Posture Performance Specialist [BUNDLE]

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Posture Assessment Specialist

Posture Corrective Exercise Specialist

Posture Exercise Specialist

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5 reviews for Posture Performance Specialist [BUNDLE]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Melissa Mitchell, Cooper Institute Certified Professional

    The Posture Performance Specialist material was amazing!! I will continue to use this as a resource for years to come. The illustrations, worksheets, charts and descriptions are perfect and will be great for reference.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Penny Tisko, Certified Fitness Specialist

    I gained the understanding of what true posture is and how to identify faulty patterns. I am pleased to have an easy to read and follow format that makes sense and gets right to the point! Learned plenty on how to better analyze posture. Thank you!

    I was pleased to see this being offered and would hope for more courses like this! More knowledge to have myself and my clients.

    I gained the understanding of what true posture is and how to identify faulty patterns and the pain and health issues that can come from poor posture.

    I will use it to help clients learn what type of poor posture they may have and give them the corrective exercises to improve their posture and reduce or get rid of their pain.

    I am pleased to have an easy to read and follow format that makes sense and gets right to the point! I enjoyed and learned plenty on how to better analyze my own posture and my clients posture! Thank you!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nic Fincher, ACE Certified Trainer/Coach

    GREAT COURSE. Easy to follow. Filled with very important information. Great exercises! Already game planning on approaching local High School sports teams to add posture analysis to their physicals.

    This was a GREAT COURSE. It was easy to follow and filled with very important information. I plan on using this information.

    I have gained further knowledge on how important posture is on preventing other pains and injuries. Also, great exercises on how to do this.

    I will definitely use this information to help correct the postures of clients that need it and already game planning on approaching local High School sports teams to add posture analysis and FMS to their physicals and then being able to prescribe corrective exercises to help prevent future injuries.

    This was a great course with important information!!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alejandra H Prill, Physical Therapy Coordinator/Post Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist/Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

    I found the information very helpful and got new ideas to use for my clients that need to improve their posture.

    I learned new approaches and exercises that many of my clients would find useful. The diagrams helped and can be reprinted so that my clients can do these exercises on their own.

    As a Post Rehabilitation Exercises Specialist, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (I teach to an older clientele), I will be able to use the information in every aspect of my work.

    I like how practical the information is. Very usable and helpful. I appreciate the CD that material so I can more easily make printouts.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Katharine S Cummings, Certified Fitness Specialist

    This is a course that needs to be in the hands of every trainer, fitness specialist and anyone in the health and fitness industry. The information in this course is invaluable. The material in this course applies to every person, young and old, men and women, meaning all clients will benefits from trainers being versed in this information. I liked how this course provided activity sheets and also how there are ready to print notes that trainers can use for each client to make posture notes and analysis. These questions at the end of each section are a good reinforcement of the material and they aren’t too hard if you read the material. There is very up to date information in this course, for example, the functional movement screening. All the tests for this screening on the slides are VERY thorough and you know what you are doing after studying the material. Also, you can print and always have the material to reference. Combining the activity sheets, which involve a lot of writing and the multiple choice quiz make for optimal learning reinforcement.

    I learned all the rights and wrong of good posture, gait analysis and how to detect and correct wrong body movements from head to toe. Gait Analysis can be used by all trainers and health and fitness specialists. This course is so advanced that a lot of this information in this course only physical therapists or chiropractors know, but as workers in the fitness industry, us knowing this material will greatly help us to help our clients. For example, learning and knowing how to perform the FAIR test, to see if someone has piriformis syndrome, is something a physical therapist would know to perform.

    I can personally use this information, especially the movement screening tests and trainer notes, when we update our club’s assessment process and I have ample knowledge of different ways of how we can assess members.

    I liked how one Module had a lot of common problems of professional athletes, drivers, golfer and even kids who sit a lot, but want to improve their fitness. For these common problems, the course gives solutions on how to correct them. In addition, I like having all the exercises and stretches in one module for easy reference. There are even yoga stretches in the course! As usual, I like that the posture images are on one PDF and it’s easy to print and keep!

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