Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification Reviews

Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification Reviews

Become a Certified Longevity Wellness Specialist

Use the reviewer feedback captured below to help you when making a decision when purchasing the Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification course.

Also, you can learn how personal trainers and other professionals are using new training techniques and skills they learned from the Longevity Wellness Specialist Certification course with their clients.

The most current info on exercise, nutrition and environmental issues. I will use this information to better the health of my family & I and certainly for my clients. – Elisa Pallitto, AFPA Certified Professional

A much more in-depth understanding of nutritional impacts on health and longevity. Encourage my clients, probably share with groups in mini-workshops. – Ruth Lee, ACE Certified Professional

Good basic nutrition information and anti-aging information. I will use the book and CD as references when clients have questions. – Susan Beth Wyatt, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned about many nutrients and their benefits. This information has expanded my knowledge in both preventing possible issues that come along with aging as well as giving me a new perspective on living a healthy lifestyle in general. The Longevity Wellness Specialist course has provided me with the opportunity to better inform my clients about the nutrients that they are taking or are considering. This course provided interesting material. – Jennifer Burnham, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a greater understanding of how our hormones work and the functions of the vitamins and minerals. I will pass on the information I have learned to my older clientele and give them solutions, other than exercise, that they can do to improve aging. I found it very informative. I liked the set up of the textbook, it was easy to read and i like how it highlighted (bolded) the important information. – Jessica Wolverton, ACE Certified Professional

How happy I am to have enjoyed the course, not wanting to put the book down, new info, so very interesting and indeed, life-giving. vastly increase my ability to HELP others. I have been certified pt totaling 15 years…this was for tremendously improving clients but also for greatly improving my health, knowledge and life.  – Malcolm Hale, ISSA Certified Professional

Theories on aging. Nutrition & basic exercise for anti-aging. I will use every information when I have sessions with my elder clients. When you exercise, do something else that will be better anti-aging for your brain. ex: while march in the place, do easily adding.  – Yasuko Takenouchi, ACE Certified Professional

Much more knowledge in regards to nutrients, herbs, and essential vitamins. I will have a much better understanding of issues related to my older clientele for longevity. This was Excellent material. – Aaron Friedman, ACE Certified Professional

Specific info on HGH, vitamins and minerals, etc. Creating exercise and overall nutrition. – Heather Spivey

A better understanding of how a holistic approach to longevity is possible. Many small actions and choices over the long term add up to a much healthier life well into old chronological age. The knowledge I now have will be an opening wedge into the long game of health and fitness. So often individuals looking for the help of a trainer are wanting the 12-week transformation or how to get in shape for a specific event or time period. Now the question of a long healthy and fit life can be more easily addressed. – Korey Samuelson, ACE Certified Professional

I work with many older women and this opened my eyes to better methods in functional training and nutrition. Thinking of training as prolonging life not my normal “athletic training” to this demographic. – Taunie Leal, ACE Certified Professional

Overall General and Specific Info on the Aging Process. Thanks! – Emmett Lewis Conner, ACE Certified Professional

Good refresher information. Group fitness, and in my wellness manager job. – Lauren Thomas, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of what causes aging and so many different steps we can take to help prevent this process from the Longevity Wellness Specialist. Letting clients know of the many different areas in their lives and things they are doing or not doing that can cause aging. Make suggestions from the materials I have read to inform them of the many things they can do to help slow down the aging process. I learned a lot about how so many different factors cause aging and what we can do to help slow down the aging process! – Melissa A. Potter, ACE Certified Professional

A great reference for the anti-aging process, especially the role of hormones, vitamins, minerals. Help clients understand that diet, exercise and lifestyle can slow the aging process. – Emily Harper, ACE Certified Professional

Everything about Anti Aging. My clients are mainly women. So it is very useful for me to learn about Menopause. – AKIYO GESHIURA, ACE Certified Professional 

I have learned that mental wellness is super important from the Longevity Wellness Specialist Course. I will ensure that clients understand how important mental wellness is and how it affects their wellness goals. Very good. – Darya Fakory, ACE Certified Professional 

How the body ages and what can be done to delay the process. Share the knowledge I have learned with my clients/members. The Longevity Wellness Specialist was a great course. A lot of information. It took a great deal more time than I expected to review all of the information. – Ellen M Ronayne, AFPA Certified Professional

Prolonging longevity and I will be passing the information I’ve learned to my clients. – Cecil W. Siung, ACE Certified Professional

More of an insight into how all the systems must work together for healthy aging. I plan to work as a wellness coach, specifically in the area of longevity. – Jeannie Paparella, AFPA Certified Professional

A better knowledge of what happens to the body as it ages and ways to make the aging process easier. I will use it as I continue to work with the senior population to give them better support. – Maria Vachon, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve learned how to better train my older clients. This course gave me more resources and knowledge that I can pass onto my clients. I always use GMP fitness for my CEC courses. – Tara Minnax, ACE Certified Professional 

Better understanding of what bodies go through as they age. I already started to implement a lot of lessons learned with clients I work with. Especially younger clients so that they can live more nourished lives. – Kate McMahon Macinanti, AFPA Certified Professional 

Will gladly recommend the Longevity Wellness Specialist course and future courses from GMP Fitness I have gained a better understanding of the vitamins, herbs, minerals, and supplements that help slow down the aging process. Taking these will inevitably boost the body’s ability to stay youthful while fighting off degenerative diseases. Suggesting to clients the benefits of taking these vitamins and minerals (in the form of nutritious food or supplements) will help them understand why they are so important to take as they continue to age. – Angelo Alfonso Baumgartner, ACE Certified Professional

Good course…beneficial. Right now I will be applying the knowledge I have gained for my own personal use but I can see sharing this knowledge with my group fitness classes. I gained an overall knowledge of the aging process as well as numerous suggestions as to how to age well with strength and vitality. – Lisa L., ACE Certified Professional

Very comprehensive! I have gained confidence t work with older adults. I will add it to the programs I already teach and start working with baby boomers! – Heather Rittgers, AFPA Certified Professional

Gained much more knowledge on the way body works in relation to hormones and vitamins. Will use it with my clients. – Andy Frus ACE Certified Professional

With the information that I gathered I can incorporate it not only in training older clients as well as current clients that are younger. I can explain and emphasize how important it is to start out as early as possible in working out on a regular basis. In having the statistics and facts are so very important in training clients. Having the knowledge to take on more older clients. Being able to train and giving workouts to older individuals with statistics and facts for them to understand. Sharing not only the knowledge the Longevity Wellness Specialist course has given me just to older individuals but my younger clients as well. It is life commitment that begins when we are younger. – Deborah R. Forst, AFPA Certified Professional

A clearer understanding of the biogeological processing in aging and steps to live happier and longer. Specifically around daily supplementation with aerobic and weight training programs. Would recommend this course to fellow ACE professionals. – Susan Serradilla-Smarth, ACE Certified Professional

LOTS of new knowledge on supplements and hormone therapy. Educate my clients on options and ways to stay “young”. – Catherine Maurice, ACE Certified Professional

Gained much more knowledge on the way body works in relation to hormones and vitamins. Will use it with my clients. – Andy Frus, ACE Certified Professional

There are lifestyle choices we can make to age more gracefully and successfully. However, it is crucial to work with a trusted health care provider to ensure optimal success. I will offer tips during classes, which should be followed up with clients healthcare providers. – Kathy Moran, ACE Certified Professional

I learned how to help older adults have a younger biological age.  It has helped me encourage older adults to not be a victim of aging. – Bruce Caldwell, ACE Certified Professional

Refinement of my specialty. Help people maintain good health and energy. – Jenny Lee Falbo ACE Certified Professional

New knowledge. I’ll educate my clients on what causes aging and disease, and give them tips on how to enhance their wellbeing. – Justyna Wilson, ACE Certified Professional

The well rounded idea of what it takes to promote longevity. Share with my clients. – L. G., ACE Certified Professional

A wealth of information on preventing “dis-ease” and improving the body’s biological age. All of my clients are currently age 40-86; I can provide them with invaluable tips & structure their exercise programs so they can live longer healthier lives. – Diane Lee Larsen, ACE Certified Professional

