Back Injury Prevention Specialist



Many people suffer from back injury problems. Some are caused by accidents, infections or congenital defects, however, the majority of back problems are preventable. This Course provides all the tools needed to understand how the back works and design a back conditioning prevention program. The Back Injury Prevention Specialist Course examines the biomechanical complexities of stabilization exercises as a prerequisite to the general strengthening of the back and the surrounding musculature for rehab patients, athletes and other fitness enthusiasts. It provides a good stability training program for the back to help prevent injury and optimize lower back function and performance. The Back Injury Prevention Specialist Course will help you to market yourself to existing and new clients, helping them with preventative back training.



✓ Intermediate and 9 Hours to complete
✓ Self-Paced/Distance Education (Home Study)



Some course content includes:

✓ Exercise Sciences
✓ Exercise Programming
✓ Stability Training
✓ Flexibility
✓ Special Population
✓ Injury Prevention/Rehab


Renew your continuing education requirements and obtain valuable education to expand your training. The continuing education hours or CEC/CEU point value is different for each association.

Approved CEC’s/CEU’s
✓ American Council on Exercise—ACE—0.90
✓ Aquatic Exercise Association—AEA—call or email**
✓ American College on Sports Medicine—ACSM—9
✓ America Fitness Professionals Association—AFAA—call or email**
✓ America Fitness Professionals Association—AFPA—9
✓ British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association—BCRPA—9
✓ The Cooper Institute—CI—9
✓ International Fitness Professionals Association—IFPA—9
✓ International Tennis Performance Association*—ITPA—9
✓ International Sports Sciences Association—ISSA—9
✓ National Academy of Sports Medicine—NASM—call or email**
✓ National Association of Sports Nutrition—NASN—9
✓ National Council on Strength and Fitness—NCSF—4.5
✓ National Council For Certified Personal Trainers—NCCPT—9
✓ National Exercise Trainers Association—NETA—9
✓ National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association—NESTA—9
✓ National Federation of Professional Trainers—NFPT—2.0
✓ National Strength Professionals Association—NSPA—9
✓ Professional Fitness Instructor Training—PFIT—9
✓ American Senior Fitness Association—SFA—0.90
✓ World Instructor Training Schools—WITS—9

*Note: NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) accepts GMP Fitness courses for credits, however a CEU Petition Form will need to be filled out and there may be a small fee.

* Note: The International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA)—ITPA members can earn continuing credits for their certifications through GMP Fitness.

Exam Facts

✓ Online true/false and multiple/choice final exam
✓ Online exam instructions are included in the package
✓ Passing the exam with 80% or higher
✓ NO time limit to take the exam
✓ Take the exam as many times as needed
✓ NO retest fees
✓ After we receive your completed online exam your continuing education certificate will be emailed to you within 2 business days, though in most cases you will receive it the same day.
NOTE: If you need your certificate faster please contact GMP Fitness (1-888-467-3488).
✓ Mail-in exam option by request—email

Fitness Tools

✓ G Ball (Stability Ball)


Become A Specialist

This course is included in our Injury Prevention Specialist Course. Click the image to learn how you can Become A GMP Fitness Injury Prevention Specialist »


Just One Prerequisite … To qualify to take any of the GMP Fitness Courses you must be at least 18 years of age.

While anyone over the age of 18 years old can complete the educational content included in the GMP Fitness Courses we do recommend a couple of things for the Specialty Credential Courses.
• Knowledge of English and arithmetic.
• High school diploma or equivalency.

Back Injury Prevention Specialist Objectives

✓  Amplify knowledge of the anatomy of the human back.
✓  Identify the common risk factors associated with back pain.
✓  Learn about diagnostic tests and physicians who treat back problems.
✓  Understand causes of spinal disk herniations, stenosis, osteoporosis and spinal tumors.
✓  Understand the significance of scientifically based decision making in the measurement and management of back disorders.
✓  Teach your clients prevention strategies to reduce the risk of back injury.
✓  Expand knowledge on muscle injuries and myofascial back pain.
✓  Recognize the types of treatment for back pain.
✓  Reinforce the importance of all aspects of exercise including stretching.
✓  Develop knowledge and recognition as to when it is the appropriate time to refer a client to their physician.
✓  Increased understanding of medical alternatives for clients.
✓  Recognize the signs, symptoms and contraindications of low back maladies.
✓  Increased understanding of medical alternatives for clients.
✓  Acquire a better understanding of the back’s mechanics and risks for injury.
✓  Understand the normal and injury mechanics of the back.
✓  Explain the risk factors associated with lumbar/back disorders.
✓  Discover how to enhance your client’s workout with conditioning exercises to help prevent back injuries.
✓  Provide appropriate instructional cues for proper exercise technique.
✓  Discover exercises that prepare your clients for more challenging exercises.
✓  Discover dynamic core exercises for the back.
✓  Understand how to properly modify and progress your clients with back injury prevention exercises.
✓  Educate individuals in lifestyle and prevention strategies to help reduce the risk of low back injury and pain.
✓  Develop an exercise program that contains safe back exercises and be able to correctly adjust and advance the exercises.
✓  Identify programming modifications that fitness professionals can employ when instructing clients with specific musculoskeletal restrictions.
✓  Demonstrate how to correctly execute various back prevention exercises without equipment and with a Stability Ball.



Not only was the course very helpful, and I’ll be able to apply it to my clients, but the customer service was amazing. I did not get the email with my certificate because it went to my junk email account. I sent an email asking if it could be resent and Gina called me within 10 minutes with a response to my email. She stayed on the phone with me to make sure the credits were applied to my account and resent the completion certificate. I would absolutely recommend using GMP Fitness for CEC courses. 5 stars!!  Lisa, ACE Certified Professional  

My intent for taking the Back Injury Prevention Specialist Course was to expand my knowledge to help others. The Course exceeded my initial expectations because I learned a lot about some issues I was having with my back over the years. I feel that I can teach with more confidence to others because I was able to personally benefit from the information gained through this course. I aim to reduce as much risk as possible while focusing on injury prevention for the client during workouts  and also in preparation and recovery stages of exercise. The Back Injury Prevention Specialist Course brought a lot of ‘other’ knowledge together for me to understand the ‘big picture’ or holistic view of a healthy lifestyle.  James Caslin, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on the back and how certain injuries affect an individual. The way the course is set up it starts from the basics and slowly gets more complex so you have the tools to grasp the concept well. The main reason why I took this Back Injury Prevention Specialist course was to gain knowledge on back pain based on the region. (Cervical, Thoracic or lumbar). I feel that this course did its job wonderfully.  I will use the information I have learned with my clients and give them relief based on what their diagnosis is from a doctor. I will also be able to give ideas of what condition they actually have now based on my new knowledge. I really enjoyed the fact that there was no time limit on this test. I am a very busy man with priorities at work, school and at home, however I was able to get my studying in when I had time and on my schedule. This was a great course!  Justin Cochrane, ISSA Certified Professional  


Back Injury Prevention Specialist Materials

✓ BOOK & CD- The Back Injury Prevention Specialist CD Includes:
– Back Injury Prevention Specialist Manual  (PDF on CD – can be printed)
– Back Injury Prevention Specialist Workbook  (PDF on CD – can be printed)
– Back Injury Prevention Trainer & Client Charts (PDFs on the CD – can be printed as needed)
✓ Back Injury Prevention Specialist Online Exam
✓ Back Injury Prevention Specialist Course outline and instructions included in your package