Balance Progressions Specialist


Balance training is essential for everyone! People of all ages and abilities need to improve their balance. Bring more diversity and challenge to your group or personal training sessions with balance training exercises. The Balance Progressions Specialist Course provides a foundation on how to assess a client’s balance along with training guidelines including progressions. Through explanation and demonstrations, you will learn over 100 static balance training drills and progressions designed to challenge individuals of all fitness levels. Build Your Business! … The Balance Progressions Specialist Course will help you expand your marketability to individuals who need to boost their balance. Get started today and enhance your client’s workout with exercises to help improve their balance.


Optional Course Study Materials


✓ Intermediate and 6 Hours to complete
✓ Self-Paced/Distance Education


Renew your continuing education requirements and obtain valuable education to expand your training. The continuing education hours or CEC/CEU point value is different for each association.

Approved CEC’s/CEU’s
✓ American Council on Exercise—ACE—0.50
✓ Aquatic Exercise Association—AEA—call or email**
✓ American College of Sports Medicine—ACSM—6
✓ America Fitness Professionals Association—AFAA—call or email**
✓ America Fitness Professionals Association—AFPA—6
✓ British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association—BCRPA—6
✓ The Cooper Institute—CI—6
✓ International Fitness Professionals Association—IFPA—6
✓ International Tennis Performance Association*—ITPA—6
✓ International Sports Sciences Association—ISSA—6
✓ National Academy of Sports Medicine—NASM—call or email**
✓ National Association of Sports Nutrition—NASN—6
✓ National Council on Strength and Fitness—NCSF—3
✓ National Council For Certified Personal Trainers—NCCPT—6
✓ National Exercise Trainers Association—NETA—6
✓ National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association—NESTA—6
✓ National Federation of Professional Trainers—NFPT—1.25
✓ National Strength Professionals Association—NSPA—6
✓ Professional Fitness Instructor Training—PFIT—6
✓ American Senior Fitness Association—SFA—0.50
✓ World Instructor Training Schools—WITS—6

*Note: NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) accepts GMP Fitness courses for credits, however a CEU Petition Form will need to be filled out and there may be a small fee.

* Note: The International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA)—ITPA members can earn continuing credits for their certifications through GMP Fitness.

Exam Facts

✓ Online true/false and multiple/choice final exam
✓ Online exam instructions
✓ Passing the exam with 80% or higher
✓ NO time limit to take the exam
✓ Three attempts to pass the exam with NO retest fees
✓ GMP Fitness Members – Take the exam as many times as needed 
- NO retest fees
✓ After you pass the exam you will have instant access to your continuing education certificate
✓ Mail-in exam option by request—email

Fitness Tools

✓ Various low-tech tools (for example – balance discs, domes and foam rollers).


Become A Specialist


This course is included in our Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification Bundle. Click here to learn how you can Become a GMP Fitness Sports Conditioning Specialist » GMP Fitness Credential Specialist Bundles are a combination of G Single Field Specialist Courses (GSFC) and are an excellent way to acquire a package of Specialist Credential Programs at a discounted price.

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Just One Prerequisite … To qualify to take any of the GMP Fitness Courses you must be at least 18 years of age.

While anyone over the age of 18 years old can complete the educational content in the GMP Fitness Courses we do recommend a few things.
• Knowledge of English and arithmetic.
• High school diploma, GED or International equivalent


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This course is included in our Sports Conditioning Specialist Bundle. GMP Fitness Credential Specialist Bundles are a combination of G Level 1 Specialist Courses and are an excellent way to acquire a package of Specialist Credential Programs at a discounted price, gain 20+ CECs/CEUS and earn Multiple Speciality Certificate Credentials – GREAT for your PORTFOLIO!!!
Click here to learn how you can Become a GMP Fitness Sports Conditioning Specialist »

Balance Progressions Specialist Online Course

We’ve made learning and earning your Specialist Credential and your CEC/CEU credits simple. Enroll and start learning in just a few minutes. 

Balance Progressions Specialist Study Material Course Options

 Home Study Course Materials – Optional purchase.
The Balance Progressions Specialist CD Includes:
– Balance Progressions Specialist Manual (PDF on CD – can be printed)
– Balance Progressions Specialist Abridged Workbook (PDF on CD – can be printed)
– Balance Progressions Specialist Trainer & Client Charts (PDFs on the CD – can be printed)

✓ Printed Expanded Course Workbook – Optional purchase.
The Expanded Course Workbook (not on the CD) is designed to help you present your results, check your understanding of the material and reinforce important topics from the course. This learning tool is full of descriptions and demonstrations of the techniques discussed in the course. It will help you retain the course information better and prepare you for the exam.

The workbook really helped understand the subject better.- Chaitra Chandrashekar, ACE-Certified Professional
I processed the course better by using the follow along workbook – Steve Lutes, ACE Certified Professional

Note: You can add these to your cart after you select the online course. Shipped by Fedex or USPS. Shipping charges will apply.

Balance Progressions Specialist Objectives

✓ Provide an entry level understanding of balance training.
✓ Define and understand “proprioception.”
✓ Discover what controls balance.
✓ Learn the basics of proprioception training.
✓ Examine the benefits of barefoot training.
✓ Amplify knowledge of balance training tools.
✓ Learn how to make traditional balance exercises more progressive
✓ Expand your knowledge in making smart equipment and exercise choices
✓ Enhance proprioceptive awareness with effective warm-ups.
✓ Learn how to build a more stable foundation for individual client development.
✓ Amplify knowledge of basic balance training guidelines.
✓ Gain knowledge of static balance progressions.
✓ Provide appropriate instructional cues for proper balance technique.
✓ Learn Balance Progression training to help your clients condition their bodies to perform at their best.



Excellent plans to use with my clients. Professional handouts to give to client to take home step by step progression and measurements I will use during my assessments with the clients as health comes before exercise. I will also integrate it into my work out for variety and something fun. Excellent, would highly recommend it.  Florence O Meara, ACE Certified Professional

A wealth of balance exercises to use when training my clients. I recommend this fabulous course to anyone who teaches others to work out, especially to those who guide older clients! I will refer to the detailed exercises and progressions to design exercise programs that are tailored to meet each client’s balance needs and that are fun and varied.  Michele Psoras, WITS Certified Professional  

I have gained confidence and knowledge to teach my clients progressive movements, to gain balance and strength. I will apply the content of this course, to create a progressive program, to improve my bones and balance class at the studio I teach at. I will be able to help them progress from basic to advanced exercises in a safe and effective way. I will start with basic movements, and advance to a more challenging ones, using the equipment in the studio, to create a program for my beginners and advanced clients. This course was very helpful at outlining each exercise from the basic to advanced. It gave me a better understanding on ways to help my clients progress.  Marna Rowley, AFPA Certified Professional  


Balance Progressions Specialist Home Study Materials

✓ Online Course – no waiting for material to be shipped to you. You get instant access. Dive in and start learning right away.
✓ Online education is the quickest, easiest, most convenient and cost-effective way to achieve your education requirements.
✓ Online education allows you to complete the course anytime and anywhere you want – you just need internet access.

We’ve made learning and earning your Specialist Credential and your CEC/CEU credits simple. Get Started Now! Enroll and start learning in just a few minutes.