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Very easy to follow and understand. Definitely would recommend this to a co-worker. I’ve learned how to improve trunk, shoulder, rotator cuff, core stabilization, balance, flexibility and strength. I will implement the exercises with the G Ball and resistance cord in my fitness routines within my group fitness class.  Marie LaManes, ACE Certified Professional

New ideas and ways to explain to clients what the exercises are, why we do them and how to modify or intensify as necessary. I have already used many of the exercises and feel confident in explaining to the client what muscle groups are involved, how they work, etc. Great program. I liked Gina’s style of explaining each exercise and stretch.  Carol V. Figurido, ACE Certified Professional

Easy to follow and explained very well. The DVD is a great visual to the written material.  Cheryl Oechsle, WITS Certified Professional

Good new exercises to use. Use some of the exercises with myself and my clients. Gina is a very good instructor.  Jerry Hoskey, ACE Certified Professional

Easy to teach techniques designed for the clientele I work with.  Daniel Murphy, WITS Certified Professional

I gained a more specific approach to functional training. I understand the connection with movement and muscles better. I know why I do an exercise and how to do it. This program fits very well with the ACE (IFT) Model for Exercise Program Design.  Remi Falqet, ACE Certified Professional

I really enjoyed the class.  I’m looking forward to ordering my next one.  The information was priceless.  Willie Mae Burns, WITS Certified Professional

I will use every aspect of this block of instruction with my work. I really enjoyed it. It really challenged me, in that, it forced me to relearn & remember some things that I have not used or thought about in a while. Great Course!  Stephen Anthony King, WITS Certified Professional

The DVD and CD compliment each other. Good to have for any at home or CEC instruction. There are definitely plenty of good exercises to offer students.  Sharon Smith, Certified Professional

Great info! Thank you very much. I now have more ideas on how to use the G Ball for myself and those I help train. This course will make setting up programs much easier. Looking forward to taking more!  John Zajac, ACE Certified Professional

Glad to have this course as a resource. I have a greater appreciation for the importance of stabilization and core strengthening. Also ideas to implement with clients.  Natalie Radcliffe, ACE Certified Professional

I did the shoulder workout regularly and it eliminated my shoulder problem I have had for 8 months. I am impressed especially with the rotator. You’re course is excellent, not only from an instructors standpoint, but it zero’s in on very specific areas that always need attention for any athletic level and sport, from beginner to pro.  Tammy May, WITS Certified Professional

The material was easy to follow and comprehend. I especially liked the client handouts and evaluations forms.  Monica Trust, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained experience relating to Stability ball use and also resistance band use. This content will be extremely beneficial to my work, especially when working with clients with postural issues or sports injuries.  Todd Arthur Jager, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained more knowledge on how to create a client’s program that requires more postural balance and immediate assistance on muscle imbalance. I deal with clients that need to improve their physical conditions everyday. This course has results, is very useful and so easy to follow. I will apply the content of this course on my daily personal training assistance.  Sabrina Alicata, WITS Certified Professional

This program gave me a greater awareness of how to use the stability ball. The program was also divided into areas of concern (lower back,upper back and neck, shoulder care) that my clients can benefit from, like gaining good posture, muscle strength, flexibility and stability. Correct exercises for these areas and the muscles that the exercises targeted was also covered. The DVD was helpful in seeing the correct way to do the exercises and an explanation of the exercise was covered during each of the sections. I have already started using it with my clients. I see the benefits of knowing how to use the stability ball for certain areas of the body. This will help me target areas for my clients needs. Thank you also for calling back when I had a question about the course. I will definitely encourage my friends to look into these types of programs in the near future and continue learning more through your courses.  Ligia Cosgren, WITS Certified Professional

Loved the course. Very informative and well put together. I have gained an excellent understanding and knowledge of the advantages of the G Ball. I will implement many more G Ball routines for my clients.  Sean Arnold, WITS Certified Professional

Great course and wonderful customer service! Will definitely take more courses!  Mersetta, ACE Certified Professional

I will recommend this course to other training professionals. The exercises reduce stress on the body while achieving good results. The course provided me with ideas to incorporate into my training programs.  Anthony Rhodes, WITS Certified Professional

This advanced course was fantastic.  Anthony Dannunzio, ACE Certified Professional

This course has increased my knowledge on how to properly execute multiple exercises for the safety of the members taking my classes. I feel more confident on how to properly coach them. Very useful information. There were many exercise examples that I will be trying to work into my classes.  Stacey Reif, ACE Certified Professional

Helpful exercises. Love the charts. Certainly will use many exercises as a trainer and brought attention to safety and care.  Cara Cherny, ACE Certified Professional

I will recommend this course to other training professionals. The exercises reduce stress on the body while achieving good results. The course provided me with ideas to incorporate into my training programs.  Anthony Rhodes, WITS Certified Professional