A knowledge of how to modify and examine “older” clients abilities and how to adjust exercises accordingly. Currently teaching older adults in an exercise environment at the YMCA. The information in this course will enhance my abilities. Great Course. – Bonne Taylor, ACE Certified Professional

I gained the reason of aging and how to cope with it well. – TAO LI, ACE Certified Professional

I will include more time in my classes with senior clients for flexibility warm-ups and cool down. Also, I will remind my clients about the importance of adhering to the nutrition guidelines for senior individuals. The understanding of the importance of prevention intervention to retard the aging process. This was a very thorough and detailed continuing education course that I would recommend to personal trainers working with senior citizens. – Kayla Gagnon , ACE Certified Professional

Using proper vitamins and supplements and helping clients with memory Improvement. Knowledge about vitamins and supplements. The relationship between diet and disease. Very eye-opening information. – Amelia Rose Tibert, WITS Certified Professional

I have gained a lot of very specific information regarding things like vitamins, minerals, sleep, and nutrition of longevity. – JL, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a lot of very specific information regarding things like vitamins, minerals, sleep, and nutrition of longevity. – Jennifer Lyn Brown, ACE Certified Professional

This course is amazing! – I would highly recommend it to professionals working with older adults and senior citizens. I have enjoyed learning about the amazing dynamics of longevity wellness and fitness. – William Maull, AFPA Certified Professional

It is a lot of good information regarding the body. I am glad to have it as a reference book. – Gretchen Woolf, ACE Certified Professional

This course helped me develop a plan, as a wellness consultant, not only for myself but for my family and clients as we move into “middle/old” age. It is my tool to teach that we don’t have to fall apart just because the calendar says we are aging. – Casandra Peterson Campbell, AFPA Certified Professional

I’ve gained useful knowledge regarding better health that is advantageous for myself, as well as my clients. I’m going to use this information to help others. – Maleea Van Exel, ACE Certified Professional

Supplemental knowledge. New ideas. – Melinda Stowe, ACE Certified Professional

Lots of anti-aging information. To help the aged stay mobile. Sabrina Harwell, AFPA Certified Professional

A better understanding of key components in aging and wellness. Ability to share more knowledge with clients. – Paige Baker, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned a great deal about ways that everyone can reduce or prevent the effects of aging. I work with cognitively impaired patients and those at risk for cognitive impairments. The content from the course will become part of my toolkit in educating others on brain health. The course packet was excellent. The text makes for a good resource/reference. – Valeria Gary, ACE Certified Professional

Information on current anti-aging theories. I will use it in discussing anti-aging with my clients. – Monica Colbert, ACE Certified Professional

I work with an aging community so this information is a core to my ability to help my clients. Affirmation on the things I’ve studied in the past, along with new insight..Cheri Tillman, AFPA Certified Professional

New and different ways to approach the aging population. Incorporate into classes – Kathleen Murphy, AFPA Certified Professional

Gained new knowledge of diet requirements and vitamin requirements, along with reinforcement of prior knowledge. I will share many different ways to improve the lives of my clients. I have already tweaked my diet and will continue to make changes. Also, I am trying natural remedies to replace prescription medicine. Janie Ann Lea, ACE Certified Professional

The best continuing education course I have ever taken! This course has a very sound background of human physiology and endocrinology. GMP Fitness will forever have my respect.  Oscar Raymond Molina, Certified Professional

This program is packed full of valuable information. It offered great ideas. I will use this book as a wonderful reference. The material and lesson plan were easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it.  Thanks for making this program available to the fitness industry.  Linda Shoemaker, NETA Certified Professional

This was a great course, very challenging. I learned so many new things that I will be able to use myself as well as share with my class participants. I feel by taking this course I will be able to better serve my participants. Both resources I can continually use to be a better instructor.  Myra Gaddy, NETA Certified Professional

Thanks so much, Gina. I enjoyed the course immensely. My favorite part about this course, other than the content, is your quick communications and that I can deal directly with the founder and not some outsourced answering service!  Charmaine Ristow, AFPA Certified Professional

I learned some additional ideas to offer my clients in the areas of nutrition and exercise.  Include new ideas and learning on a daily basis with all my clients. Love the GMP side of things! Thank you, Gina!!  Joyce Scott, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a better knowledge as to how to better relate to an accommodate some of my clientele. I will now apply what I have learned not only while working with clients, but also by restructuring some programs to better meet the needs of my participants.  I really like being given the option to take something less cut and dry. This is an enriching course.  Mary S. Hoadley, AFPA Certified Professional

I really enjoyed this course and I can’t wait to do more courses.  Amanda Unz, Certified Professional

Would recommend to everyone.  Elizabeth Sheahan, Certified Professional

This was excellent for everyone. It provided information that is good for beginners, and would add to the knowledge of the advanced practitioners. I gained an in-depth knowledge of the latest research in vitamin and hormone therapy, benefits of sleep, dangers of stress, and teaching components of fitness. I had retained the misconception that hormone therapy was a surefire way to get cancer and have now realized that I never paid enough attention to posture in a fitness regimen. I wish I had taken this course years ago. It would have made a big difference in my own fitness routine and in what I recommended to others.  Elizabeth Jamerson, NETA Certified Professional

Great material everyone can and should use.  Teresa Summerlin, Certified Professional

This was invaluable and very much appropriate for today’s day and age.  Eva Mourad, Certified Professional

Nuts & Bolts knowledge of the aging process. How to help myself, as well as clients. This course will enhance empathy and patience toward clients, increased understanding of their population’s special needs and restrictions. I’d like to share this info with coworkers. I work at the YMCA and it would be great for all the staff to have this knowledge. It will foster care, understanding, and concern for our older members.  Pamela Vanoteghem, Certified Professional

I am glad that I purchased it. I am empowered to be a better fitness professional. I can more confidently advise clients on the importance of combining good nutrition and exercise for longevity, as well as the dangers of ignoring the advice. The material is robust with valuable information. I gained a deeper understanding of how complex the human body is, yet how simple it should be to maintain it.  Kevin L. Gibson, AFPA Certified Professional

An in-depth understanding of the aging process and how to counteract it. I will use this information for my own health, my friends and family, and my training clients. Absolutely excellent. One of the most useful courses I’ve ever taken.  Joan Maute, ACE Certified Professional

This is a great course. I gained a huge amount of knowledge that will not only be beneficial to my clients, but to my own personal health and well being too. There is so much information that I imagine I will be returning to my notes again and again. It also has a great 1.7 CEC in value. Extremely helpful. Thanks.  Pauline,ACE Certified Professional

This course has inspired me to be more thoughtful in my own wellness choices. This course will serve clients through the higher level of knowledge I can now impart. Thank you for providing this course. Money well spent.  Janice H Hoffman, ACE Certified Professional

It is fantastic! Lots of great and useful information. My husband, who is a chiropractor and massage therapist and associate professor at Cleveland Chiropractic College looked at the material and said it was better information than what was taught at most Chiropractic Colleges for a nutrition course. He intends to study the material as well.  Jill Gowan, Certified Professional

Detailed knowledge of the effects of all the various vitamins and minerals in our body was very eye-opening for some of the issues/complains my clients currently have been telling me about. It gave me greater insight to possibly help them be more healthy. I will be helping clients with better nutrition and possible supplementation choices as well as continuing to help them with exercising to live healthier, longer lives. The course reading was very informative  some of it quite surprising for me to learn.  Celeste Beatty, ISSA Certified Professional

I really gained a great deal of career-relevant information for my clients. I really like the professional forms.  Jaime Scott, Certified Professional

I plan to offer my classes information from your course and I have learned a lot. Thanks!  Ann Craig, Certified Professional

Great & useful info! As I age I will be taking this book to my MD!! Thanks for a great course.  Stacy Nard, Certified Professional

I absolutely loved both the new knowledge and refresher of already known ideas. A great investment. Thank you!  Julie A. Ziegler, Certified Professional

I would highly recommend this course to all employees. Great job guys.  Garret Mount, Certified Professional

