Soccer Performance Specialist L1 [BUNDLE]

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3 reviews for Soccer Performance Specialist L1 [BUNDLE]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Minna Harman, NSCA Master Personal Trainer

    It is excellent information for a coach or conditioning and personal trainers on improving soccer players performance, fitness, injury prevention, recovery for all levels of players and soccer teams. This course will prepare the trainer/coach effectively and safely improve the soccer players skill and fitness level, besides physiological also in a psychological aspect.

    Comprehensive and extensive understanding of and off-season training for different levels of soccer players, conditioning, techniques, injury prevention, performance improvement, also some about the history. It has numerous drills, exercises, skill, speed, power and strength improvement examples, as well as recovery and programming from beginner to advanced teams and players.
    I can use many of these principles with clients strength training programming both on and off-season. It also has great ideas on how to improve weak links in performance and technique and how to build progressions in training for these. These principles work as well with other athletes in different sports, who need similar performance quality improvement.

    It is excellent information, very comprehensive and covers all aspects of improving soccer player performance. The material is easy to read and well put together. The examples are very good.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Waldecker, Health Fitness Professional, ACE Certified Trainer

    I learned a lot of new things from this course. Soccer is a sport I never really got into so I would categorize myself as a beginner as far as training an athlete. After reading this material, I feel like I could really train/coach someone through the sport.
    I have you gained new ideas for training my clients, not just for soccer, but for other goals as well. In addition, I learned a ton about soccer. I didn’t have much knowledge about the sport, but now I have a good understanding of what specifically goes on during a match (length of running versus walking for example) and then I can use this information to create a program for someone training for soccer.
    I can implement the training style used throughout the course on my clients. For example, I really liked the action circle drills where they were doing plyometric exercises, but at the same time using the soccer ball. This will also help hugely if I ever have someone that is training for soccer itself.

    I really enjoy learning new techniques with any exercise or sport and because of that, I found this course very interesting. Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Desiree Nowaczyk, Physical Therapist Assistant, Yoga Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Green Living Coach and Holistic Life Coach

    I was provided with a lot of materials. The information was all-encompassing right down to the psychology of the sport. Muscle recruitment, compensation and functional movement through dynamic exercises are concepts which I appreciated as part of the program. The course is detailed and I enjoyed the depth and insights of the techniques and drills. I would recommend this course to any coaches wishing to enhance their level of training and skills for teaching.

    This course was very informative and provided a detailed program for understanding, teaching, benefiting and excelling in the sport of soccer. As a trainer, it was refreshing to find that the program was so well rounded with a discussion on dynamic exercises, static stretching, energy planning, injury prevention, sport specific drills, etc. The animations were significant for learning. The visual component enhanced my learning experience. This program is laid out in a format in which concepts build on one another and allow for the trainer to gain perspective on the sport even with no prior training in soccer.

    This information will be useful in the gym when working with athletes. I will be assessing for muscular imbalances, watching for symmetry and compensation along with striving to encourage individuals to be in the zone through the power of the mind and positivity. Balance is often an area needs to be emphasized in order for enhanced performance. Educating on the different balance activities will prove beneficial in all sports and even activities of daily living. The sample program was laid out in an easy to understand and implement format. The Scientific News module was of special interest to me and the insights will be fun to incorporate into training sessions.

    I am very impressed by the entire presentation of this course. The author obviously is knowledgeable in the sport and in my opinion has gone above and beyond to provide a phenomenal specialty soccer training program. Coaches, trainers, and therapists may all benefit from the well-researched materials of this course.

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