Core Training Certification Reviews

Core Training Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Core Training Specialist

Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Core Training Certification program.

Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Core Training Specialist Certification course with their clients.

A better understanding of core training. I have many elderly and physically unstable people at my fitness center. I will be using the Core Training Specialist Certification course principles to get their core stronger before I progress with them in their training. My certification is with NCCPT. I was given your company as a source for continuing education for my certification renewal.  – Maureen Troiano, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer 

Really liked the different levels of each exercise in the Core Training Certification course. Furthermore,  the course gave me some new exercises to use with clients. Was easy to follow and liked that you could print out the slides. – Crystal Schaecher, WITS Certified Personal Trainer 

The Core Training Specialist Certification course gave me some new insights on warm-up, conditioning exercises. I am very excited to integrate this routine into my life as well as into my client training plans. Core stability is so important and I think this course provided many cues and exercises I can use. Great course! – Caitlin Field, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

A refresher course for me. Mostly going over all the muscles. I will use when instructing. Making sure that correct posture is used in all exercise. – Sandra Hill, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

Great information!! More core stability techniques. this information will make it easier to que and adjust the client during functional movements. – B.B., ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

I always knew as a PT the core is the most important. It prevents back injuries and strengthens all your muscles. This course insured me more of my understanding about the Core. Specifically the exercises and muscles that target the Core. I’m very happy I can incorporate more exercises. So I can in use them in my workouts for my clients. – Deborah R. Forst, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

The Core Training Specialist Certification course provided reminders of benefits of stabilizers and prime mover muscles. Good review of exercises with proper posture. I appreciate the videos. It is very relevant to our needs for clients in the fitness room and fitness classes. Apply knowledge to instructing clients in use of ball and basic exercises in the weight room.– Judy Pfeifer, WITS Certified Personal Trainer 

Reviewing the things I knew and giving them more specific thought helped me think about how I could progress my clients.I will continue to work from the core outwards with my clients. Walking them through more progressions of exercises. – Ariel Ross, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

Love the Core Training Specialist Certification course book for a resource. Gave me some ideas for some new exercises. I will definitely use it on myself and clients.Cathleen Kelly, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

Very knowledgeable course. Implement a program for new and old clients. – Andree D. Quockco, WITS Certified Personal Trainer 

Good basic solid core foundation. Easy to follow. Better for aging clientele. – A.A., WITS Certified Personal Trainer  

The Core Training Specialist Certification course was very clear in the positioning for each level as you progress. Most importantly demonstrating correct form to increase core stability. It was easy to follow and very informative. – CHERYL A Olsen, WITS, Certified Personal Trainer 

Great course. Knowledge about the core. we will use it at the firehouse. – Matt Wilcox, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Core exercises which can be shared with customers. Incorporate into plans. – Charles Levy, WITS Certified Personal Trainer 

Multiple new ways to incorporate the G ball into functional core training. By introducing effective and progressive core training principles to my clients.

The Core Training Specialist Certification course material was easy to follow and insightful. – Benjamin W Dawson II, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

I feel as though the Core Training Specialist Certification course information can be very helpful in training the older populations.  I gained that a lot of glute and other lower body exercises play a role in core stability. – Kayla Cordio, ACE Certified Personal Trainer  

I gained knowledge on different core exercises I didn’t know too much about. – Anthony Fox, WITS Certified Personal Trainer 

I learned some more about the core, and more core exercises as well. I will add in many of the core exercises with the g ball in particular. – Alexandra Bwye, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer 

A greater knowledge and in-depth detail in physical training. Localized (balance, agility, and strength) focus with my clients. – Melvin Stevens, WITS Certified Personal Trainer 

A refresher for core movements and muscles, learning how to elevate a movement from beginner to intermediate. Continue to use core muscles training, and use the variation learned in this training. – Subhiya Idilbi, WITS, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Great knowledge of core movements. Every functional movement begins at the core. The Core Training Specialist Certification course provided new training ideas and core movements to advance my training and classes. I enjoy the material and the access and freedom to be self-paced are so valuable. – Gary Lang, NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

Increased knowledge of core movement and strengthening. The core is the beginning and base for all movement and the better the understanding of it allows for superior training. Core Training and injury prevention within lessons, classes, training. This is a very valuable tool and awesome format to increase training knowledge. – Gary Lang, NASM Certified Professional 

