treatments. It also provided information on how exercise and lifestyle can help to control symptoms, as well as ways to encourage new clients who may have the condition. Level #1 is a wonderful course to learn about the issues a person living with Fibromyalgia may have, as well as some coping techniques.

The Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 2 Course went into much more detail not only about the history of the condition, but how to manage pain in your day to day life. It provides in depth information on other medical conditions that may also accompany Fibromyalgia, and offers effective solutions for treating symptoms. These include, but are not limited to: optimal nutrition, mastering coping and communication skills, flare management medications, mind-body practices, and also provides insight on the benefits of yoga to help ease symptoms. It also highlighted the subject of intimacy and problems associated with it, as well as therapeutic exercise benefits.

The two Levels are a great compliment to each other. Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 1 begins the discussion by introducing Fibromyalgia to the reader, possible causes, potential impact it has on those afflicted with it, and offers suggestions on complimentary therapies. Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 2 goes much more into depth of the condition, providing more detailed hypothesis as to the causes of Fibromyalgia, and more integrative therapies that may offer relief to the patient. Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 1 is a great starting point and following it up with Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 2 really reinforces the material and expounds all the key components of Fibromyalgia as a chronic condition.

Upon completion of the two Levels, the student will be well informed of Fibromyalgia and all that it encompasses and capable of providing qualified exercise instruction to hold the Specialist Credential of Fibromyalgia Health Management Specialist.

Desiree Nowaczyk, Physical Therapist Assistant, Yoga Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Green Living Coach and Holistic Life Coach

Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 1 provided an excellent introduction for understanding the condition, signs, symptoms and management strategies.

It included conventional and alternative therapies and these were discussed as a means for contending with, and or, treating the challenges related to Fibromyalgia syndrome.

It incorporated ways to encourage and empower the patient providing and giving the trainer a solid foundation for working with clients.

Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 2 compliments and builds upon level. A detailed view of the syndrome is provided along with an exploration of integrative therapies. Lifestyle changes, pain management, proper nourishment, finding support, stress management, along with emotional spiritual and mental health are a few of many topics within this course. Emphasis is placed on preparing the fitness professional for implementation of therapeutic exercise.

Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 2 provides specific exercises guidelines, ROM activities and mind body movement options.

Upon completion of Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Level 1 and Level 2 the trainer/professional will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and materials to provide a well rounded program for well being and self management.

The Fibromyalgia Health Specialist Courses are valuable tools in educating oneself on being able to identify fibromyalgia,

I only have praise regarding this continuing education course. I learned about many complementary therapies which are a wonderful compliment to a fitness regimen.