I felt it was very informative and full of information I can fall back on in the future.  Joyce Bergeron, Certified Professional

Excellent course and information learned many new facts on supplements and anti-aging! Thank you.  Victoria Saxby, Certified Professional

Very good informative course. I have gained an insight to living longer and healthier.  Richard Castano, Certified Professional

I loved the anti-aging book and the CD manual was done very professionally. I feel as though I got a wealth of knowledge from this course. Thank you.  Regina Lavelle, Certified Professional

I feel I can now offer more assistance to my clients and add value to their workout program.  Robert Vincent Burdi, Certified Professional

This information reinforces what I say and do as correct with the addition of new information. The text book is a great reference to tool to have.  Bill Morgan, Certified Professional

I was very impressed. It had great info. for me and for my clients. The book is fantastic! What a great resource to have!  Patricia Maynard, Certified Professional

The CD overview is wonderful. I have you gained further knowledge of supplements and minerals as well as more modifications for exercises. I will share this information with clients/potential clients and use necessary modifications to make a more productive plan for client.  Amanda Hill, WITS Certified Professional

This course was overall very current, exciting and relevant. Thank you. I will definitely look for more GMP programs and recommend them with confidence.  Fay Pastel, Certified Professional

It empowered me to practice food for life. The course CD manual and the book will become part of my reference library as a dedicated personal trainer.  Lawne Callan, Certified Professional

This course was packed with information which can sometimes be hard to follow, but this was very easy to comprehend and soak in the information.  April Maletsky, Certified Professional

There is no question that people are living longer. With the information from this course, I can help clients have a better quality of life as they age. There are reasons some people age better than others; this course covered so many of the reasons from hormone therapy, vitamins, minerals and nutrition. By far, I believe that consistent daily exercise is the main key to slow the aging process. As a personal trainer, I can now share with my clients the recommended exercises for longevity. I will be 62 this months and my parents are 88 and 89. I have shared much of the insight I have gained from this course with them. My parents have since hired a personal trainer and see a tremendous difference in their balance, energy level and even memory. The Anti-Aging Revolution is a reality. Even if you never use this information to help a client, I guarantee you will learn things that will make you reevaluate what you eat and drink, what vitamins are really best and how to live your best life well into triple digits.  A. C., ACE Certified Professional

Valuable information that may help save people’s lives and promote optimal health while minimizing the aging process so that the quality of life is enhanced as we age. Drug free solutions to many health issues that support longevity wellness. It will apply to my integrative medicine approach to health and wellness for both mental and physical concerns. Apply the exercises, nutritional information and supplementation to enhance the health of your clients/patients. I recommend it to any health professional and teach the content to your clients and patients. The information is extremely beneficial.  Deidre J Jenkins, WITS Certified Professional

I gained many insights on supplements and the realization that good nutrition is essential for optimal well being and longevity. I will incorporate the information in my Wellness Consultations. I enjoyed the book. Overall I learned a great deal.  Desiree Nowaczyk, ACE Certified Professional

I have learned that there are many ways to keep our bodies strong, flexible, healthy from the inside out. We can control most of the aging process if we choose to. I will help my senior population understand that they can continue to move about correctly and that there are also healthy eating patterns to support their health. I found the information fascinating! Our doctors don’t give us all this information and now I feel informed enough to ask my doctor questions about my aging health and how to support that.  Bridget Crowley-Brown, ACE Certified Professional

A lot of information about the aging process. I will be able to help my clients with all that I have learned. This was very educational and I learned so much. Thank you.   Devani Unbewust, ACE Certified Professional

The course really helped me learned more about vitamins and supplements to slow down the aging process; especially with mental functioning. About 80percent of my clients are seniors and this corse helped me learned how to better address their needs. Very informative and easy to understand. Mina Truong, AFPA Certified Professional

I am glad that I purchased it. I am empowered to be a better fitness professional. I can more confidently advise clients on the importance of combining good nutrition and exercise for longevity, as well as the dangers of ignoring the advice. The material is robust with valuable information. I gained a deeper understanding of how complex the human body is, yet how simple it should be to maintain it.  Kevin L. Gibson, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained additional information related to fitness programs, particularly for the elderly. I currently teach several senior fitness classes and I’ll use the information from this course to improve my classes. I found the course very informative and the information I learned to be helpful to my work.  Deborah Bena, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained detailed understanding of how hormones affect the aging body. and more in depth knowledge of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation. As a yoga instructor many times I am asked how I keep my youthful and healthy body. I can now, with much more confidence, offer more sound and appropriate advice than what I formerly had. It is definitely recommended to trainers and teachers alike who deal with the more mature clientele. As I work in both Florida and Massachusetts this information is invaluable to my Florida clients.  Annette Troiano, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained a insight on helping my clients both older and young but particularly the older generation on how to stay on track with their health and fitness in a natural approach. mostly consulting and also leading by example with my own life experiences. enjoyed because i could relate and put to use in my own life as well as others.  Valerie A Frazier, WITS Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of supplementation of a persons diet with vitamins and minerals and the roles they play. At the YMCA we offer different challenges through out the year to keep people involved with health and fitness. Some of this material will be suggested to the participants for a healthier life style. I would defiantly suggest personal trainers to have this accreditation on their list.  Alice Herbst, NETA Certified Professional

Importance of cellular integrity. Start mega dosing with vitamins.  Wendy Heath, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained knowledge. It will be helpful in suggesting nutrition to clients. I enjoyed it!  Sara Bridges, CI Certified Professional

I gained a basic understanding of biological processes in regards to health & aging; Using vitamins and minerals to optimize system functionality from. I plan to share the key components of the course with my classes to help them better understand how all of their life decisions impact their well being and longevity  including, but not limited to exercise.  April Klein, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a lot of information on vitamins, minerals and supplements and will inform my clients how important our nutrition.  Debbie Murphy, AFPA Certified Professional

I was not aware of the various botanical products available over the counter for enhancing health and wellness. I was pleased to find that my current teaching techniques are in line with the course recommendations. I will use some of the suggested exercises to supplement what I am doing. I like the low tech approach to fitness. I found this course very interesting and informative. I chose it because I thought, as a senior, it would be useful in my personal life. I did gain some valuable information about supplements which I am now using. I had dismissed that information in the past, thinking of it as folklore and nonscientific. The excellent documentation provided in the text has changed that opinion.  Mary Louise Johnson, NETA Certified Professional

As someone who turned 50 this year, this course has been invaluable in helping me set a course for self care in the future. I have always believed supplementation is important, but after taking this course I now feel it’s vital to maintain good health. I plan to work with women in menopause. This course gave me a lot of insight into helping women feel as young as they like. I really enjoyed the material.  Elizabeth Jordan, AFPA Certified Professional

Provided more information related to longevity in wellness training. I will apply the information to my clients in their nutrition counseling and training sessions.  Jealyn Foston, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a deeper understanding of what vitamins & minerals provide. Most of the info will be used for myself personally.  Kim Karsh, ACE Certified Professional

An in-depth understanding of the aging process and how to counteract it. I will use this information for my own health, my friends and family, and my training clients. Absolutely excellent. One of the most useful courses I’ve ever taken.  Joan Maute, ACE Certified Professional

Better understanding of aging and related hormone changes as we age. Understand bodily and system changes that clients are dealing with at different ages and develop best training for them accordingly. I really enjoyed leaning this info!!!  Dana L. Dowling, Certified Professional

More knowledge about the challenges of aging and strategies to slow the clock.Through coaching my longevity clients.  Geraldine K Anathan, Certified Professional

I gained a great resource for supplementation. More knowledge about a natural approach to wellness. Through an integrative medicine program. I will use it to support my recommendations regarding diet and exercise. Evidence of the importance of diet and exercise are in this book.  Leah Dawn, ACE Certified Professional

More knowledge on aging and how we can slow the process. I’ll use it to encourage and educate clients.  Holly Trowbridge, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge of natural ways to extend life and quality of life. Relay info to clients.  Beth Place, Certified Professional