Excellent education to provide my clients with safe and effective exercises. By educating my clients on proper form that I learned through this course to provide safer exercises. I recommend this course to all fitness professionals, but especially to newer fitness professionals because the fact that the course is very simple to follow let alone learn from. Very educational.  Brad Lee Severson, ACE Certified Professional

I have a better understanding of which exercises to use, and how to coach my clients through these exercises. I will frequently use the flexibility and strengthening exercises with all of my clients and in small group classes. I enjoyed the simple straight-forward coaching techniques provided.  Cindy Cantayre, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new ways to use the swiss ball or G ball. Implement different exercises into my routines for clients  Shane Kutterbach, ACE Certified Professional

The importance of warming up and using specific exercises. I will apply the content in personal training and add creative ideas to group exercise classes. I had an understanding about the rotator cuff muscles, but this course really helped me reinforce and deepen my knowledge.  Stephanie Smid, ACE Certified Professional

The anatomy charts were very useful. Excellent layout as usual.  Therese Ann Frazier

I gained simple exercises to help clients prevent or recover from a back or shoulder injury. I will use a lot of these exercises and stretches for my current clients and myself. Good information! Many people use the G Ball but don’t know all the different uses for it.  Shelly L. Davis, ACE Certified Professional

I gained many exercises with the G Ball and how to use the G Ball.  Janice R Provost, ACE Certified Professional

Gave me lots of ideas on how to use the G Ball which I would never have thought of. It definitely provided a more innovative ways to make use of the G Ball. Apply this knowledge to students.  Tan Cheng June, ACE Certified Professional

A good range of solid overall program(s) for use for a wide variety of client populations. As a master trainer, I can utilize any one of these programs for my entire clientele to continue with their fitness goals and functional training. This course can be utilized with any fitness level or population of clientele, which would be a great addition to any fitness program.  Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

It has refreshed my skills and helped me designed my training programs a little more specific to the client. Depending on someones goals I can design a program which incorporates dedicated strength and flexibility and postural awareness. I liked the layout of the course and the summary guidelines.  Donna Johnston, ACE Certified Professional

Expanded my knowledge of exercises, stretches, warm ups, and balance exercises with the G Ball. I would use it to help my clients increase flexibility and balance and will feel more confident when working with the exercise ball.  Corey B Light, ACE Certified Professional

A multitude of stretches and strengthening routines. Will start incorporating several stretches and exercises with existing clients.  Kerren Lynch-Gallagher, ACE Certified Professional

Exercises I have already used with individual clients as well as in my classes, particularly helpful were the ones for the rotator cuff and rear deltoid. Also this was my first experience with the resistance cord. Already reaping the benefits!  Cheryl C. Brown, CI Certified Professional

Starting to work with older clients, so it was helpful to see the progressions. It will assist in creating programs for my older clients.  Marie E. Buckle, ACE Certified Professional

I gained more exercises to perform using the stability ball to gain more strength and flexibility. i will be able to have more knowledge for clients and exercises strengthening the back and shoulders as well as building the core and stability.  Daniel Usher, WITS Certified Professional

Specific and alternative exercises related to shoulder strengthening. Many clients have instability and imbalance in shoulder muscles. I will use these exercises to stabilize and strengthen.  Patricia Cox, ACE Certified Professional

I gained more exercises using the G Ball and a better understanding of exercises that promote better posture and balance. I will use many of these exercises on clients with poor posture and for clients who want to improve their golf and tennis games. good course.  Lana Cooksey, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve learned new stretching techniques for the entire body. I’ll will apply the new stretch techniques to my client’s program.  Myrie Jackson, ACE Certified Professional

My mom has Parkinson’s Disease, and many of the stretch and flexibility exercises will be good for her.  Leslie Brady, ACE Certified Professional

I have always used a G Ball in my work. This affirms it’s usage Great for CPT’s who are just starting out in order to understand stabilization.  Neal Scott Graham Jr, ACE Certified Professional

Will help with clients. Great course. Needed CEU’s.  Stacie Ringleb, ACE Certified Professional

I learned how versatile the stability ball is. And I think it is perfect for older individuals. I will use the material I learned on many of my clients that need core stabilization.   Brie Brown

Learning about physical therapy movement. For my massage clients. Loved you outline very easy to follow. Thanks Craig. Craig Bayer

New exercise ideas for my client with 3 spinal fusions. Will use stability ball exercises for upper back and neck.  Fenlynn Valaesr, ACE Certified Professional

New stretches and strength exercises. great shoulder stretch/strength info. Will incorporate into barre class or suggest stretches to clients. Casey Slaughter, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge on shoulder/rotator cuff care and exercise. Concentrate more on flexibility of the shoulder area before and after using weights.  Nancy E. Walter, WITS Certified Professional