Insight as to how most people injure their lower back as well as the importance of posture & maintaining a neutral spine. Educating my clients on proper lifting techniques as well as maintaining proper posture. – Amanda Ricci, ACSM Certified Professional 

This was a very informative course. It was a great addition to the Pilates certification and lower body ball program I already completed. I look forward to implementing what I have learned into my group fitness routine, personal training sessions and in my own workout routines. I love that everything is now on disc and no more books to flip through and try to bookmark.  Mary S. Hoadley, AFPA Certified Professional

Good description of the importance of Core Training, the various exercises a well as a good description of the muscle groups. There are a wide range of other courses I would like to take in the future from GMP Fitness. I enjoyed seeing the variety of resources available through this program. Pamela J Harris, ACE Certified Professional

Any Trainer will tell you how important core work is, you can never learn to much about it. Individuals use core throughout the day whether its sitting or standing. Lots of good exercises and progressions.  Thorough progressions and lots of new cool exercises to add in to any regimen easy to follow and learn, great pics for visual. Spencer Metz, NASM Certified Professional

Great course, I’m very glad I purchased it. This will help solidify older concepts I learned years ago as well inspire me to try basic movements that I may have forgotten about or ignored for awhile. Gary Sokotoski, ACE Certified Professional

I can apply the content of this continuing education course to all the personal training, pilates and group fitness classes I teach. The course was very good. On-line training is very convenient. Kandace Bishop, ACE Certified Professional

Your material is awesome and I will definitely recommend current and future professionals about it. Tiffany Leeth, Certified Professional

I have never taken an on-line CEU class. I was very impressed with the materials. I will not hesitate to purchase another CEU course from GMP Fitness. Thanks. Sonia M. Schriver, WITS, Certified Professional

Great DVD. i really liked that there were 4 intensity levels to each exercise. Good commentary to go along with each exercise too. Holly Morreels, Certified Professional

The course provided a variety of core strength exercises to offer my clients. I will use in group work out sessions. I can’t wait to take more GMP Fitness courses.  Denise L Crawford, WITS Certified Professional 

I have gained a more in-depth understanding of the core and the crucial role it plays in overall health and health goals. Even today, many customers are unaware of the core and its full range of function. They focus on the 6-pack. I am excited to expand their thought process with this additional knowledge. Mary Beth Barrett-Hanigosky, WITS Certified Professional 

The course was very well explained. The video clips were easy to follow. Melvin Raab, WITS Certified Professional

I am currently working at a chiropractic clinic. This course reflects our clinics mission and helps me meet my personal goals. Well done! Gary Breen, WITS Certified Professional

Knowledge on how to change up stretching for better flexibility for myself & clients. I will incorporate G ball stretching in daily routines.  Jean Sullivan, WITS Certified Professional

The exercises using the G Ball are ones I can incorporate both in classes and with private clients. The great part about these exercises is that they offer progressive levels of difficulty. The DVD showing the exercises was excellent. Arleen Rowen, ACE Certified Professional

I gained important foundational information on working with the core. I will apply the content of this continuing education course to my personal training work. The course was easy to follow and well designed. I enjoyed how it came with a videos as well as PDF print outs. Anne Doiron, WITS Certified Professional  

I gained insight on the proper warm-up exercises to do before base exercises and the different levels of progression. Core training really needs to be emphasized much more to prevent injury. The basics you provided should be the first step in any program for all individuals. Thank you for providing each step in such a great format. Donna Mangan, WITS Certified Professional 

After working with seniors for 5 years, this has helped bring new exercises into play. Immediately installing into my seniors programs. Its going to be a great tool to have.  Timothy Craig Boswell, NFPT Certified Professional

How to instruct and safely perform core exercise programs for clients. By teaching and instructing clients especially those with back injuries. Highly recommend this course to anyone and my co-workers.  Jamie Ashwell, NFPT Certified Professional

The overall possible physical achievement clients benefit from core training. I will apply the content of this continuing education course gradually. Very informative CDs. Jose Ramos, WITS Certified Professional

I now have a more concise why of explaining the benefits of core training. I will incorporate many of the routines in my exercise programing. Christine Fraser, WITS Certified Professional

Great course. I really like this course regarding the back and core. It was very interesting. I will work harder on building the core of my clients. It’s so important for so many areas of the body. Cynthia Moody, WITS Certified Professional

Great Core Exercises! Utilize the variety of Core exercises. Susan A. Fulford, WITS Certified Professional