It was very detailed. Felt like I was back in my college days. Really had to dig hard to get the meaning of various chapters. I will use this experience on a daily basis.  Charles Roddey, WITS Certified Professional

Inform clients of how different supplementation techniques will assist them. Insight on optional approaches to slow aging process.  Jose Bahia, Certified Professional

This course has opened my eyes to the importance hormones and supplements play in the health and fitness of the geriatric population I service. I intend to offer a more varied program to my clients dependent on their needs and preferences.  Terry Devlin, Certified Professional

Expanded knowledge on hormone replacement therapies, vitamins, minerals, and a scientific breakdown of their functions in longevity and quality of life.  James E. Roybal II, Certified Professional

I have gained more extensive knowledge of the different age related systems in the human body, and the benefits of properly maintaining them, to slow or reverse the aging process. I have also learned many natural ways of extending life. Nutrition is such a major component of the anti aging process, it is my intention to include FDA regulated information in my sessions.  Laura Cantrel, Certified Professional

Knowledge on the aging process. Helping clients age gracefully. It was great!  Leann Trierweiler-Krugh, Certified Professional

Better understanding of supplements used. Better able to discuss with clients.  Tina M Kaufman, Certified Professional

The importance of vitamins and minerals in the aging process. Increasing client awareness of supplements to their exercise program as they age.  Barbara McKeon, Certified Professional

It was a lot of information, but I learned the importance of putting the right fuel into your body, especially how it’s going to effect you in the future. Help educate my clients on the different types of toxic chemicals we take in, and what it can do to us.  Timothy Hetz, Certified Professional

A better understanding of the aging process and the changes that occur within the body. Program design and group fitness.  Janessa Taylor, Certified Professional

Information about different vitamins, minerals and naturopathic methods of anti-aging. Adding more emphasis on stress relief, healthy eating, and sleep.  Carie McGurk, Certified Professional

A better understanding of the process of aging and how it impacts health and wellness. Understand what level of fitness a client is capable of.  Recognize symptoms of menopause, andropause and other age related effects on a persons physical level.  Trisha Fenby, Certified Professional

This course gave me an easily understood layout of the aging process and the lifestyle choices needed to make the most out of the process. The information in this book will be valuable to my Senior Fit program. The teaching and answering questions on the aging process are covered completely in this course.  Jodi Lynn Van Meter, Certified Professional

I have definitely gained a broader view of what affects aging. My eyes have really been opened. I have also gained an amazing resource for future reference in regards to the nutrients/ exercises that can benefit my clients. As a GFI, I now have a better understanding of the aging body and feel more confident planning my classes according to the new things I have learned. As for my younger clients, I now have more knowledge on anti aging/prevention which will help them to feel healthier and at their best as they age. As a dietician, it also allows me to be a great resource.  Kim Lisanne David, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a different and new perspective on anti-aging as well as a good understanding of how vitamins and minerals really affect the body. This info will be useful for my older (over 50) clients who are fighting aging and their bodies slowing down. I feel like I understand the why and how better. Thank you for a unique learning experience, it was truly helpful!  Lauren Ashby, Certified Professional

I learned about the importance of a variety of foods in ones diet to keep the body functioning properly. I learned that we start aging at a very young age, that our environment plays an important role and this too could effect our longevity. I will be able to tell them why they are getting belly fat in their midlife, how to handle stress better, remind them to drink water regularly, and if there are issues people are dealing with and they don’t feel good energy or stiffness etc. I will be able to suggest they think about the foods they eat or seek a nutritionist to check up on their hormone levels or vitamins they may be lacking in. I am just more knowledgeable now about the aging process and what to look for and options we have. It was insightful and quite detailed especially on the vitamin/mineral descriptions. It’s a nice reference to have.  Marisa Duffy, AFPA Certified Professional

Better understanding of aging and fitness. Will use it with elderly clients and group fitness classes Great help, learned a lot. Thanks.  Caroline Gladwin, Certified Professional

More knowledge regarding anti-aging vitamins, herbs, minerals and hormones. More information to share with my clients but also for my own personal health.  Tara Beerse, Certified Professional

I have gained new insight in the aging process. Wish I had had this course years ago! Will offer suggestions and guidance to my personal training clients from the material included in the book.  Elaine Lowrance, ACE Certified Professional

A great deal of knowledge on vitamins, hormones and nutrient supplementation. The book is a great resource I will utilize for years to come. Providing education to my clients is a great deal of the work that I do. This expands on the information I can provide to each individual. There is so much content.  Stephanie Patek, Certified Professional

Explicit information on the supplements and nutrition in the pursuit of longevity. Recommendations to my clients with the caveat that they consult with their physicians prior to any modifications to their regime. As a 71 year old, I can apply some of the information to my own lifestyle.  David Allaun, Certified Professional

A vast understanding of health. Teach others.  Spencer Cowart, Certified Professional

Awareness about use of pharmaceuticals for anti-aging. Advise my clients to be aware of physicians advocating such unless clear and present reasons for utilization.  Eunis Christensen, MBA, Certified Professional

More insight to aging and what can and cannot be done about it. I will share it with my class participants who are all over 50. It was very interesting and challenging.  Marianne Pizzo, Certified Professional

I am more knowledgable on the topic of wellness and aging I will share it with clients.  Aimee McClory, Certified Professional

I liked the sections on how to live longer and benefits for on certain vitamins. Share uses of vitamins and mineral to help with certain conditions. and good advice about longevity plans.  Tammy White, Certified Professional

A much better understanding of hormones and the role they play in aging.  John Glenn Essel, Certified Professional

A comprehensive understanding of longevity through nutrition exercise and supplements. Sharing the information with my clients. It is very thorough.  Despina Stamos, Certified Professional

A better understanding of how the body works. Monitoring intake of supplements and therapy.  Brett Harwood, Certified Professional

Consolidation of the skills and knowledge acquired from previous courses on fitness for older adults. Incorporate additional exercises into my program me with particular emphasis on balancing techniques to improve safety. The material provided is an excellent source of reference for future use.  Susan Jenkins, Certified Professional

Lots of information on supplements that I was interested in knowing I will use it everyday with myself and clients in diet with a healthy life style.  Jennifer Noel Duby, Certified Professional

More effective techniques for seniors. I will use them with my special needs clients.  Anthony Bass, Certified Professional

An insight to a lot more information about the bodies aging process. I have a lot of clients who are the baby boomers so i needed to know more to understand more. It is a good read very informative I’m glad I choose this course.  Michele Secilia, Certified Professional

Age is only a number. Living a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and exercise promotes a longer life. I am a health coach and most of my clients and followers are middle aged and are striving to maintain their youth and energy. Love the course offering

s of GMP.  Tracy Sipprelle, AFPA Certified Professional

I have learned different vitamins and minerals that are helpful in maintaining a longer life. I can apply this course to my work by giving advise to my clients on what may be helpful for them when it comes to supplements.  Lindsay Topacio, Certified Professional

Overview of programming that is effective for adults that are older. Including information on the positive effects of exercise on longevity. discussing how few limitations are truly associated with getting older.  Zarina Karim, Certified Professional

Interesting insights into how to use nutrition and fitness to slow the aging process.

I am a wellness coordinator and certainly see the effects an aging workforce can have on worker’s comp and medical claims.’  Marie Story, Certified Professional

Help with suggestions for my client about the benefits of hormone replacement. Of course the benefits of diet and exercise. Informative course.  Jill Kemmerling, Certified Professional

New ideas for working with my super senior clients. Add more balance training.  Lisa E. Bradley, Certified Professional

I have definitely taken my nutrition more serious. I am adding wheat germ and brewers yeast to my diet. I will emphasize the importance about variety of fruits and vegetables.