All of the exercises I am pretty familiar with, but it’s nice to reinforce the basics again. I already do some or most of this type of with clients, a lot of this is corrective and ironing out imbalances  which is very important with newer clients, as they all are in the beginning! Nicely designed!  Lee Kennon, ACE Certified Professional

New exercises for upper body using resistance bands and stability balls. I will use the exercises with either one-on-one clients or in group fitness classes.  Jaime A Levkoff, ACE Certified Professional

I have a greater appreciation for the shoulder muscles. I will share my new knowledge with everyone. Many of my clients are over the age of 45, female. A main complaint about their body image is their arms are weak and or fatty. I will share the ball exercises to gently start to tone and strengthen the upper arms and back.  Susan Ann Soughersf, AFPA Certified Professional

Knowledge in using the g ball. knowledge in becoming an exercise development specialist. The course will help me use new tactics with my clients when training them. Everything was clear and concise with the material given.  Matthew T. Maher, WITS Certified Professional

Reinforced my knowledge and offered additional ideas. I will apply the content through group fitness classes. The course is very thorough and easy to follow. Thank you.  Jill Minner, ACE Certified Professional

Refresher on muscles, movements. The functional training is complementary to my style of training.  Cathy Gatzke, ACE Certified Professional

I gained How enhancing my education benefits my clients.  Katie Danaher, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new ideas and I will utilize more stability exercises. Great course!  Barbara Bowen, ACE Certified Professional

New exercises that will help my clients gain flexibility and full range of motion. I will be using the exercises during the sessions with clients.  Kristina Holter, AFPA/ACE Certified Professional

A new way of working with clients.  Margaret Russo, WITS Certified Professional

I gained a greater understand of exercises that are possible with the G Ball. I will incorporate specific stretches and strengthening movements in workouts.  Amy Nielander, ACE Certified Professional

Made me think outside the box with ideas. The course will allow me to work more with the senior population.  Michael Heim, ACE Certified Professional

I gained new ideas for functional training exercises. Into the workouts I make for others, as well as for my own health! Thanks!  Haley Riegel, WITS Certified Professional

I gained more routines. For in-home training use and for seniors.  John H Fitzgerald, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge of what muscles are affected in injuries and how to strengthen the body / I train 10-80 year olds, and I will implement many of the specific ball techniques.  Rebecca Lee Ward, Certified Professional

I gained more knowledge, ideas and skills. I will apply some of the new techniques and exercises I learned to use with my clients.The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing.  Tim Hetz, ACE Certified Professional

A greater knowledge of the muscles and the importance on working anterior and posterior muscles. I will apply towards my group fitness classes.  Shelby Williams, ACE Certified Professional

Better knowledge on training to improve balance and flexibility. Will be able to better plan exercise routines using resistance cord and stability ball. well explained  Ally Ramadhani-Njama, ACE Certified Professional

New ideas in writing exercise programs specific to my clients needs. I will rethink the use of the stability ball with my senior clients. Very helpful and creative uses of the ball and bands!  Lauren Ashby, AFPA Certified Professional

Great refresher!!! Use the instructions from the course to enhance my skills.  Keith White, WITS Certified Professional

The idea that the stability ball will improve the benefits of the exercises. I will be offering my clients Corrective Exercise classes adding some of the techniques in this course.  Elizabeth Jordan, AFPA Certified Professional

Learning how to better design programs for clients. Gave me more ideas.  Jillian Skinner, ACE Certified Professional

ACE credits. More ideas for my classes. Bring in exercises for my clientele  Linda F. Gilmore, ACE Certified Professional

How to better use my stability balls. Add a stability ball class.  Ashley Gray, Certified Professional

Additional ideas for upper back/shoulder/rotator cuff strengthening and stretching. In training and classes.  Suzannah Plant, Certified Professional

I’ve learned that with proper stretching and strengthening techniques, rotator cuff injuries can be prevented.  Renee’ Falconio, Certified Professional

New exercise ideas and combinations. I will work with the clients to make sure they are getting stronger.  Jacquelyn Baird, Certified Professional

A deeper understanding of stretching for the shoulders. Enhanced stretching for the advanced in age. Great!  Stephen Taylor, Certified Professional

I am convinced that the stability ball is the best way to strengthen major muscles groups and all stabilizing muscles without risk of injury. I will use this information in developing individual exercise programs, and I will encourage all clients to use the stability ball.  Tamaria S. Fetzer, Certified Professional

I’ve gained a much wider base of exercises to use with clients. I will use this to work with a number of clients who find it difficult to do floor exercises due to age or injury.  Tammy Schyve, Certified Professional

I learned the Nuts & Bolts knowledge of the aging process. How to help myself, as well as clients. This course will enhance empathy and patience toward clients, increased understanding of their population’s special needs and restrictions. I’d like to share this info with coworkers. I work at the YMCA and it would be great for all the staff to have this knowledge. It will foster care, understanding, and concern for our older members.  Pamela Vanoteghem, Certified Professional

