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Deborah Garrity, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle & weight management consultant

I feel this course should be accredited because it is valuable information to clients who want to improve their body’s health. Enzyme therapy is a vital part of good.

This course provided valuable information for individuals who want to improve their body’s health. Enzyme therapy is a vital part of good health. I have gained knowledge of how enzymes can protect you from diseases and make your body a better running machine. I think every client should have the knowledge of enzyme therapy and then they can apply this to their lifestyle. It taught me a lot and I think it is very beneficial for good health. Absolutely recommend!


Desiree Nowaczyk, Physical Therapist Assistant, Yoga Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Green Living Coach and Holistic Life Coach

The entire experience of learning and corresponding with Gina has been enlightening and enjoyable.

I thought I knew about enzymes before taking this course. I was absolutely blown away by the wealth of information provided within this training. The information was in depth and very complete along with convincing. I am now taking enzymes and educating others on the role they play in the systems of the body. The guidance provided within this course was life changing as my digestive health has already significantly improved. Throughout the learning process I was corresponding with Gina about questions and comments. She was always prompt with responses, enthusiastic and willing to share insights and answer inquiries.

I have learned about the many different enzymes and there role. I also am better equipped for grocery shopping. I now am aware of foods with highest enzyme count. The research within the course leaves little room for debate. One’s health is definitely influenced by the production and ingestion of enzymes. This information is empowering and I look forward to being more conscientious about my raw food intake.

The Practice Quizzes and Activity Labs were SO VERY VERY HELPFUL!!

I intend to review the content more and pull together the most influential parts. My plan is to share the highlights and encourage others to become educated on food, metabolic and digestive enzymes and how they relate to well being and longevity. Already, I have been discussing these studies with patients and clients. My dietary intake has improved as a result of the information within this course. I feel empowered and inspired.


Kay Onoda-Neipert, AFPA Certified Professional

Certification companies should recognize this course for all health and fitness professionals. The course “Enzyme Nutrition for Wellness” is an excellent course that provides great knowledge to a personal trainer.

I thought I had an idea of what enzymes were. When growing up, my mother used to chop some vegetables, soak in some kind of liquid and extract the sweet water from the vegetables and called them enzymes, she used to take a spoon of the enzymes everyday and tell us how wonderful those enzymes were.

After taking this course, my entire knowledge of enzymes changed. Enzymes are sparks of life! They are responsible for constructing, synthesizing, carrying, dispensing, delivering, and eliminating ingredients and chemicals that our body uses each day, and the body makes these enzymes. There are different types of enzymes, and the best part is that you can supplement your enzymes if it gets low.

I gained an enormous knowledge about enzymes and the relation between them and us.

As a personal trainer, I gained a better understanding on how to set realistic goals for my clients. Enzymes are directly related to their current health status. I can somewhat help them to achieve some of these goals (not as a medical professional, as I know that it is outside of my scope of practice to prescribe any medicines or dietary supplements), but by guiding them thru a healthier nutrition and fitness habits.

As always the author makes it so easy to follow and to understand. The material is extremely interesting. The layout along the illustrations makes it fun to read. The CDs are great reference.

Personal trainers that did not come from a medical field can benefit from this great resource. Most personal trainers would not think of taking an Enzyme course, due to the limited medical knowledge. As a personal trainer, I was surprised to learn that the enzymes are one of the most essential elements in our body. That enzymes are required for our body to function properly. Every personal trainer and/or professional in the area of health and fitness should have the opportunity to take this course and be able to receive credits toward the renewal of their licenses.

Highly recommend!


Jill Csillag, ACE Certified Professional          

GMP Fitness courses are far superior to other courses I have taken … the absolute best in my book! I always walk away from each course with a wealth of practical knowledge that I feel is very applicable to my personal training business. The Enzyme Nutrition for Wellness course did not disappoint!

I find the material challenging yet easy to follow and the CD’s and study materials are exceptional, easy to follow and appealing in every way. I continue to look forward to taking more courses from GMP Fitness, as the wealth of knowledge I have gained is excellent!

As a personal trainer, I am not only interested in exercise physiology, but also nutrition and its role for optimal wellness. Even though I am not able to prescribe specific dietary guidelines, I find it helpful to offer suggestions to my clients, especially with things I have personally tried and have been very successful. Since taking this course I am much more aware of the role of enzymes and their role within the vital functions of the body. I have added supplemental enzymes into my daily routine and I am already seeing great, positive results!

I never realized the extent that enzymes play in our total overall body functions for optimal well being. This was a very enlightening course to learn about the functions of enzymes within the body, as well as the different sources available.

I am much more aware of the role of enzymes and their role within the vital functions of the body, and since completing the course I have added them to my daily regimen, with great results! The CD and study materials are easy to follow and appealing in every way. This was a very educational course. Thank you for another excellent course!