I enjoyed the book.  Lisa Gerlach, Certified Professional

Good knowledge of ways to maintain the body in a more youthful state, ways to enhance the quality of life at any age, good information on nutrition and ideas on exercise programming. Plan to use the information to provide advice and suggestions to clients. Overall, good course.  Jannellyn Hueghs, Certified Professional

This course explains the definite need for taking your vitamin and mineral supplements as you age. The advancements in anti-aging therapy are amazing but can be as simple as starting a multivitamin a day, with exercise and good food choices. I will encourage my aging clients to inquire with their doctors about supplements that could potentially protect them from many afflictions caused by aging. It was a great wealth of information.  Kaye Sirmon, Certified Professional

Was an excellent source of information regarding nutrition for wellness and longevity. As another source on information to use towards my aging clients.   Tarvis Q. Banks, Certified Professional

The course offered me new ideas to use with my clients. I will share this information that I have learned with my clients. Very useful.  Cameron McCormick, Certified Professional

Exposure to new research/data pertaining to HRT and the use of HGH. The information obtained will continue to support the multifaceted approach to health, wellness and longevity.  Nancy Zarrella, AFPA Certified Professional

Learned things I did not know or thought I knew. Increased my knowledge for Longevity. I will inform my clients of what I have read and learned.  Rosemarie Roberts, WITS Certified Professional

I feel that understanding the aging process is key to planning out a workout program for those of an older age. Since I am only in my twenties, many clients will be quite older than I, and it can be a bit more difficult to construct proper workout plans to help those clients. I will use the content to help create proper workout programs to help seniors and older clients looking to improve their health and wellbeing.  William Miller, ACE Certified Professional

I feel confident to help myself as I age, as well as my future clients.  I can advise and encourage those clients I work with to feeling stronger and happier as they age. I learned which hormones are important and how to supplement them as we age.  Lorrie H. Craley. ISSA Certified Professional

A better understanding of the aging process in adults and what it takes to overcome these challenges Seeing as I work with a lot of older adults in my fitness center, I will put my skills to use everyday when it comes to following an overall wellness program.  Adam Ward, ACE Certified Professional

Helpful knowledge on anti-aging supplements for improved health. I will use this company in the future. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Georjia Motta, ACE Certified Professional

Better knowledge of the aging process and how to use nutrition to prevent the negative aspects of aging. I work with Seniors and like to have a broad base of info to share with them. Suzanne Slattery, ACE Certified Professional

Thank you again for a very in depth and informative course. I gained a good detailed reference of the different vitamins, minerals and anti-aging nutrients and the roles they play in our wellbeing. To encourage some fundamental nutrition tips for a healthier lifestyle.  Jeanette H. Redman, NETA Certified Professional

A new, more scientific way to deliver the message about the benefits of healthy eating. I will have more detailed conversations about how proper nutrition will translate into more effective workouts.  Christine Ermert-Bortner, ACE Certified Professional

This course has inspired me to be more thoughtful in my own wellness choices. This course will serve clients through the higher level of knowledge I can now impart. Thank you for providing this course. Money well spent.  Janice H Hoffman, ACE Certified Professional

Better knowledge of Anti Aging and the effects aging has on the body and brain. Also how to possibly counteract the effects of aging. The ability to inform my client base.  Laureen Heron, ISSA Certified Professional

The importance of vitamins and minerals and how they relate to your general health. Discuss the importance of taking care of your body because time is on our side. A great course.  James Dean, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a better grasp on nutrition and I will offer nutritional suggestions to clients.  Jessica Walhof, ACE Certified Professional

Review of overall wellness. Encourage clients to stay active and eat healthy  Diane DeLissio, ACE Certified Professional

Very useful info about vitamins, minerals, hormones,etc.. Suggesting new ideas to my clients.  Jose G Del Cid, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained more knowledge on senior citizens longevity. I will be able to information the seniors that I work with tips and tools on how to live a long, healthy life.  Jaclyn Mazzucca, ACE Certified Professional

Understanding aging process. Training older populations. I love the functional training aspects.  Angelos Wilson, AFPA Certified Professional

I not only gained information to use with my clients, but also for myself and my family!! I teach health at the university and plan and use some of this information in my curriculum as well as with my clients. Very thorough.  Robyn Lynne, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of what affects aging. Being more versed in working with older clients and providing insights into the aging process. materials published in 2007  current findings and new research not represented.  Lisa Pettit, ACE Certified Professional

Detailed information on supplements. Make suggestions, but always refer the clients to a doctor or a nutritionist.  Howard Benioff, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained information on how to achieve a good long life you have to incorporate diet, exercise, and supplementation. I am a massage therapist and they come see me to help them make their lives better. This class will add more info for me to relay to my clients. It was a good class.  Shelley Vogelgesang, ACE Certified Professional

Enhanced my knowledge on the subject of anti-aging. Would like to share what I have learned from this course with clients to assist them in their pursuit of longevity.  Christopher Miller, ACE/NETA Certified Professional

Getting knowledge about proper nutrition and vitamin mineral deficiencies. Able to be more knowledgeable about nutrition and hormonal balance as we age. I enjoyed this course very much.  Georgia F Acosta, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained wellness knowledge in many different fields of health education from vitamins to fitness.. Not only will I apply what I have learned to helping educate my clients (and friends), but I will also use a lot of the content of this course to my own lifestyle. It was very educating!   Jill Weiser, NETA Certified Professional

I gained some insightful knowledge of vitamins,herbs, extracts etc.  Theresa Elder, ACE Certified Professional

I’ve gained a more thorough understanding of supplements that slow down the aging process, and a greater understanding of the role that hormones play in stabilizing health. This course has given me specific information concerning nutrition and exercise to pass on to my clients who are beginning to struggle with the health challenges of middle age. The course material is thorough and well written.  Maria Maggipinto, ACE Certified Professional

Increased knowledge. I will use this GMP Fitness course as a supplement to my practice. Thank you. I love your course!  John Stampfl, NETA Certified Professional

Really helpful information for clients regarding hormones, vitamins, minerals and sleep. Talk to people in my fitness and nutrition classes about these materials.  Hilary Horton-Brown, ACE Certified Professional

I have become more open minded about other sources of treatments to delay the aging process such as taking hormones or other types of medication/ herbal supplementation. I am aware of different strategies clients may be using to delay aging process that may effect their physical abilities in my group fitness classes. Furthermore, I feel more comfortable about discussing the aging process and alternative practices to keep the body youthful like through diet. Additionally, I feel more comfortable assessing signs of aging that can effect physical performance.  Sara Harrier, ACE Certified Professional

This course provided more information related to longevity in wellness training. I will apply the information to my clients in their nutrition counseling and training sessions.  Jaelyn Foston, ACE Certified Professional

Greater detail on how different types of exercise can affect the body. I have a wide variety of clients with different abilities and health issues. I can now ask them more specific questions to help me help them.  Clint Neale, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained more perspective on different ways to slow down the aging process and also to improve the quality of life from this course. I will suggest to my clients to focus more on their biological age rather than their chronological age. This was a very interesting and informative course.  Teri Roberson, ACE Certified Professional

A different perspective of looking at health and wellness. It isn’t about losing weight, but instead extending your life cycle. I look forward to communicating with my clients the value of vitamins, exercise and trying to find a strong balance between them.  Cindy Whitcomb, ACE Certified Professional

Knowledge of the aging process and ways to slow it down or reverse through nutrition, exercise, supplements, and hormone replacement. As a reference for elderly clients and myself personally. I appreciated the research offered to back up claims  credible.  Susan Goulet, ACE Certified Professional

The course provided a deeper understanding of the health needs of the older population. I work with many older clients in a group based class as well as one on one and this class has given me many nuggets of wisdom to pass on to them. A Great resource book!  Cindy Chidsey, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of how the human body work and how the different food and vitamins as well as exercise can better our health and stop the clock of aging. I’ll first apply to my self and my family, then will to my students and to all the people I came in contact with. I work in a Senior Center so this information is very helpful. Thank you!   Waleska Abreu, NETA Certified Professional

I got a lot information and I have learned that Nutrition, hormone therapy and exercise take a important role in anti-aging. I will always ask my clients consult their physician prior to beginning any new healthcare intervention. I will use my longevity and nutrition knowledges to help my clients to improve and modify their diet. I am going to use longevity test help my client doing self check and modify their diet, lifestyle, environment and mental attitude yearly. I will put all this into my yoga classes.  Yan Deng, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of different vitamins and there role in aging and keeping the body healthy. I have gained knowledge in the overall role of maintaining longevity. I think it is very important to know about the body and how to maintain a healthy life style. One of my goals in training is to help the client become and feel healthy. The information that I learned will allow me to guide my clients to a healthy lifestyle.  Raya LLopis, ACE Certified Professional

