Balance Performance Specialist Certification Reviews

Balance Performance Specialist Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Balance Performance Specialist

Gain knowledge of drills and skills to better equip your clients. The three courses in the Balance Performance Specialist Certification course bundle will provide functional balance training, fall prevention training and sports performance training workouts.

Balance Performance Specialist Certification Course Reviews

Learn how personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Balance Performance Specialist Certification course with their clients.

Covers everything about balance that you can imagine!!!

The Balance Performance Specialist Certification course is so incredibly detailed and has a wealth of knowledge. It covers everything about balance that you can imagine. The slides are easy to understand and read. I like how this course has interesting facts interspersed within it. For example, there was a slide dedicated to research on high-intensity interval training and how it increases the human growth hormone in the body. Also, this course takes in the practical side – being able to use this knowledge in real life, with real clients. The balance and movement tests, along with the Instructor Charts, make them easy to print and use. Again, this course is so detailed, that, for example, 10 variations of the squat are shown, from beginner to mastery level. Wow. And, because there is so much information, I like how there are some slides solely dedicated to outlining what is going to be learned and how it’s going to be learned. Writing the definitions and key ideas, along with taking multiple choice quizzes and tests helps you retain the information, not just memorize and then forget it.

I work at a gym where any age can work out, but it is primarily an older population. There two entire sections in this course dedicated to the older population and it was very detailed on how to prevent falls and injuries, as well as giving multiple ways to assess balance for this group. This is crucial to know about and understand how to avoid these falls and injuries. The statistics and research given was astounding. That was my big take away personally from this course.

It was very informative to read about the balance disorders. This obviously has an effect on balance and a trainer who has this knowledge can benefit their client because they know what is the underlying cause of poor balance. Again, I also know the importance of preventing falls in the elderly and I know how to stress the importance of physical activity and balance training in my work.

I conduct fitness assessments and now I have the knowledge of what impairs balance, what poor balance looks like, and the tools to fix it. So, if members have questions or concerns about their balance I can suggest some exercises to improve it, whether they are at a beginner or advanced level.

I have learned what actually controls balance and how to improve it. Also, I learned about barefoot training and having an effective warm-up before balance training.

I like how this course is so long and detailed about balance. I like how it’s all in one course rather than having one course for general balance improvement, one course for the older population, one for balance disorders, etc. If a trainer wanted to learn about balance, here is all the information they will need to know, from A to Z.

There’s not just a definition listed and some exercises given. This course gets to the reason behind balance problems, like improving your posture and having a strong core. This course shows easily how to advance and make a step by step progressions in regards to a client’s balance. There is a picture on almost every page, making sure the exercises are done correctly. There are even documents provided so you can take notes and comments. – Katharine S. Cummings, Exercise Specialist, ACE Certified Trainer

GMP Fitness provides comprehensive and clear learning!!

The Balance Performance Specialist Certification course is extremely well planned. I am very impressed with the degree of detail, clarity and thought that went into putting this course together.

It is put together in a very logical sequence of modules. It clearly illustrates each point being made. Presented is a logical progression of the exercises. The photos are very good illustrations of what should be accomplished with the material presented in each section. Clear and concise definitions are given for the terms used in the course.

The charts showing the various iterations of the balance progressions are well done. I like the way you have put them together. I appreciate all of your effort and attention to detail in your courses. The Berg Test and Short Performance Testing Battery are clear and succinct.

The Balance Performance Specialist Certification course gave me many new ideas for working with both mature adults, which is most of my clientele and people with Parkinson’s Disease, another population with whom I work. Also, I work with some tennis players, mostly 60+ in age. There are many good ideas for improving their balance and consequently their game.

I will use this course information to reassess in a much more organized way, my clients’ ability to balance. Although I already incorporate an element of balance training into each of my sessions with clients, this course has given me many new ideas for progressions. I also think that my clients will like being assessed and then reassessed to show their progress.

GMP Fitness provides very comprehensive and clear learning no matter what the course is. I have taken four of their courses and have yet to be disappointed.  It is obvious that each course is well thought out, research and planned before it is put together. The courses are easy to follow with logical progressions and plenty of content. I would recommend them to anyone. They are not entry level courses. – Carol A. Witham, ACE Certified Trainer

Become a Certified Balance Performance Specialist

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