Flexibility Training Specialist

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The goal of any stretching program is to improve muscle flexibility. Flexibility enhances joint mobility and promotes structural integrity. Help clients to effectively improve range of motion and encourage active movement patterns using the G Ball (Stability Ball). This Course provides a variety of stretches for the entire body that you can teach to your clients. You will be able to take individual clients with specific stretching issues through some basic moves and then slowly progress them to intermediate levels.  Add these stretching techniques to your clients’ warm-ups and cool downs. Then recommend that the client use the stretches outside your training sessions. The Flexibility Training Specialist Course will help you expand your marketability to individuals who need to increase their flexibility and also help boost your business while increasing your clientele.



✓ Entry/Intermediate and 5 Hours to complete
✓ Self-Paced/Distance Education



Some course content includes:

✓ Exercise Sciences
✓ Exercise Programming
✓ Stability Ball Training
✓ Flexibility
✓ Flexibility Assessment
✓ Balance


Renew your continuing education requirements and obtain valuable education to expand your training. The continuing education hours or CEC/CEU point value is different for each association.

Approved CEC’s/CEU’s
✓ American Council on Exercise—ACE—0.40
✓ Aquatic Exercise Association—AEA—call or email
✓ American College on Sports Medicine—ACSM—4
✓ America Fitness Professionals Association—AFAA—call or email
✓ America Fitness Professionals Association—AFPA—4
✓ British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association—BCRPA—4
✓ The Cooper Institute—CI—4
✓ International Fitness Professionals Association—IFPA—4
✓ International Tennis Performance Association*—ITPA—4
✓ International Sports Sciences Association—ISSA—4
✓ National Academy of Sports Medicine—NASM—call or email
✓ National Association of Sports Nutrition—NASN—4
✓ National Council on Strength and Fitness—NCSF—2.5
✓ National Council For Certified Personal Trainers—NCCPT—4
✓ National Exercise Trainers Association—NETA—4
✓ National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association—NESTA—4
✓ National Federation of Professional Trainers—NFPT—1.0
✓ National Strength Professionals Association—NSPA—4
✓ Professional Fitness Instructor Training—PFIT—4
✓ American Senior Fitness Association—SFA—0.40
✓ World Instructor Training Schools—WITS—4

*Note: NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) accepts GMP Fitness courses for credits, however a CEU Petition Form will need to be filled out and there may be a small fee.

* Note: The International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA)—ITPA members can earn continuing credits for their certifications through GMP Fitness.

Exam Facts

✓ Online true/false and multiple/choice final exam
✓ Online exam instructions are included in the package
✓ Passing the exam with 80% or higher
✓ NO time limit to take the exam
✓ Take the exam as many times as needed
✓ NO retest fees
✓ After we receive your completed online exam your continuing education certificate will be emailed to you within 2 business days, though in most cases you will receive it the same day.
NOTE: If you need your certificate faster please contact GMP Fitness (1-888-467-3488).
✓ Mail-in exam option by request—email info@gmpfitness.com

Fitness Tools

✓ G Ball (Stability Ball)


Become A Specialist

This course is included in our Functional Training Specialist. Click the image to learn how you can Become A GMP Fitness Functional Training Specialist »


Just One Prerequisite … To qualify to take any of the GMP Fitness Courses you must be at least 18 years of age.

While anyone over the age of 18 years old can complete the educational content in the GMP Fitness Courses we do recommend a few things.
• Knowledge of English and arithmetic.
• High school diploma or equivalency.

Flexibility Training Specialist Objectives

✓ Discover and learn an entry level understanding of flexibility training.
✓ Amplify assessment knowledge for flexibility for the major muscle groups.
✓ Review Stability Ball stretching techniques to improve flexibility while improving balance and posture.
✓ Learn safe stretching approaches for many regions within the body.
✓ Understand how to create a full body stretch routine to maximize flexibility.
✓ Learn dynamic flexibility exercises.
✓ Learn stretches for the lower and upper extremities and the torso.
✓ Expand knowledge and share beneficial tips with clients regarding increased flexibility.
✓ Discover and learn how todesign and develop a flexibility program based on client needs.
✓ Review guidelines when using the Stability Ball to develop flexibility.
✓ Enhance knowledge on the benefits of using the stability ball to improve flexibility.
✓ Understand the muscles being used and the importance in each stretch.
✓ Provide appropriate instructional cues for proper flexibility techniques.
✓ Learn stretching techniques to improve flexibility while improving balance and posture.
✓ Amplify knowledge on the muscles being used in the flexibility exercises.



It provides me with further insight to proper form with stretching. The importance to maintaining flexibility and provide quality movement combined with stretching. The client assessment sheets are of industry standards and have become a useful tool for me to use to gage the progress of my clients. Christine Ludin, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained, and reinforced, many important stretching and anatomical concepts as a result of taking this course. As appropriate, I will suggest and demonstrate to my clients the various stretches included in this course. I greatly admire the complete, yet succinct, exposition of the various stretches and concepts, as well as the brisk pace, and highly organized presentation, characteristic of the instructor. J.C. Jacobs, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned new techniques to help clients stretch safely and effectively using the G Ball. I will use the techniques I learned with clients and in my own training. I am so glad that GMP creates these effective, helpful online courses. Theresa Mihalopoulos, WITS Certified Professional


Flexibility Training Specialist Materials

✓ DVD & CD – The Flexibility Training Specialist CD Includes:
– Flexibility Training Specialist Sections (PDFs on CD – can be printed)
– Flexibility Assessment Forms (PDFs on CD – can be printed as needed)
– Trainer & Client Charts (PDFs on CD – can be printed as needed)
✓ Flexibility Training Specialist Online Exam
✓ Flexibility Training Specialist Course outline and instructions included in your package