Gave me insight to how humans can enhance their quality of life with a longer lifespan through diet, exercise and hormonal therapies. I will be able to offer suggestions as well as more suitable fitness regimes to middle aged and older clients while having some information for younger clients as well. Information was self applicable too! Thanks!  Caro Linn, ISSA Certified Professional

I feel I learned a lot of information that will enable me to excel in my field. I am excited for the future with my new confidence. I will reach out to Seniors and people to help with keeping fit at any age. Thank you.  Dana L. Bailey, AFPA Certified Professional

Fitness can begin at any age and the end result will be journey to longevity and well being and daily role modeling.  Sandra Millay, AFPA Certified Professional

I CAN APPLY THE KNOWLEDGE THAT I GAINED FROM THIS COURSE TO OUR HEAVY POPULATION OF SILVER SNEAKER MEMBERS AT OUR GYM! The majority of my clients are older so I will use this information to help them understand better ways to make themselves healthier.  Kiefer Frias, ACE Certified Professional

This course has a lot of detail regarding terminology that we hear about but don’t fully understand  HRT, HGH, DHEA etc… along with the lifestyle behaviors that support living a quality life as we age. Knowledge is power. While subscribing is beyond my scope, have additional knowledge to ask questions and make referrals is helpful.  Adeline Driscoll, ACE Certified Professional

A better understanding of the impact of nutrition on longevity. Working with older adults interested in lifestyle changes for extending life. I enjoyed taking the GMP Longevity Wellness Specialist course very much.  Richard Sheffield, AFPA Certified Professional

Lots of good information from the course.  Ana Cristina Leavitt, ACE Certified Professional

I gained an improved understanding of the interplay of lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, supplements and anti-aging. I will apply the content of this continuing education course to my personal training.  Deborah Ramsay, BCRPA Certified Professional

It was great to have all this information from one source. The media gives a lot of false information to the public. Very well laid out.  Chandra Barley, NETA Certified Professional

I am much more knowledgeable about a number of different areas I’ve been wanting to learn about including hormone replacement therapy. I work with a wide variety of populations in the corporate wellness sector and believe that the information I gained will help me to better inform these clients on popular topics like detoxification and enhancing immunity.  Kimberly Groves, ACE Certified Professional

Insight on how to better serve the age 50+ population regarding exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. By having a broader knowledge base of the proper exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes to address with new, age 50+ clients.  Teresa A. Berty, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained lots of great info that will have my clients experiencing wellness for longer and enjoying good health. I am a certified personal trainer and will be sure to add the information and strategies in this text into my current program. Great course, very informative!  Joseph LoGalbo, ACE Certified Professional

I learned how to live a long healthy life and will apply through everyday living.  Tracy Ferrari, ACE Certified Professional

The course provided me longevity information that I can use for myself as well as future clients. I will start a business focusing exclusively on longevity and teaching my clients the valuable information that I learned in the GMP Fitness course.  Debra Sheffield, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained learning more about how to maintain a heathy life style as we grow old. I will teach the young how to maintaining their youth!  Sandra Withrow, AFPA Certified Professional

I gained a lot of ways to slow down the aging process, so much that we can do for ourselves to help with quality life. When clients have certain symptoms, I can reference to this course for suggestions that might help them. The course was very informative!  Cindy McEwan, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a broader view of the aging process. The course has made me more comfortable working with the elderly.  Eric Foxman, ACE Certified Professional

I enjoyed learning more in depth of vitamins and minerals to help with aging process. I will help motivate clients to make diet and lifestyle changes to live long healthy lives.  Beth Zielinski-Blair, ACE Certified Professional

I learned a lot in terms of hormone replacement therapy and supplements for aging. Definitely have more knowledge about the aging process and what might help with that. Be able to talk to clients about different options and understand what they are going through.  Kristen Francesconi, ACE Certified Professional

I work with the elderly population and the course has given me information I can share w my clients. I will be better informed of the treatment currently recommended for disease states associated w aging.  Monica Colbert, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a better knowledge of wellness and a better understanding of how hormones, nutrients, supplements and exercise are all key to a healthy body. I can keep these things in mind when performing client assessments. This was an interesting read.  Anna F Roberts, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of our aging population and special considerations that must go into individualizing their workout programs. I will apply the content of this course in both my personal life by helping my parents and other family members stay healthy, along with in my professional career as a personal trainer as I am now more educated and aware of the special needs of older clients.  Michael Allen, AFPA Certified Professional

I have gained more knowledge in living healthier lives. I will be passing on the knowledge from this course to my clients. Helping them live healthier lives.  Eric Ho, ACE Certified Professional

I gained exercise basics and guidelines for the older adult. I will apply my knowledge of vitamins and minerals to nutrition counseling.  Amy Ranae, ACE Certified Professional

General understanding of supplements. Basis for further study.  Sandra Smith-McDonald, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a better understanding of supplementation of a persons diet with vitamins and minerals and the roles they play. At the YMCA we offer different challenges through out the year to keep people involved with health and fitness. Some of this material will be suggested to the participants for a healthier life style. I would defiantly suggest personal trainers to have this accreditation on their list.  Alice Herbst, NETA Certified Professional

Greater insight into healthy aging. In my own life and future classes. It is a great resource. I enjoyed studying the material.  Shelly Kallestad, ACE Certified Professional

Useful info. To pass on to my clients. Informed info for clients. Really enjoyed.  Anne Langstaff, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained in in depth knowledge of all aspects of aging and how to delay or prevent some of the signs. The knowledge gained will be useful to motivation class participants and clients.  Kim Chilton, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained a vast amount of knowledge from one course that will last me a lifetime. I will share what I have learned with friends, family and clients. This is a great course that has an immense amount of content that is extremely technical yet easy to ready and relay.  Amanda C Pahlke, ACE Certified Professional

I learned a great deal about the aging process and how to effectively enhance health in general and prolong life from.  William Baccari, ACE Certified Professional

I gained education on the break down of how each mineral, amino acid, vitamin, and nutrient specifically affect our body systems from Course. Client education for making better decisions for improving quality of life as they age  Julia Lamoureux, ACE Certified Professional

Baby Boomer Generation helped moved the health care model from diseased based to prevention. Longevity is based on life style choices, optimal nutrition and functional conditioning. I am working with seniors at a Pilates studio, teaching Body Maintenance and Repair. The focus is on muscular strength, flexibility, and improving posture for functional fitness. The information from this course will be a valuable addition.  Jemmette Hunt, ACE Certified Professional

I have gained more understanding of different vitamins and how they effect the body. As a Wellness Coordinator of a senior center, I plan to use this information to build a complete Longevity Wellness Program.  Lucas Hale, AFPA Certified Professional

This was especially useful to me as I am personally reaching the age of perimenopause and am discussing birth control options and hormones with my physician. I will strongly recommend people to reduce sugar intake and increase green leafy vegetables.  Kimberlee Jensen Stedl, ACE Certified Professional

I gained an appreciation for taking care of your body throughout the decades. I also liked the concise statistics and resource forms. As the population ages, there is so much opportunity for skilled wellness/fitness providers in this arena. I also liked the Functional movement section.   Janice A. Shaheen, AFPA Certified Professional

I have learned more about the aging process and ways and options to best handle our constantly changing health. I will be able to assist the older clients in our martial arts and yoga school with more knowledge about health and aging well. I have really enjoyed this course and look forward to taking my next one. Its great to continue to learn about health and wellness.  Jessica Dempsey Hedayat, AFPA Certified Professional

We have more control over our health and aging process than most realize! Everything is so relevant to a personal trainer. I will be sharing with my clients, family members and applying what I’ve learned from the course to my own life! It was extremely interesting and easy to understand. A great resource to have on hand.  Carmen Gorman, ACE Certified Professional