I have learned new exercises to do with my clients and the correct form in which to preform them to prevent injury. I’ll apply the information by adding the learned exercises to all my clients’ routines. I’d like to say thanks a lot. Casey Bond, WITS Certified Professional

Great course! I also learned wonderful exercises with the G Ball.  Margaret Diffily, WITS Certified Professional

I found the course to be very informative and look forward to ordering additional courses in the future. I have gained confidence to train someone with back issues and provide a better workout for an older adult who is just starting out in an exercise program. I will incorporate more G Ball exercises to build up the core before moving onto weights. Barbara Keeney, WITS Certified Professional

I really enjoyed the course. I learned how to advance clients from level 1 to a higher level making it both fun and safe. Kathy Kriebel, WITS Certified Professional

Terrific core exercise progressions. Will use with clients tomorrow. Great course!  Tresa Anderson, AFPA Certified Professional 

I gained a lot of practical knowledge. When working with my clients to both correct and introduce more challenging exercises. Highly recommend to personal trainers for hands on practical application.  Mary Ferranti, WITS Certified Professional

Reeducation on areas I have not used in practice lately and a base of new exercises that will help my clients and business. I will use the material by implementing the concepts and exercise into my clients routines. Nicholas Miller, WITS Certified Professional

This is another helpful course that is going to help me be a better trainer. I have obtained new and fresh ideas for core exercises from this course. Tara Minnax Doherty, ACE Certified Professional

A better knowledge of the Core exercises and the importance of including them in your training. Excellent course. Thanks! Emmett Lewis Conner, ACE Certified Professional

I gained knowledge regarding strengthening the core via not only strong abs, but also hamstrings, glutes, lower back and inner thighs. I have new exercises to try for myself and eventually clients. It was a clear easy to follow class. Suzanne C. Judd, WITS Certified Professional

Proper and safe movements for core strength, along with balance. I will use the material with beginners and elderly clients to promote balance and core strength. James Ashwell, NFPT Certified Professional

New ideas for core training. I will be adding different core exercises. Lisa Culling, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a greater understanding of core exercises. I will be better able to assist my fellow firefighters in strengthening their core.  Damario Armstrong, ACE Certified Professional

This has given me more ideas to help improve my clients core strength.  Alejandra Prill, ACE Certified Professional

Solid foundation of basic uncomplicated progressive movements to assess and challenge clients. All new and continuing clients will experience this training at their respective levels. Basic no-nonsense exercises presented in a direct manner with straightforward progressions will encompass both de-conditioned and experienced participants. Paul M. Nitishin, ACE Certified Professional

I truly enjoyed the material and ideas provided within the course. I now have a better education to pass on to my clients regarding how they treat their back and core throughout their day to day lives and better ideas and new ideas for core exercises and warm-ups. Colleen O’Brien, WITS Certified Professional

The importance of core strength for health and everyday function is crucial. I also gained in-site into the proper progression of core exercises in order for core training to be successful and beneficial in all aspects of my clients lives. I’ve never really done any Ball training in my sessions, I learned a lot of really good exercises to add to my trainings. I work a lot with elderly clients. Core strength is essential for them to be able to perform everyday activities and stay active. The knowledge I gained from this course will be very beneficial in this area. Really excited to start using these exercises to mix up my clients workouts! Thank You!  Cathy Cawlfield, WITS Certified Professional

A better understanding of basic intermediate and advanced progressions for core exercise. I will use it to introduce clients to the stability ball. Ted Hughes, ACE Certified Professional

Better progressive exercises for clients of all fitness levels for their core. I will use these exercises on my clients to help them improve their core fitness. Jennifer Lentz, ACE Certified Professional

Useful exercises for clients.  Jessica Fahrer, NASM Certified Professional

Understanding of core stability. Will be able to challenge clients more.  Brenda Holian, NFPT Certified Professional

Good refresher. Some times trainers forget to start with the basics. Nice review of anatomy.  Brian Allery, ISSA Certified Professional 

More knowledge on core training. Will use with clients in my small groups.  Cody Allen, ACE Certified Professional

Very easy to follow. Short slides made it quick to complete. New moves with a number of modifications and levels for my class. Various exercises with numerous levels of difficulty will be taught in my class. Lindsey Donato, AFPA Certified Professional

I feel this material was educational, challenging and professional. I learned a lot. Robert Keefer, Certified Professional