Loved the course. Very informative and well put together. I have gained an excellent understanding and knowledge of the advantages of the G Ball. I will implement many more G Ball routines for my clients.  Sean Arnold, Certified Professional

This advanced course was fantastic.  Anthony Dannunzio, Certified Professional

The information will prove valuable especially for the baby boomer crowd who are beginning to experience lower back issues. Great info to pass onto the younger generation to prevent future problems.  Tina Stephenson, WITS Certified Professional

I will start using the G Ball with some of my clients. I have gained new and creative ideas to develop balance, flexibility and symmetry.  Jeffrey Butler, Certified Professional

I have learned some great exercises for the shoulder that I am excited to use with several of my clients. This course will be very helpful and applicable for several of my clients with limitations in need of great exercises with a variety of modifications.  Laura Thoma, Certified Professional

Great course! This course has opened up the variety of exercises I will use to help my in-home clients succeed in reaching there fitness goals.  Robert Williams, Certified Professional

Thank you so very much! Your course was very informative. I can apply this information to help my clients.  Cheryl Epstein, Certified Professional

I found that the information presented about the shoulder was particularly helpful to me. Several of my clients like to pay strong attention to their chest development. I need to introduce more shoulder work for balance and posture.  David Ferrill, Certified Professional

I have learned different routines using the G Ball and better use of the ball, for strength, stability and flexibility.  Donna Thibodeau, Certified Professional

I have  gained new techniques with the G Ball  from this continuing education course. I will use with everyone who is a new client.  Edward Alligier, Certified Professional

I have gained more knowledge on how to create a client’s program that requires more postural balance and immediate assistance on muscle imbalance. i deal with clients that need to improve their physical conditions everyday. This course has results, is very useful and so easy to follow. i will apply the content of this course on my daily personal training assistance.  Sabrina Alicata, Certified Professional

This course has reminded me of some things i had learned before and also got to learn more stuff especially with the strength training. Every time i attend to a client i know i am more than ready to bring up some new workouts and that’s always makes it fun.  Ebrahim Kayeri , Certified Professional

Very informative and easy to follow. I have gained further knowledge in how to train clients.  Crystal Gadin, Certified Professional

I have learned new exercise and will be adding more ball exercises as a added challenge to my clients routines. Very well put together. Thank you.  Monica M. Villarreal, Certified Professional

I learned other variations in performing exercises with the shoulder, low back and upper back.  Mariah Siedler, Certified Professional

This course was easy to follow. I learned a full body workout using minimal equipment.  Pamela Carl, Certified Professional

I learned how versatile the G Ball is for posture and balance. I will work this into my class time more often.  Sandra Hermiller, Certified Professional

Easy to follow and understand.  William Palmer, Certified Professional

I acquired new ways for stretching my clients with the ball. I will incorporate the stretches and strengthening exercises with the ball in planning workouts for my clients. The course arrived very early and was easy to follow.  Deepti Kamboj, Certified Professional

I have gained skills to better develop a training program that is more balanced with flexibility and strength.  Betsy Opyt, Certified Professional

I have acquired more knowledge, new ideas and routines for myself and my client’s.  Cory Slack, Certified Professional

I enjoyed the material and feel that you provide a very complete, comprehensive program. Thank you very much.  Fay Pastel, Certified Professional

Well laid out. Easy to follow.  Iliana Orozco, Certified Professional

Easy to follow and explained very well. The DVD is a great visual to the written material.  Cheryl Oechsle, Certified Professional

The information was very helpful.  Susan Fulford, Certified Professional

The course was really good and gave me some innovative ideas for my clients.  Azumah David, Certified Professional

I am very pleased with the materials and the information.  Bernadette Hils, Certified Professional

I enjoyed learning this way. I found the course challenging as well.  Donna Devlin, Certified Professional

Customer material and overall program is high quality and very informative.  Mohamed Shabana, Certified Professional

It was very informative and the CD will be a good reference guide for the future.  Stacey Sabin, Certified Professional

I found new ways to use the ball/cord, many very similar to the way I use the Pilates reformer only more portable.  Diane Azar, Certified Professional

The muscle section was a great refresher. The G BALL exercises were mostly all new to me.  Laury Dennis, Certified Professional

Exercise development is definitely an area of need for group instructors and trainers to increase education on. Very well done and thorough.  Joni Anderson, Certified Professional

I enjoyed the material. It was beneficial to me as I have been utilizing more and more core and functional training.  Kelly Kobelak, Certified Professional

Good basics; proper form shown and explained very good progression technique.  Joni Anderson, Certified Professional

Lots of new, good ideas I plan on using.  Starr K. Jacobi, Certified Professional

Great for reviewing all the muscles.  Kris Potteiger, Certified Professional

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