I feel more knowledgeable about how to help prevent the aging process through supplements and vitamins. Different herbs and vitamins that also help detoxify the kidneys and liver. I will apply by giving the information that I have learned from the course and sharing it with my clients, by no means will I prescribe for in am not a doctor! Everyone especially females want to live healthy and wrinkle free! I enjoyed the read!  Darcy L Smith, ACE Certified Professional

I gained the essential lifestyle habits to prolong health. Useful in my senior exercise class.  Debbie Ingrassia, NETA Certified Professional

Tips for living a long healthy life by natural means and will Incorporate it my training sessions.  Lauren A. Jones, NASM Certified ProfessionalLauren A. Jones, NASM Certified Professional

I gained a better understanding of vitamins and minerals. Working with older women I will use the information to give them a better understanding of how we age.  Kerry Fleming, NETA Certified Professional

I learned quite a bit about vitamins and supplements and how they can help longevity. I will be able to make suggestions to members. Was interesting and informational.  Kim Haser, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a new knowledge of how to help prevent some of the aging problems that we suffer. I will be able to help my clients better now. As a personal trainer, the information was very valuable. It helps to know what was covered in this course for my older clients.  Cyrene Hardy, NETA Certified Professional

How to help my elderly clients and how nutrition/vitamins are very important. Being more aware with possible issues that my clients may have and what I can suggest to help them.  Gavin Sheridan, AFPA Certified Professional

More knowledge to share with my clients who are entering their 60’s and 70’s. Will be able to provide information to my clients on ways they can improve their overall health and wellness. Judy Gillis, CanFit Pro Certified Professional

An appreciation of the processes involved in aging. I have a lot of older participants and this will be informative for them. Excellent course.  Barb A. Weaver, NETA Certified Professional

Learned a lot about nutrition. Offer advice to senior clients.  Erika Miller, AFPA Certified Professional

To work utilizing the knowledge for folks with chronic illnesses trying to better longevity with exercise. By following the strict guidelines and further education and research. GMP is a wonderful and provides great tools for learning.  James Ashwell, NFPT Certified Professional

Clarity and knowledge on the role of vitamins and supplements. I am frequently asked by participants for advice on the confusing array of claims by supplement manufacturers; this will help me offer factual information to prevent them from making decisions detrimental to their health.  Kirsten Fontenrose, ACE Certified Professional

Information to promote longevity and wellness focusing on nutrition, hormone health, exercise planing and recommendations, disease prevention, anti aging concepts. I will be able to help people live longer and happier lives, by providing them with the knowledge I gained from this course.  Anouk Pascale Taylor, ACE Certified Professional

I gained a new perspective on how to take care of yourself as you age. Personally and with older clients.  Martina D. Hall, ACE Certified Professional

A knowledge of how we age. By using the information to help people where I work.  Angela Green

Many details on proper healthy living, lifestyle changes which I will use personal as I move forward. Provide facts and information on ways to help people fight disease….!!!!!  Shelly Kadila, Certified Professional

Broader understanding of the aging process. Help guide clients to understanding aging processes and possible supplements to make the process easier.  Daryl Ogden

I learned valuable information about many supplements. I will have more information to share with clients.  Jennifer Jorgensen, Certified Professional

A working knowledge of hormone replacement and anti aging. I work with many Senior Citizens in mental health, and am a Wellness Specialist responsible for educating them. Very thorough.  Karen L. Cox, Certified Professional

Extra knowledge on how to service my clients. Hold workshops on nutrition and aging. Apply fitness knowledge to my fitness classes. This course was a refreshers course for me.  Michele Ramsey, Certified Professional

A lot of ideas for my elderly clients and also for my younger clients as a preventative. Everyday clients have questions about supplements and exercises. It was very different, not your typical nutrition/exercise course.  Brenda Orleski, Certified Professional

Great knowledge of supplements, hormone therapies and other longevity methods. I now feel confident to take on an instruct older clients. Great course, thanks!  Jessica Mecasso, Certified Professional

A better understanding of the aging process, the break down of the systems and how we do have control in slowing it down 🙂 As a personal trainer and Integrative health coach this course has giving me more ideas/knowledge to create specialized group programs and workshops.  Sandy Santucci, Certified Professional

I am training more and more middle age/elderly clients, and this material and information was very helpful to me in addressing issues my clients have. I feel more confident in giving information to my clients about nutrition and how to add years to their lives.  Gretchen Kennedy, Certified Professional

To be Well requires education and commitment for using the most nourishing plan that will benefit your body and mind! This will be a very good resource to help educate and guide my clients towards wellness.  Angela Lowrey, Certified Professional

A deeper knowledge and understanding of the many products out there. Leaning the deficiency symptoms has been incredibly helpful when working with my residents. Kristin McCoach, Certified Professional

New exercises, lots of great information on supplements, inspiration to live healthy. This course offers so much valuable and detailed information. I will also keep the materials as a reference for many future uses and to share info with clients.  Dana Casper, Certified Professional

A new interest in hormone replacement therapies. A renewed dedication to nutrition. Improve my own diet and supplements. Stress posture to clients.  Kassidy W. Vuyovich, Certified Professional

How to live a longer, happier, and healthier life all the while sharing the tips and tricks necessary to do so with clients. Make the necessary changes in both my lifestyle as well as supplement program. Great course!  Brad Kolowich Jr, Certified Professional

The importance of aging well and how to help others in doing so. I will apply it daily at the YMCA. I meet with new members and give them health and fitness suggestions for life. I feel very well educated due to this course.  Michael Enright, Certified Professional

Refresher on some info, new information on much about Vitamins, Supplements, etc. It will inform my programming and support I can provide to clients.  Katharine C O’Callaghan, Certified Professional

Great Course! Very beneficial knowledge! I will apply to working with seniors and what they need to keep healthy as well as my own life.  Katie Parr, Certified Professional

Greater knowledge of nutraceuticals and how they can aid in the anti-aging process. I will feel more confident when providing information regarding diet and nutritional supplementation that will help my clients reach their goals.  Denise Pruitt, Certified Professional

A great resource to revisit time and time again. See something new every time I pick up the book. Very interesting and motivating to share the books contents with others.  Joyce Schwing, Certified Professional

This course has provide in-depth knowledge on the impact of vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanical supplements, exercise and others on health, fitness and wellness into the later years.  Thomas Ehle, Certified Professional

I’ve learned so much more about how hormones shape our bodies and lives, how to eat better and the definition of each Vitamin. I will use it in my every day life and with my clients. What you eat is just as important as exercising.  Jill O’Malley, Certified Professional

I was able to gain much more information on the importance of many vitamins and nutrient supplements. I have one client whom has battled cancer twice and there is very useful information to help me help her to not have a third battle.  Melissa Seeley, Certified Professional

I gained added knowledge from top experts in the field, to what I had interest in and have studied throughout my years as an athlete, martial arts teacher and fitness trainer.  Michelle Ishio, Certified Professional

The materials were interesting and entertaining.  Cathern Kipsy, Certified Professional

I have gained detailed info on maximizing one’s longevity and I can pass this useful info on to clients.  Janine Fitzgerald, Certified Professional

I found the anti-aging aging revolution very interesting! I thoroughly appreciate all the material in this course. Valuable info on helping myself, family members and clients delay the aging process.  Gina Breen, Certified Professional

An excellent resource for working with clients who want to remain youthfully fit as they chronologically age.  Karen Mariano, Certified Professional

Valuable nutritional information for the aging client. I will share the anti-aging information with all clients, not only older ones.  Debi Dixon, Certified Professional

I learned so many things  I’d highly recommend this program to anyone.  Audrey Barker, Certified Professional, Certified Professional

I will utilize more of the nutritional aspects of health and fitness when working with clients. I have a better understanding of HGH, DHEA and supplements. Validated my training methods with seniors. It gave me a better platform for supplement and nutritional guidance.  Beth Dempsey, Certified Professional

I gained a lot of interesting information pertaining to anti-aging that can be useful for all age groups. I enjoyed the book and the CD was very helpful with the outlines and key information.  Bonnie Bowers, NETA Certified Professional