I definitely found this course extremely helpful and will use it as a reference for many years to come. I especially liked the progressions, explanations and pictures that go along with this course. The DVD was full of information and tips. Amy Mello, Certified Professional

Thank you very much for such an awesome course and speedy certifications. Kelle Maloney, Certified Professional

This is a great course that will benefit all of my clients. Carol Capone, Certified Professional

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the fitness community with a quality product and essential information. I appreciate it. Dan Laborte, Certified Professional

Gained a lot of information by working with the video and reading the manual. I have lots of new ideas for my clients. Thank you. Kathleen Powell, Certified Professional

Great content! Enjoyed new exercise ideas & information that I can easily share with my clients/classes. Thank you. Joyce Layne, Certified Professional

The material in this course was very informative. The importance of core training goes hand in hand with biomechanics and the muscles, bones and joints. I learned a lot from this course. Thank you for educating me on the body’s center of power. Lana Fabey, Certified Professional

Thank you! I enjoyed an easy-to-follow comprehensive review of core training. Helen Strom-Olsen, Certified Professional

I have gained a deeper understanding and value for Core Training. No matter how fit one may appear, they too will benefit from Core Training. It will become a priority to integrate Core instructions and training into each of my client’s exercise routines for an optimal and purposeful workout.  Vanessa C. Wright, WITS Certified Professional

I am looking forward to completing your next level of core training. Wanda Gunderson, Certified Professional

I learned a lot of useful information that I will put to use in my training. Cecila Edwards, Certified Professional

I am always happy to learn more and this course accomplished that for me. Paula Garchow, Certified Professional

Very informative. Offered new exercises for core stability. These exercises and helpful hints will be a good addition in my class. Debra Torine, Certified Professional

Great job. Michael, Certified Professional

Your programs tune me back into functional anatomy! I try to lead my clients into the understanding that it is not only how to do an exercise, but how their body is making the movement. I like this about your programs that you keep reminding the client why the exercise works. I enjoy the reminder of the anatomy charts! Andrea Arnold, ACE Certified Professional

It put Core Stability Back into perspective to those who questions the methods. I will apply by reinforcing all that I’ve Learned I this refresher.  Raymond H.Briscoe, IFPA Certified Professional

I gained knowledge on how the core works. I will apply when designing exercises, I will relate to the course. Very easy to follow and fun.  Kay Neipert, ACE Certified Professional

New insight on core. Core addition. Shelby Turner, ACE Certified Professional

The knowledge of progression using the stability ball. I will use the exercises and modifications with my clients. Julie Millerbernd, NETA Certified Professional

New ideas using a Gball. I will use the training ideas with clients. Also I will reemphasis finding neutral position. Linda Pomeroy, ACE Certified Professional

Use it with all my clients. More knowledge. Patricia J. Blainey, ACE Certified Professional

It was a nice review of common muscles. I will emphasize the importance of pelvic stability. Tiffany Calvert, ACE Certified Professional

New Ideas. This course will help when training seniors when creating a workout plan. Very good and useful tool. Carolyn H. Horton, WITS Certified Professional

I learned more regarding core exercises. I will apply with my client when using core work. Nancy Stocks, ACE Certified Professional

I found the exercise progressions very informative. I plan to use the dvd regularly to help improve core strength. Provided a great overview of core training for both beginners and intermediate clients. KRISTINE E DECOURCEY, Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of how to better train the core, as well as what to do concentrate on the core muscle groups. I will take the exercises and stretches and use them with clients during workouts. I will also incorporate stretches and exercises into new workouts and classes. The course was easy to use and follow and was very helpful. Matthew Trapani, ACE Certified Professional

Refreshed knowledge of core stability and proper posture to support the spine. Also learned a variety of core exercises and warm ups both on and off of the exercise ball. I will use these warm ups and exercises to help my clients improve core strength and stability. Corey B Light, ACE Certified Professional

I appreciate the depth of review the course provided, as well as the approach of not pushing clients too far. The No Pain, No Gain just doesn’t fit for all. The warm ups and exercises are safe, simple, easy for my clients to take home with them to continue their practice between sessions.  Lucy Bartimole, WITS Certified Professional

The importance of core strength. To help my clients better strengthen their core.  Ashley Schurman, AFAA Certified Professional

I thought that it was a great review on anatomy of the core and learned some new variations of exercises. I will add some or all of the progressions. I like it. I thought the course was very well-organized and straight-forward.  Sue Bream, ACE & ACSM Certified Professional

