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How important it is not only to know the benefits of bike setup, but also the effects that nutrition and stretching can also effect your success of preventing injury on the bike. I have a road bike and I’m getting many of my clients to go on rides with me. So much helpful information to share! This is my second course with GMP. I have taken this course and flexibility. Both were great and I highly recommend. Gina was great and was always there when I had questions. Lisa Cipriano, NASM Certified Professional

Thanks! A wonderful course that was once you begin reading the material you find that you don’t want to stop. The depth of material was great and the way it was presented made it easy to understand and retain. The book and CD compliment each other well and will be a good resource to reflect back onto in the future. I really enjoyed this course. I will combine this knowledge and awareness into spin and cycling classes. Richard Lemoine, NETA Certified Professional

Greater depth of knowledge in all facets of cycling from the Course. Passing on key elements of cycling to those I assist in the sport. interesting course. Tom Shults, CI Certified Professional

I have gained insight into Cycling and the injuries associated with the sport and will be providing seminars to cyclists and in Personal Training. Peter Innocenti, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained more knowledge on safety and how to prevent accidents in the future. I will be able to explain options to a client about how important diet is on their performance. Primarily carbohydrates for endurance training. This book was excellent and very informative. Anthony Fox, WITS Certified Professional

More knowledge on the body and cycling. Will use knowledge to safely ride. Very informative!!’  Anita Hooker, NETA Certified Professional

I’ve gained knowledge on bike riding and now can help someone train for bike riding.  Karen Pack, Certified Professional

The course was very useful for helping clients with nutrition for long distance riding and injury prevention. Elaine Rogers, WITS Certified Professional

I learned a lot more about the importance of diet and what a cyclist needs to have in order to perform the best. Many of my clients also ride as a hobby to stay fit. Now I have further knowledge of information to give them, Natalie Johnston, Certified Professional

Good review of cycling basics. Angela Beshears, NETA Certified Professional

I gained excellent knowledge about cycling form and injury relationships. I will apply the content of this course to your work to help with injury prevention for the TNT cycle team. Great course, would recommend to others interested in cycling. Betty Gregson, WITS Certified Professional

As a bicycle enthusiast, I thought the book was both interesting and well written. Carol Haley, WITS Certified Professional

The course was very useful for helping clients with nutrition for long distance riding and injury prevention. Elaine Rogers, WITS Certified Professional

A very well organized, executed and full of very valuable information.  Any trainer, especially those who have any clients that cycle can utilize this course. The course will bring valuable education and information regarding the basics to the various complexities of the sport of cycling. The beginner to the elite can benefit from this course.  A great addition to any trainers library and/or kept as a reference tool. Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

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