Great course; very informative and thought provoking. I gained knowledge on vitamins, minerals, supplements and alternate holistic treatments available to promote overall wellness and potentially add longevity to life.  Ingrid Lohneiss, Certified Professional

The readings were extremely informative. I gained increased knowledge and understanding of how nutrients, vitamins, minerals, hormones and life style affect our aging process. It will apply not only to the more mature client, but also to the younger client.  Annie Maria Wikstrom, Certified Professional

I have gained knowledge and insight into actions that can be taken to prolong a healthy human life span. I will incorporate the knowledge gained from this course to build a holistic approach to fitness, productivity and vitality for each of my clients.  Jimmie Winston, Certified Professional

I feel that the course was jam packed with information on how proper diet minerals and vitamins can pre determine age and longevity. I will apply it to my field because there is always ways to better the human body not only with physical fitness but with proper diet and nutrition.  Thomas Trio, Certified Professional

The course was very thorough and informative.  George Jones, Certified Professional

I enjoyed learning about the processes your body goes through as it ages. Many of the clients I train are entering their mid to late 40’s and much of this information will be incorporated.  Julie Pike, Certified Professional

I now have a much more intricate knowledge of hormones, vitamins, minerals and amino acids! I deal mostly with an aging cliental. This will help me in developing fitness classes.  Tracy Talbott, Certified Professional

I really enjoyed this course. It helps me personally and professionally. The workout ideas and the information all together were amazing. Thank you!  Erin Cory, Certified Professional

It was a great course and I really enjoyed learning about preventive actions to take for aging. I have learned a great deal on how and why our bodies function and what happens as we age, along with beneficial actions to age gracefully and to prevent many items that can be harmful to health in future years.  Amber Barnett, Certified Professional

Good information. I have gained a better understanding of vitamins, minerals, and supplements and how we benefit from them in daily life.  Heather Graham, Certified Professional

Great material everyone can and should use.  Teresa Summerlin, Certified Professional

This was a great course. It was very informative, and I learned some new things. I work with active older adults, and this will be very useful. Thanks!  Donna Mogensen-Lee, Certified Professional

I gained more knowledge from this course than from any other that I have done!  Kim Blauvelt, Certified Professional

I gained a perspective that has changed how I live my life, but also how train and educate my clients. I will use this course as a resource, a guide, and as a tool to educate others to improve their own lives through preventative health measures.  Colin Welsh, Certified Professional

I acquired a wealth of knowledge about aging, nutrition and hormones. During each class I teach I always tell one important piece of knowledge I have learned from this course. I have thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience.  Sarah Fraley, Certified Professional

I was pleasantly surprised at the interesting information in the book. Truthfully, I thought I might find it boring and ended up being exactly the opposite! I enjoyed it and have been able to share excerpts and information with my clients!  Maggie Barclay, Certified Professional

A newer concept on aging, and the many ways that the human body can maintain vitality and longevity with proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, and new technologies.  Grenada Bush, Certified Professional

I look forward towards utilizing the information an offering a successful Active Adults and Anti-Aging Program.  Louie Antuna, Certified Professional

Excellent learning material. The best value by far compared to other home study courses I have taken.  Carole Riches, Certified Professional

Very good informative course. I have gained an insight to living longer and healthier.  Richard Castano, Certified Professional

This course gave me information I would look for in a workshop. It is very well presented. I really like this course because I can refer back to its content and the text is a wealth of support and knowledge.  Sharon Beauchamp, Certified Professional

I gained increased knowledge of nutritional supplementation and I will share my knowledge of anti-aging strategies with clients. I appreciate the opportunity to add to my certifications a course that increases my ability to benefit my older clientele and improve tier quality of life!  Suzanne Ross, Certified Professional

This course was more than a refresher course. It is a great teaching and reference tool.  Lorraine Hamilton, Certified Professional

I found this course loaded with useful and valuable information for myself and my class participants.  Joanne Reiter, Certified Professional

I really enjoyed this course and I can’t wait to do more courses.  Amanda Unz, Certified Professional

I learned how to assist in maintaining longevity. What it takes to maintain longevity and how minerals, vitamins, amino acids impact the aging process.  Clara Young-White, Certified Professional

This intermediate course gave me a better understanding of the current and advanced versions of many hormone therapy replacements and also a great overview of different supplements that help with various conditions. It was very interesting. It helps with a lot of different clients.  Courtney Toteff, Certified Professional

Very interesting, insightful and informative. I am looking into doing more courses with your institution in the future. I am a holistic therapist as well as personal fitness trainer and found this course very useful to assist with all my interactions with my clients.   Juan Christian de Beer, Certified Professional

I’ve gained additional knowledge to help me and my clients with the effects of aging on our bodies.  Tena Eddy, Certified Professional

The course was great. I got significant new information that I can use for the benefit of both my clients and myself. Thanks.  William Shann, Certified Professional

I train clients from ages 1065+ and this course definitely has been useful. It’s great to share the information I learned with them.  Romekia Dick, Certified Professional

Very valuable information. Great Course!  Michelle Neysmith, Certified Professional

I thought this course was very interesting and extremely relevant to the health and fitness industry. I was glad I chose this course work.  Katie Brown, Certified Professional

I found this course very enjoyable and informative. I love the books and will continue to use them as a reference.  Mary Hellier, Certified Professional

Great course with a lot of information.  Cindy Cain, Certified Professional

The information and research analysis from this course will really add strength to my classes. It was very informative and gave resources for future projects.  Jerrie Ann Olsen, Certified Professional

Very informative. Look forward to the next course. I will be sharing this information with my clients.  Joseph Angelon, Certified Professional

Interesting and complete info.  Sue Falco, Certified Professional

I really enjoyed it. Learned a lot. Thanks.  Karen Zawislak, Certified Professional

The course was great. I have a better understanding about anti-aging.  Derek Frazier, Certified Professional

It was great material to read.  Debra Stewart, Certified Professional

I learned a lot from this material. I thought it was great. I know I will continue to go back and review this material.  Karen Lembrick, Certified Professional

Very well organized information. I will find it useful of my clients  many of whom are 40 and over.  Donna Palombo, Certified Professional

The program was great!  Leanne Szymczak McKeown, Certified Professional

I learned a lot about a whole different side of wellness. Incredible information.  Julie Ann Grime, Certified Professional

Excellent home study course. A wealth of information. Thank you.  Susie Flynn, Certified Professional

Excellent information and a great course. It was well presented and very thorough.  Jane Nash, Certified Professional

Great course, with a lot of excellent information, along with providing some great resources.  Carol Salmonsen, Certified Professional

Taking this course was very timely for me both personally and professionally. I too am an aging baby boomer so the info provided will help me be a better example to my aging clients.  Rodney Martell, Certified Professional

Very comprehensive program. I will recommend this to all my peers.  Daniel Russell, Certified Professional

I found wonderful, informative and detailed aspects of the aging process in the course. Would recommend to all. Very organized!  Bonnie Taylor, Certified Professional

I feel this would be a wonderful course for college students majoring in any type of physical therapy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, athletic training etc. What a wonderful course. I wish I had this course when I was in college.  Stacey Cox, Certified Professional

This course is great! Outstanding information on nutrition, exercise and longevity. It’s excellent for reference.  Raquel Gilbride, Certified Professional

I thoroughly enjoyed learning this information presented in the course. Very organized, to the point and informative.  Meg Titshaw, Certified Professional

Very informative, a must to have knowledge about this topic since the data is becoming more of the norm in our current society. Helpful to understand the supplements that are available and what they do for an individual.  Jane Sommers, Certified Professional

Great relevant information for any fitness professional especially with the aging baby boomer population. Wonderful review on some information and great new information on supplements.  Cassandra Henkel, Certified Professional

This course provides a lot of interesting and important information. The reference materials are excellent!  Nicole Swanson, Certified Professional

Very interesting…very proactive.  Gail Sears, Certified Professional

For a home study course, I found the information to be clear, important and easy to share with clients.  Karen Sanders, Certified Professional

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