Examples of ways to progress and regress exercises for the core and back. I will it apply it by being more creative with my progressions and regressions.  Dezerae Leon, NASM Certified Professional

I gained more knowledge on how to train clients with core strength and stability. Incorporate more core exercises. Lisa E Loconte, WITS Certified Professional

I gained more knowledge about core strength. Use it for information on the level of core n stability fitness of client It was very helpful.  Melvin Cramer, WITS Certified Professional

I gained a deeper understanding of core anatomy, as well as three levels of teaching strategies based on the physical level of client. I will use the dialogue when instructing on the core as well as rotate the exercises into my core sculpting portion of class.  Mindy S. Katz, AFPA Certified Professional

Learning about core training makes what I love to do more attainable as increasing core strength is what I try to instill in all my classes and clients. Adding to what I am already doing this gives me more concise information and help clients and class participants more understanding of the primary purpose of the core and how we all need to concentrate on achieving core strength. I really enjoyed this course, as core training is my specialty and the basis of a strong body.  Barbara Gentle AFPA Certified Professional

I gained knowledge to add to what I already have. To have as an added option in training sessions. Very easy to follow. Charles Fernandez, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained knowledge on how important core strength. inform people how important core strength is and how it can effect your life. Elaine Rogers, WITS Certified Professional

I gained newer G Ball exercises from the course. Apply the exercises in a specific order. Lisa Rendina, NCCPT Certified Professional

Additional tools to provide the client for helping them with core strength and stabilization. Use the training tools provided to me.  Barbara Ross, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained knowledge of core based exercise and principles. By utilizing new principles along with current.  Jon Smith, NFPT Certified Professional

I have gained the confidence to teach clients the importance of having a strong core. I will use some of the exercises shown in the course, while focusing on form and technique.  Patrick J. Mazzella, WITS Certified Professional

Helpful, easy to follow and achieved course objectives. Better understanding of what constitutes the core muscles, a variety of exercises and good suggestions for back care during daily activities. I can now help clients understand the importance of the core, especially in their routine of daily activities, such as sitting for extended periods of time, lifting and sleeping, etc. Charles Cleary, WITS Certified Professional

Core stability is very important in the fire service. This course will be very useful. Joseph Moninghoff, ACE Certified Professional

I liked the progressions and have gained a wider knowledge of core. – Lori Etheredge, ACE Certified Professional

Good course, a lot of good information contained in the course. It will help in providing my clients with a more well-balanced program. A greater understanding of the different muscles that need to be trained to improve core stability and strength. Paul Regan, ACE Certified Professional

I am a strong believer in the core being the center of physical development and overall wellness. The Core Specialist course has reinforced this belief and given me a better understanding of how to instruct my clients in their journey to better health and well being. I will apply the content of this course creating client programs with additional floor and G-Ball exercises. Wolfgang Lischtansky, WITS Certified Professional

Great course to get back to basics. Sound material and exercises plus forms for trainers to add to their files. Clear, organized and very useful information. Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

Good basics; proper form shown and explained very good progression technique. Joni Anderson, ACE Certified Professional

I enjoyed the course due to it being easy to read and the amount of exercises included. Joe Spinelli, WITS Certified Professional

Great exercises for the core. Easy to do for anyone. Many of my clients have a very weak core and this will be great for them and they will be able to execute the exercise which will make them feel good about themselves. Christine R. Shell, WITS Certified Professional

Another one of your thorough courses that I really enjoyed. This information is so important for all exercise professionals to learn and pass on to their clients!  Phyllis Joseph, WITS Certified Professional

A good recap of core training basics as well as some new ideas for G Ball exercises. quick and efficient! Jenny Ferreira, ACE Certified Professional

This course has taught me how to assess my clients more effectively and correct poor posture. I am now much more confident with working on this because I have a few clients in need of correction. I will put much more emphasis on posture alignment and core training with my clients and potential clients. This course really helped me get a much better understanding of the core and training methods. Shaneen N. Johnson WITS Certified Professional

This convenient course offered a variety of knowledge to share with my clients. Earl Jacob WITS Certified Professional

I learned more regarding core exercises. I will apply with my client when using core work. Nancy Stocks, Certified Professional

A better understanding of basic intermediate and advanced progressions for core exercise. I will use it to introduce clients to the stability ball. Ted Hughes

