Core Performance Specialist Certification Reviews

Core Performance Specialist Certification Reviews

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See the reviews below to learn how personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Core Performance Specialist Certification course with their clients.

Gain knowledge of drills and skills to better equip your clients. The three courses in the Core Performance Specialist Certification course bundle will provide functional core training, stability training and sports performance training workouts.

I have only one word after completing the Core Performance Specialist Certification Course –  WOW! Every personal trainer should incorporate these exercises! You will be TIRED yet accomplished after doing these exercises and so will our clients!

It took me a long time to get through the exercises, and I learned so much of the importance of maintaining a strong core, especially to prevent lower back pain, which is so common in people today.  Because the exercises were well-explained, I feel I can use better verbiage to make clear to people how to do the exercises correctly. I wanted one copy of the all the exercises in one place and when I got to the end, it was there in one easy pdf file I can print! Thank you, Gina, for a great course!!

I gained the knowledge of the core muscles, how they work, how to find them, and how to use them in the exercises! The core contraction techniques definitely make sure you know the core muscles you are contracting. You will be TIRED yet accomplished after doing these exercises and so will our clients! I’m personally going to use these exercises in my exercise routine. There were core exercises that could be done with no equipment, the G ball, a medicine ball, a kettlebell! Great variety.

I am a fitness specialist so I have a great number of core exercises I can give out to recommend. A lot of people come to me complaining about lower back issues, and I have the knowledge to say that it could be due to a weak core and recommend some exercises to do. I work right next to a physical therapy clinic, and I saw quite a few exercises in this Course that I see the therapists’ patients do.

I really like the 4 progression levels and on the progression levels are given as well. So, a sedentary person can begin with the beginner exercises while an athlete may start with the advanced levels. I like how the modules are connected and there will be notes saying where you can find additional information. The facts and statistics given were interesting. I never heard about a real-time ultrasound, but enjoyed learning about that and seeing the diagram. As previously stated, this Course also addresses low back pain, which is a chronic complaint in the general population, and I love knowing how to strengthen the core to prevent the pain. Also, I like this Course anatomy diagrams, not only because it tells you the name, but what the muscle does. The exam is challenging, which I appreciated – a good number of questions have to be looked up.

Really, every personal trainer should incorporate these exercises into their clients’ routines because EVERY person needs to strengthen their core. – Katharine S Cummings, Exercise Specialist, ACE Certified Trainer

This is an area that many trainers neglect or do not dedicate enough time to. The Core Performance Specialist Certification course helped refresh and expand my knowledge which I will incorporate immediately into my sessions.

The course provided new perspective on the most appropriate core exercises to perform with clients to ensure they are receiving ample core conditioning while not hindering the balance of their workout.

I will incorporate some of the new exercises that I learned and reinforce the ones that I had already been using. I will be able to speak to the benefits of the new exercises and ensure they are being performed correctly.  

I thought it was insightful and will strengthen my knowledge as a trainer and will be easy to implement into my sessions. – Bryan Schachter, ACE Certified Professional

The Core Performance Specialist Certification Course is a great tool for trainers and coaches to use to build core strength in clients and athletes of all levels. Exercise progressions are thoroughly covered to build a foundation of core strength to improve upon and make stronger.

I have gained a new set of core exercises to pull from to keep progressing my clients and athletes to keep workouts fresh. The progressions are clear and easy to follow to continue to build strength. Most of these core exercises were new to me and I liked the option of doing bodyweight exercises or using different equipment.

I am personally looking forward to adding these core exercises to my own routine to get back in shape after a pregnancy. I will also be introducing these exercises to the athletes I coach and train. The body weight exercises will be great to add to the strength and conditioning at practice.

Each course I’ve taken through GMP is so thorough and encompasses so many exercises to use in workouts. The “library” of exercises to pull from is multiplied each time I study. They are so practical and helpful. Gina is so helpful and a great resource for questions and support. She makes GMP fitness great and a perfect choice for anyone who needs new ideas to take training to the next level! – Erica Hunter, ACSM & NETA Certified Professional

The Core Performance Specialist Certification Course provides valuable information regarding core training. The material is put together very well and provides fitness professionals with a great resource for this type of specific training. The Core Performance Specialist Certification course is great on the importance of core training. The information on posture and how to prevent low back pain is especially valuable. I also learned some great new exercises that I can incorporate and use to add variety to my clients’ routines.

I will apply by implementing the knowledge and exercises given to my own exercise routine as well as those of my clients. Also, incorporating a core training in-service to demonstrate the importance of this type of training.

This is a great course! There is a great deal of valuable information that is included. It is very easy to understand and follow and the customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend this course for all personal trainers. – Denise Jarreau, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, ACE Certified Professional

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