Carpal Tunnel Exercise Certification Reviews

Carpal Tunnel Exercise Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Carpal Tunnel Exercise Specialist

Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Carpal Tunnel Exercise Certification program.

Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Carpal Tunnel Exercise Specialist Certification course with their clients.

I’ve gained a better understanding of carpal tunnel and how to help my clients that suffer from it. I also learned ways to help prevent those at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. I will incorporate the wrist/arm/finger stretches into my classes and will provide suggestions of ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome to my clients who I feel are at risk given their lifestyle/job/etc. – Anne Ringhofer, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained a better understanding of Carpal Tunnel injuries and treatment. I will educate my clients on prevention and treatment. This is a great course. I’ve learned a lot. = Keith Matthews, Cooper Certified Personal Trainer

A better understanding of CTS and how to help clients with CTS. A better understanding of CTS as well as effective stretches and preventative exercises. – Kelly Gangeri, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

I gained knowledge of the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Now I know how to help clients rehabilitate from surgery with carpal tunnel syndrome. GMP Fitness Rocks!!  Eric Carrier, WITS Certified Personal Trainer

I have gained an understanding of just what causes CTS, how to not only teach myself but also my clients how to prevent CTS and how to avoid having surgery. I will now use the exercises and prevention techniques I learned in the manual when working out my clients. I found this course extremely easy to understand. I feel as though I now have a thorough knowledge of the Carpal Tunnel and CTS. The manual was easy to use and I was able to take it with me and record notes in it…..I found everything about this course enjoyable (not always easy to say when learning) once I picked up the CTS manual it was hard to put down. Thanks GMP!!!  Deborah A. Pandolfo, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

The ability to check postural issues versus looking right at the hand as the culprit for CPS symptoms. I maintain a stretching and ergonomics program at work as an Occ. Health Nurse/CPT (Wellness Coordinator) and have to assess on a daily basis and this was very helpful on shedding light regarding trigger points. I will apply the content of this course in the field of ergonomics and safety at the worksite. I love your courses…they are simple and planned well. Great course!  Julia Bartram, ACSM/NETA Certified  Personal Trainer

I have a much better understanding of nerve problems and referred pain. I will now be able to help my clients better. Very well rounded package of information. Thank you!  Joe Marabito, WITS Certified Professional

Very clear organized course. A very useful tool in educating as well as preventing CTS. What a necessary basis of knowledge for this current technological generation. There’s no doubt that CTS could be on the rise in the upcoming years and this course is a great supplement to any Professionals library of knowledge and experience!  Cassandra Henkiel, ACE Certified Professional

I will be educating clients with issues and using it on clients with these symptoms.  Jacqueline Baird, WITS Certified Professional

I gained information on what could be other solutions to wrist problems other than surgery and ways to help prevent wrist issues. I work with pole fitness and certain moves can place a lot of pressure on the wrist. I have learned to help prevent wrist issues. The course was an easy program to follow and very helpful.  Catherine Blue, NASM Certified Professional

I have learned how to deal with clients who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome and easier recognize the cause and relation. I will apply it where necessary. Overall good course on a condition not touched upon in most personal training certifications. Nicolai Steidel Oestbye, NASM Certified Professional

Better knowledge of carpal tunnel. Use exercises to help clients with carpal tunnel.  Lisa Marie Hane, WITS Certified Professional

The program gave me more confidence to share ideas and exercises to help people with CTS. Lots of good information.  Cindy Fagiano, ACE Certified Professional

I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and this course has provided me with a lot of great information. I will use this for my clients who also are having problems.  Melanie Downey, ACE Certified Professional

Specific knowledge about carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ll be able to apply this by being able to identify carpal tunnel and create different exercises for it. Very good course, very informative.  John Mosca, WITS Certified Professional

I have gained more knowledge and answers about pain problems in the hands. I work with senior citizens and will apply the content of this continuing education course to those who suffer from muscle pain and nerve impingements.  Rhonda Klein, WITS Certified Professional

I gained insight on the causes of CTS and the treatment plans available. I will be able to show clients a number of exercises they could use if experiencing pain and numbness in their hands due to CTS.  Rita Cristini

Great to know an alternative to surgery. I have a client who was told to have surgery, but I will try these approaches with her starting this week. Thank you for offering such useful courses.  Kimberly Layman

The material was easy to understand. The presentation of the information was very well organized. Carlene Helgason

I will educate all clients that have jobs that require repetitive motion on different ways how to stretch and perform self care. It was great and I will refer people I know who are serious about fitness that this is a must have course. Thanks.  Allan Brown, NASM Certified Professional

I gained the understanding of CTS. I liked the deep stroking massage to the trigger points section.  Vincent Costantino, WITS Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of ergonomic changes, preventative exercises and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Keith Farrell, WITS Certified Professional

This was such a good course. I learned a lot and enjoyed it.  Cathy Cyr, NETA Certified Professional

I have gained more understanding of the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I will use the knowledge I gained to help my clients, myself and family members because so many people I know suffer from CTS.  Janie Ross, WITS Certified Professional

Good information. I have a better understanding of what CTS is and how to help it.  William Pratt, WITS Certified Professional

Very convenient to complete. I have a better understanding of the anatomy involved with carpal tunnel and carpal tunnel surgery.  Emmanuela Nazario, WITS Certified Professional

I will use the knowledge I have learned to help me train clients with carpal tunnel syndrome.  Fran Verange, WITS Certified Professional

The course gave me a better understanding of neck, arm, wrist problems that many people seem to have these days.  Carole Riches, NETA Certified Professional

Nice refresher course on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that many clients experience at some point in the work or exercise areas. Teaching clients preventative exercise techniques with stretching, strengthening, and relaxation included. This was my second course thru GMP Fitness and I had a very positive experience with Gina and the course material was informative and the presentation exceptional.  Tim Johnston, NETA Certified Professional

Learning that CTS can be caused at any point from the neck following the median nerve to the hand! Recommending massage and awareness of the CTS path. Great! Huge eye opener to this syndrome.  Donna Mangan, WITS Certified Professional

I gained information on Carpal tunnel syndrome and factors that affect them and how to prevent from getting carpal tunnel. Very easy to follow and a fun way to get information and education.  Kay Neipert, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge on carpal tunnel syndrome. I can help and educate my clients on carpal tunnel syndrome. Elaine Rogers, WITS Certified Professional

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