Better progressive exercises for clients of all fitness levels for their core. I will use these exercises on my clients to help them improve their core fitness. Jennifer Lentz Certified Professional

Great reminders about what to remind students about … what to focus on without overwhelming them with technical jargon. Tomorrow I will remind my students in yoga that without a strong and flexible core, they are much more prone to injury; I will also remind them that a strong core transfers power and energy to legs and arms. It was good.  Sandra McGuire Certified Professional

A great refresher core on proper ways to work your core in an effective and safe manner showing clients many variations to develop core. Lisa Carson, Certified Professional

Good knowledge about other muscles supporting our core and not just core muscles. Lots of clients complaint about back issue and now i can apply this precise knowledge while working with them. Ragini Thakkar, Certified Professional

Good review of things I have not used in a few years. It reinforced my current teaching style. Andre Prue, Certified Professional

Learned the proper form and technique of core training exercises, including progressions for each. I will start with basic core exercises with clients then incorporate G Ball exercises. Michael Marrone Certified Professional

I learned some new exercises for my clients. I will focus more on core strength because I believe it will help my clients with every part of their workouts and in everyday life. It reminded me to get back to basics. Julann Woody, Certified Professional

The core is very important for your body functions. Think how important to have good posture. Great subjects and good information. Darren Purifory, Certified Professional

New ideas how to use the core training with my clients. By having my client use what I have learned. It was very helpful. Marcus Craig, Certified Professional

Exercises for the core. Jan Zellmer, Certified Professional

More options for basic core exercises. Great for beginning exercisers. Jennifer Balukonis, Certified Professional

Better understanding of core muscle interaction with various of muscle groups. Additional techniques and exercises to help me work with older population. Simple to follow and understand. Joseph S. Placa, Certified Professional

How to properly and effectively instruct and demonstrate to a client that form and posture is imperative for back care and preventing back injury. While, also using this knowledge to my own use. Very easy to follow. Charris Jimmerson, Certified Professional

Better back care knowledge. I have many older clients. the exercises are easy to follow and help strengthen the lower back! Steffanie Canto, Certified Professional

Core training knowledge. I will use it with my senior clients mostly Elizabeth M Gates, Certified Professional

Use in my training. Edward Lutz, Certified Professional

I learned a lot about core conditioning and the importance of strengthening one’s core muscles. I will use some of the exercises in the course with my clients. The course material was well organized and easy to use. I like it that the test could be taken on-line. Marvin Cohen, Certified Professional

Good knowledge of the musculature that supports the core of the body as well as its interaction with all parts of the body. How to protect your back from strain and prevent injuries. George E. Bailey, Certified Professional

Knowledge of core strengthening techniques using G Ball as a tool. Incorporate into core sessions with clients starting to build a stronger core. Michael Hull, Certified Professional

It was a refresher on how important core training plays in our everyday lives, as well as properly training By stressing the importance to my clients and making sure they are clear on proper form at all times. Michele Decker, Certified Professional

I learned a lot. The course had a wide variety of techniques and I would recommend this course to anyone. I will be able to inform my clients about back care more efficiently and to inform them the importance of strong core muscles. I now have more knowledge about back care. Douglas Feltner, Certified Professional

I have a deeper knowledge of core anatomy and exercises. Great variety of exercises to use with clients. I learned about multiple uses of the stability ball that I wasn’t familiar before. Sigalit Weiss, Certified Professional

I learned new techniques that will help my clients tremendously and that I can incorporate in my massage business. Renee Falconio, Certified Professional  

Comprehensive understanding of the importance of core stability and how to properly develop it as a fundamental part of fitness and preventive care. Debbie Rauso, Certified Professional

Expanded knowledge and many variations of core training to my practice. I will use the exercise to help my clients and myself with core training. I will teach how important it is to many aspects of life. Bonnie C. Martin, Certified Professional  

What have you gained from this continuing education course? Very informative, interesting and safe for all levels and ages. I gained greater knowledge and new ideas and options to strengthen the core! Karen Megaro, Certified Professional

Easy to follow and informative! Great back care tips for my clients, and progressions for the core that I wasn’t aware of. Jennifer Hyatt-Kuhlmann, Certified Professional

Good Course. I now have the ability to effectively train clients to strengthen their core. Clayton Jones, Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of Core training. I will use this as the base platform for my fitness programs. Enrique Rodriguez, Certified Professional

Learned simple yet effective exercises with progressions for the core and low back. I will implement these exercises into all my regular sessions to aid in better overall general health.  Bryan Zoeller, Certified Professional

By using the techniques for both myself and my clients to enhance overall strength, stability and performance. I really like the course it was truly beneficial. Elizabeth Spillane, Certified Professional

I now have a better understanding of the core muscles and how to apply this knowledge. This will be incorporated into the classes I teach. Jane Christensen, Certified Professional

I have learned proper exercise form that will dramatically reduce my risk to lower back injuries as well as increase the variety of exercises I will be able to use with my clients. I will be applying specific core base and G Ball exercises modified to meet my clients needs. Geoffrey Rubin, Certified Professional

I now have a better understanding of how to teach my students fitness on the G Ball. I have more confidence in integrating the G Ball in my personal fitness work with my students. Knan Lee, Certified Professional

I have learned progressive exercises for various levels of fitness and a wider range of exercises for clients. Ryan Coburn, Certified Professional

I have gained more exercises I can use with my clients experiencing lower back pain. The ones without current back pain also to improve their lower back strength to help prevent problems. Terri L. Wertz, Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of the core structure and exercise ideas. Daniel Mrowczynski, Certified Personal Trainer   

I feel that this course was done very well. I have learned new exercises and how they benefit our body. Dennis Berry, Certified Personal Trainer 

I have acquired a more in-depth look and knowledge of G ball exercises. Michael Verdiel, Certified Professional

I work with many senior clients and balance and core stability is an important part of their exercise routine. This course provides good reminders of how to guide my clients on core conditioning exercises. Karen Rokosh

I gained a deeper understanding of the core muscles and how to properly strengthen them. The course provided an easy to comprehend way of explaining proper posture and the core strengthening process to clients, as well as providing them with specific exercises that if properly performed, will promote a stable core. Christi Lundquist, Certified Personal Trainer 

I have gained additional lower back care tips and guidelines. Good course. Nolene Standish, Certified Professional

I have acquired a knowledge and full understanding of the core. Excellent! Quick and easy continuing education course to follow. Mina Kelaid, Certified Personal Trainer 

I have gained knowledge of what muscles are incorporated in core training and the importance of a strong core. I am specializing in core training so I will implement as much of this course as I can when developing programs for clients. This course was well put together and easy to follow. Thanks. Craig Ptak, Certified Professional

I learned new exercises for core stabilization. I will apply the content of this continuing education course by using the G Ball to enhance core strength. Anthony Zaffino , Certified Personal Trainer 

I acquired lower back health concepts and exercises. I will apply the content for core strengthening for all clients. Ryan T Sanders, Certified Personal Trainer 

I have a better idea of how to progress from beginner core training to more advanced levels. Portia Wise, Certified Personal Trainer 

I have a better understanding of core exercises. I will use the exercises with my clients. I thought the course was informative and easy to follow. Christine M. Fisher, Certified Personal Trainer 

Almost everyone has low back issues and/or a desire for a strong core. This will help me guide them safely and ensure a successful outcome. I have gained a renewed sense of importance of balanced core training. I would definitely use this venue again for my CEs. Gina M. Galardi, Certified Personal Trainer 

I learned new progressions for exercises with beginning clients. Kali Schlieman, Certified  Personal Trainer 

I have gained knowledge of training core muscles to help to train more clients properly. Joseph Burden, Certified Professional

I have gained relevant information on issues pertaining to core training and general lower back care. I have also learned to find creative ways to engage the core in most exercises. I will use the content as a starting point with all new clients who have not been informed about how important having a strong core is. The course was simple and to the point. Alex Nichols, Certified Personal Trainer 

I have a better understanding of the core muscles and I am better able to explain to my clients the importance of a stronger core. Virginie Bruggeman, Certified Personal Trainer 

I have gained many new techniques to use for my clients on the stability ball! Angela Wilson, Certified Professional

I have learned new techniques to apply to clients training programs and will be able to better explain the benefits of core training. Christine Holly Heather Davidson, Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge and review of the core muscles and new ideas for core training clients. I have not used the G Ball much, but will incorporate it in my workouts in the future. Elaine T. Liggett, Certified Professional

I learned terminology of exercises to better explain proper form and will introduce more core exercises to my clients. Louis Mangine, Certified Professional

I learned different ways to strengthen the lower back. Ciemone Mitchell-Holmes, Certified Professional

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